Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews 2023 – Top 10 Models Reviewed!

Tired of traditional manual chainsaw that took lots of effort? Or perhaps can’t tolerate the annoying noise of a gas saw? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Undoubtedly, the global science and technology revolutions are nowadays moving forwards with the concept of wireless more than ever before. Meanwhile, best Cordless pole saw is one of the blessings of advanced technological innovations in the current era.

In this article, we will try to help you to choose the best brand and guide you about the cutting capacity, weight, price ranges, maximum reaches, and other required features that you will need to consider during your buying process.

Comparison Table-Powerful Cordless Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER 6.5 Amp 10 in. Electric Pole Saw (PP610)
Greenworks 40V 8" Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 18-Inch (LPHT120)
BLACK+DECKER 6.5 Amp 10 in. Electric Pole Saw (PP610)
Greenworks 40V 8" Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 18-Inch (LPHT120)
7.9 pounds
8.36 pounds
7.7 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH
68.31 x 3.75 x 6.44 inches
107 x 7 x 7.5 inches
8.25 x 8.13 x 44.5 inches
Blade Length
10 Inches
8 Inches
18 Inches
BLACK+DECKER 6.5 Amp 10 in. Electric Pole Saw (PP610)
BLACK+DECKER 6.5 Amp 10 in. Electric Pole Saw (PP610)
7.9 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH
68.31 x 3.75 x 6.44 inches
Blade Length
10 Inches
Greenworks 40V 8" Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)
Greenworks 40V 8" Pole Saw, 2.0Ah Battery (Gen 1)
8.36 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH
107 x 7 x 7.5 inches
Blade Length
8 Inches
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 18-Inch (LPHT120)
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer, 18-Inch (LPHT120)
7.7 pounds
Dimensions LxWxH
8.25 x 8.13 x 44.5 inches
Blade Length
18 Inches


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A few words about cordless pole saw

Cordless pole saws are a flexible, portable and simple tool. These pole saws have a set of teeth for cutting branches and trees and attached with a rotating chain that can cut easily cut trees and branches. These pole saws can also be used for other activities such as filling, pruning, lambing, cutting and bucking.

How to Choose Best Cordless Pole Saw : A Buying guide

Best Cordless Pole Saw

Cordless pole saws can be ideal for you if you consider cutting trees and thick branches from the longer distance. Manufacturers design most of the cordless pole saws with longer pole saws. That is why they have a higher capacity of cutting longer trees.

Also, the cordless pole saws are comparably lighter and cheaper than other types of pole saws. Thus, if your budget is limited, the cordless pole saw can be the best suite for you. However, cordless pole saws take long run time than other categories of pole saws to cut trees and branches.

If you have a garden and have trees in the yard and around your home, it is necessary to keep clean and tidy. If you want to keep your garden in better shape, you need an instrument to develop, well-manicured and aesthetically maintain your garden artistically. Many different tools have been invented overtimes to clean the yard and trees surrounding your home.

Among these inventions, pole saws play significant roles. Pole saws classified into main three groups: electric pole saw, gas pole saw, and cordless pole saw, whereas cordless pole saws can use to clean your garden nicely.

What to Look for in a Cordless Pole Saw

Choosing the right saw is quite a daunting task. Especially when there is different kind of cordless pole saw in the market. These cordless pole saws vary from the brand, sizes, weight, prices, lengths, warranty, and so many things. That is why you need to think about these characteristics before buying a pole saw.


Different brands have different lengths of cordless pole saws. You need to consider what range of pole saw you need. If you need 15 ft length of pole saw, you can consider Remington brand or Sun Joe brand. If your trees are less than 15 foot, you can consider Black and Decker or other brands of cordless pole saws. You should buy lengthier pole saw than your small trees and branches.

It will be difficult for you to handle the pole saw if it is longer than your trees. On the other hand, if you buy a shorter pole saw than your trees and branches, you will face difficulties to deal with it and complete your jobs correctly.


Cordless pole saws are manufactured by different brands. The famous brands available in the cordless pole saw market are MTD Southwest, Sunrise Global, Remington, Earthwise, WORX, GreenWorks, Sun Joe LLC, Black, and Decker. You can choose any brands from this list of brands. However, in selecting any particular brand, you can consider what advantages and value-added features of their products are offering.

