Are Battery Powered Pole Saws Good? Let’s Look at the Facts!

If you want to keep a beautiful garden, you must need to have a good pole saw. You need to prune and trim those tree branches from time to time to keep the trees healthy and the environment clean. And for that, the best type is the cordless ones. But the question is, are battery-powered pole saws good? Do they bring any convenience to your work?

I’ll say ‘YES’. The battery-powered pole saw is something that’s super low maintenance, lightweight and works very fast. For a gardener, professional or someone who loves to keep the area perfect, battery-powered tools are hands down the best. Also, they make no noise which is the cherry on top.

In this article, I’ll be showing you some facts about why this equipment is super amazing. Stay with me till the end.

What is A Battery Powered Pole Saw?

What is A Battery Powered Pole Saw?

A battery-powered pole saw is something that works with the help of the battery. It’s light with a mid-duty machine work range. In the professional world, people know this tool as an arborist as well.

Battery powered saw has the trigger switch and battery that are located on the end of the operator. This specific setup will let you cut your tree limbs very fast and in a leveled way. 

The effort will also be so low that you can literally cut the branches up to 10-15ft off the land easily.

However, you need to push the tool quite a bit if you want to cut more. The force might have to come from your arms and that’s when the cut will be energetic.

It’s a little expensive but trust me that amount of expense is worth everything!

Corded Pole Saw Vs Cordless Pole Saw

Corded Pole Saw Vs Cordless Pole Saw

Now, you should definitely know about the opposite saw; that’s the corded one. As a result, you’ll be able to justify if battery-powered ones are actually good. Here I have made a comparison table for your convenience so check it out!

Corded Pole SawCordless Pole Saw
Connected by a power cordConnected by a lithium-ion battery
Cuts small tree branchesCuts farthest tree branches
Lightweight than any other pole sawsAverage weight compared to corded ones
Can have as many cuts as you wantCan have limited cuts due to battery
Lacks mobilityHas great mobility
Has to be close to a power outletCan work from anywhere and everywhere

Are Battery Powered Pole Saws Good?

Are Battery Powered Pole Saws Good?

Let’s discuss if battery-powered pole saws are actually good or not. I managed to describe some prime characteristics of cordless saws, which will lead you to its benefits (I hope so).

Let’s find out the answer!

  • Perfect for a Perfectionist

Well, if you’re someone who loves to keep everything perfect, specialy your yard, battery powered pole saw is something which can be helpful. It’ll give you so much freedom that you can use it anytime and any length of the tree.

As particularly broken tree branches can make your garden damaged, a cordless saw can fix it in minutes. 

  • Less Noisy

Yes, I know it’s the number one concern for many people (even for me too). Noise is destructive and it leads to noise pollution.

You definitely don’t want this; battery-powered saw will provide that much peace. There’ll be no harsh sound. Hence you can just wear your earphones and size those limbs as your wish.

Are Battery Powered Pole Saws Good?
  • Environment Friendly

Battery powered saws are extremely good for the environment too. As you know pollution can damage the whole surrounding, this one will reduce air pollution. Cordless pole saw doesn’t release any toxic elements, which is very good for saving our atmosphere. Praiseworthy indeed!

  • Energy Efficient

As a battery-powered saw runs on a battery, it’s actually efficient. You can charge your tool for some time and it’ll literally work for hours without any interference. As a result, you’ll get a smooth cut on every branch.

  • Adaptable 

Unlike corded pole saws, cordless ones are adaptable. They’re super flexible and you can use them anywhere.

If you want to take care of your backyard trees, take it there, it’ll work fine. Again, if you think you have to work professionally with a battery-powered pole saw, you can do that as well. From high to low, every tree limb can be cut or sized with this one.

You don’t have to run with the cord wherever you go, and I think this product’s top benefit.

Are Battery Powered Pole Saws Good?
  • Low Maintenance

Last but not least, battery powered pole saws are super low maintenance. As I said earlier, these tools are expensive, so you don’t need to take care of them. You’ll buy your saw, work with it and be happy with your trees.

However, you might need to sharpen the saw from time to time because that’s how the teeth would remain as fresh as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a battery powered pole saw cut down a tree?

Surely a battery powered pole saw can cut down a tree. Cordless saws are amazing at cutting and trimming and they’re perfect for high ended branches. They’re efficient, sharp, flexible and fast which will let you have the smoothest job done.

You just need to find out which size of them is comfy in your hands and go for the cut!

  • What should I look forward to when buying a battery powered pole saw?

Well, you should look for the heavy duty work of the equipment. If the saw doesn’t work clean, there wouldn’t be any nice thing coming from the product.

Then again, try to know if it’s transportable, has sharp teeth, is lightweight, durable and affordable.

  • What can I cut with a pole saw?

You can do loads of work with a pole saw. From high branch trees to small trees, cordless saws are perfect for anything. You can do,

  • Pruning
  • Cutting tree branches
  • Cutting wood
  • Trimming hedges and foliage
  • Clearing the area

Final Verdict

So what do you think now? Are battery powered pole saws good? I’m sure I have convinced you about this amazing tool regarding its high-quality power, efficiency, adaptability and less noise. You just need to purchase your first saw and see how quick and perfect it feels.

No matter which type of work, either professional or unprofessional, battery-powered pole saws will always serve you the best.

Good Wishes!

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