Bar and chain

Different cordless pole saws manufactured by different brands have different cutting capacities. For example, the brand, Craftsman brand, has the highest cutting capacity with 9 inches, and Remington is providing maximum 8 inches of cutting capacity. Then, Black and Decker, and GreenWorks offer maximum 6 inches of cutting ability. The highest cutting capacity supplied by Worx brand that is maximum 10 inch.

Therefore, before buying a cordless pole saw, you should consider what cutting capacity you need. If you need higher cutting capacity, you can choose Worx, Remington, and Craftsman brands. On the other hand, lower cutting capacity you can select GreenWorks and Black and Decker brands.


Another thing you need to focus on is the weight. Different brands offer different weight of pole saws. For example, Craftsman brand provides maximum 9.7 lbs of cordless pole saw, and Worx brand offer the highest of 10 lbs cordless pole saws. The weights of cordless pole saws of Remington brand are maximum 9.5 lbs. The lower weight of cordless pole saws is manufactured by Black and Decker, and GreenWorks, 6.3 lbs, and 7.96 lbs respectively.

Thus, when you think buying a best cordless pole saw, you should consider the weights. If you think you can carry the substantial weight of pole saws, you can choose one from Craftsman, Worx, and Remington. On the other hand, if you think a manual pole saw is suited for you, you can consider Black and Decker, and GreenWorks brands.

Cordless Pole Saw battery

The warranty

When you research on different brands of pole saws, you will see that warranties provided by different manufacturers of cordless pole saws vary from 2- years to 4 -years. If you buy a cordless pole saw from GreenWorks brand, you will get 4-years warranty. The Worx brand also gives 4-years warranty of their cordless pole saws.

Then, Black and Decker, Craftsman and Remington brand give 2-years warranty. Thus, if you think that you need a more extended period of warranty, you can choose GreenWorks or Worx brand. However, you should keep in mind that giving longer warranty by the particular manufacturer does not mean, their quality and other attributes better than their competitors.

Price Range

Considering price is also essential for you when you want to buy a cordless pole saw. We have categorized our cordless pole saws in three different price classes that are under $100, between $100-$250, and above $250.

Why Will You Invest on Ideal Cordless Pole Saws

Yes, obviously you have to spend decent bucks to buy a tool for trimming and pruning. So it’s quite legit that one thing comes to your mind why I choose a cordless saw rather than other pole saw. Here are some benefits of cordless pole saw.

Requires less maintenance:  

Cordless saw need don’t demand a lot of maintenance. Just keep the battery charged to get the best result.

Quietest than other pole saw:

The cordless saws tend to runs the quietest of the other power variations available. As a result, creates less ear-splitting shrieking from your saw while you’re working.

Achieve accuracy at work:

No matter how good you are in trimming, it takes a lot of effort to shape off those stubborn branches far above reach. Meanwhile, nothing can do this pruning better than a pole saw. It finishes these tasks with such accuracy that the result will amaze you.

Save a lot of money:

By buying a cordless saw, you can cut down the cost to hire a professional to clean up your garden. At the same time, they are pretty easy to operate. So you can do it by yourself.

Cordless Pole Saw Cutting Techniques And Hidden Tips

After buying a pole saw you need to use it properly. Before using a pole a saw in your garden, you need to clean the risk areas. For example, you need to clear the fallen branches or trees. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to use your pole saws in cutting branches and trees. You also need to clear the ways of entering into your garden.

If something barricades the entering place, you need to remove the areas. After getting preparation to cut your trees or branches in your garden, you need to do the plan which particular thick branches or trees you will cut.

Then, you should investigate the lengths of trees and branches, the position in which ways it will be erasure to cut, and how the pole saw can be used to the branches/trees effectively. You should think the horizontal or vertical position is the best suit to cut the trees/branches. However, you need to do extra care of single branch and jump cut.It is for doing jump cut the thick branches need to cut underneath that is quite tricky.

You can follow some steps in cutting a branch or tree.

Step 1: You can place your pole saw vertically, and then you can replace your pole saw to cut the plugs.

Step 2: You should remember that your pole saw in your chest level to move quickly and appropriately the pole saw. Then, you can extend your pole saw in angle to cut branches/trees in up and down. You can adjust your pole saw how it is a convenience for you.

Step 3: You can start cutting from the beginning groove. Then, you can stroke slowly and should cut the branches/trees vertically if it is possible. However, you can direct your pole saw on the different track.

Step 4: You should continue to the cutting of your trees/branches. If the grooves of branches/trees are high, you should speed up your stroke. Then, you can keep your eyes on the trees/branches, and mainly in the place where the branches/trees will be fallen.

Step 5: You should clean up the work areas. Then, you should clean the fallen limbs and trees from the work areas before starting the next cut. Next, you can complete your all o

10 Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews

If you search online, you will see a different kind of cordless pole saws offered by different vendors. Many marketers, wholesalers, and retailers are offering these cordless pole saws at different prices. Sometimes it is difficult for you to make the right purchase decisions due to not finding an accurate and available product and price information.

That is why we will review some bestselling and top rated cordless pole saws in this article.

1. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw

My impression

Well, first let’s talk about its overall appearance. This ideal pole saw permits for the usage able 6-1/2 to 10 feet long; transparency reaches up to 14 foot. It has 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery having charge retention and a longer lifespan than NiCad batteries. Thus, it can cut more than 100 trims of 1-1/2-inch orchards or branches by each charge.

Besides, it has 8-inch trimming chain and bar permits for Maximum trimming six inches diameter. It is battery powered pole saw. The 8-inch dual-action blades are capable to cut thick branches and limbs with 40 percent less vibration

What inside the box? It comes with a battery, an Energy Star-qualified charger and 2-year limited warranty.

Highlighted Features

  • 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery life
  • 40 percent less vibration
  • Usable length of 6-1/2 feet
  • 180-degree and 5 positions pivoting head
  • Rust-proof fiberglass shaft

Product Features:

1. Zero Emissions:

This ideal pole saw has zero emissions, so it is beneficial for the environment. It will not produce any smoke, dust, or noise.

2. Long Reach:

It has a long reachable pole with 6-1/2 to 10 feet in length that allows you to reach up to 14 feet high branches easily and quickly. This makes it easy for the user to trim trees without using any ladder or other equipment.

3. Less Vibration:

The 8-inch dual-action blades are designed to reduce the vibration to 40 percent less when cutting. This reduces fatigue and stress for the user and allows for a smoother and safer trimming experience.

4. Battery Powered:

This pole saw is powered by a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery. The charge retention of this battery is 25 percent more than a NiCad battery and can cut more than 100 trims of 1-1/2-inch orchards or branches with each charge.

5. Easy to Handle:

This pole saw is lightweight, weighs only 9.98 lbs, so it is easy and comfortable to handle. The ergonomically designed handle with over-molded grips makes it easy and comfortable to work for long hours without any hand fatigue.


For trimming and pruning tall hedges and shrubs, you want stability, comfort, and control to complete the job done quickly and safely. This cordless saw offers all that and even more.


  • It has a longer lifespan than NiCad batteries. It has an 8-inch trimming chain and bar permits for Maximum trimming six inches in diameter.
  • Easy to start, operate and maintain due to its lightweight design.
  • The 8-inch dual-action blades are designed to reduce the vibration by up to 40 percent.
  • This unit is designed to disassemble quickly, allowing for effortless storage and convenient transportation.


  • A bit heavier than other cordless pole saws.

2. Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery :

Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit with 4.0 Ah Battery

My first reaction for this saw is simply WOW! The performance of the high-torque is managed by the reduction system which is permitting for an active power transfer. This type of versatile pole saw is designed with the compact cutting head for developed cutting quickness, reduced higher weight and less weight maneuverability

My impression

The weight of this ideal pole saw is 13.5 pounds. The dimension of this product is 75 x 4 x 5 inches. Then, the mid-amount motor design of this pole saw gives excellent weight distribution. However, this engineering makes the pole saw unique in the cordless pole saw industry. After that, this well-fitted cordless pole saw has the fiberglass shaft that is tool free which permits this tool to range from 7’3″ to 10’4″.

Apart from this, The motor power, ergonomic design, and the performance of battery life are to create up to 500 cuts on 2-3″ size branches are maximized by this pole saw.

On the other hand, this pole saw includes the battery pack and battery charger. The fully charged battery voltage is measured deprived of the workload which is 40 volts where the standard voltage is 37.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 Volt MAX Lithium Ion Powered pole saw
  • Planetary gear reduction system
  • Ergonomically engineered
  • Mid-mount motor design

Product Features:

1. Long-lasting cordless Saw:

This pole saw is equipped with a 4.0 Ah battery. This battery provides the most extended runtime and power in its class. Achieve up to 500 cuts with a single battery charge – a feat that is sure to maximize efficiency and productivity. It also comes with another two different battery packs – 2.6 Ah battery pack and 6.0 Ah battery pack. You can choose any battery depending on your convenience.

2. Superior Performance:

The Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 Pole Saw Kit has been developed with optimal performance in mind. It features a reduction system to manage the high torque and deliver active power transfer while cutting. It also has a compact cutting head for increased speed and less weight.

3. Compact Cutting Head:

Oregon Cordless Pole Saw is designed with a compact cutting head for improved cutting speed, reduced weight, and easy maneuverability. It has an ergonomic design that makes the pole saw comfortable to use. Additionally, the mid-level motor design optimizes weight distribution for better control and accuracy.

4. Flexibility:

Oregon Cordless PS250-A6 has an extendable shaft that is tool-free so it can be adjusted from 13 feet to 15 feet. This makes the pole saw extremely flexible and perfect for a variety of different applications.

5. Quiet Cutting: 

This pole saw operates quietly and produces very little vibration, making it ideal for use in residential areas. This feature also makes this pole saw perfect for pruning trees and other foliage in hard-to-reach areas


This pole pruner will not only deliver you a pro performance also offers overall comfort. That’s why we highly recommend it as one of the best professional poles saw to try in this fall. To check out more about this saw click here.


  • Achieve an incredibly low noise level with this saw – up to four times quieter than a petrol saw in use, and remaining completely silent between cuts!
  • Enjoy the convenience of no pull chords, warm-up time, fuel mixing, or emissions.
  • A highly efficient 4.0 Ah battery provides extended runtime and power in its class.
  • Tool-free adjustable shaft ranges from 13 feet to 15 feet in length, allowing for various applications.
  • The mid-level motor design allows for optimal weight distribution and balance.
  • A compact cutting head improves speed, reduces weight, and increases maneuverability.


  • It is expensive in comparison to other poles cordless pole saw.
  • This pole saw is also a little bit heavier.

3. Greenworks PRO 80V 10” Brushless Cordless Polesaw

Greenworks PRO 80V 10” Brushless Cordless Polesaw

Browsing lots of pole saw just make the confusion nothing else. In some cases, it helps to enrich the knowledge only. Am I right?

But the decision will never wait when you get such a pole saw as the Greenworks pro pole saw. Trust me, I used lots of pole saw but didn’t get the real taste without this pole saw. This pole saw comes with 80V super cranking ability that makes the limbs like butter.

What we like most

Its brush-less heavy motor is boom as you know the more torque, the more cutting power, and longevity!

Product Overview

Among all, this pole saw has automated oil applying technology that enables the lubrication’s every single second of its working. The ¼” chain ensures its high cutting performance at all.

It comes with 2 Ah battery life along with the super-fast charger that turns no harassment anymore! Moreover, its chain tensioning is excellent. In final, no gas, no cord, no care, just enjoy!

Product Features:

1. 10” Chain And Bar:

This pole saw is equipped with a 10” chain and bar which helps ensure stronger cuts, smoother operation, and longer life. Get the job done faster with this high performance chain saw that can make up to 83 cuts through ¼” thick branches on a single charge!

2. Trubrushless Motor Technology:

This technology Boost two times the torque and provides exceptional power, longer runtime, silent operation, and prolonged motor life. The automatic oiler applies just the right amount of lubricant to both its bar and chain for improved durability. With an impressively clear view of its oil level from the translucent tank , you’ll be able to effortlessly track your usage levels.

3. Automatic Oiler:

This feature keeps the chain lubricated while you work to ensure a smooth, efficient cutting experience. It also helps prevent waste by ensuring that you only use the oil you need. The translucent tank makes it easy to keep track of your levels and make sure that you’re never caught without the liquid you need.

4. Chain Tension System:

This pole saw has an easy-to-adjust chain tensioning system that makes sure the chain is always perfectly tightened to ensure optimal performance. The over-molded ergonomic grip handle gives you the ultimate control and comfort while working with this saw. This feature is great for those who are looking to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

5. Combo Pack:

The 80V 10-Inch Pole Saw is the perfect tool for any gardening task. It comes with a scabbard, 2.0Ah battery, charger, wrench, and strap – plus an operator’s manual to help you get started! With its minimal design and powerful motor, it will make quick work of pruning branches or limbs in your yard.


  • 80V brushless motor delivers maximum power for tough jobs.
  • The automatic oiler delivers the right amount of lubricant to both the bar and chain.
  • The chain tension system ensures optimal performance. You can also adjust the chain tensioning system very easily.
  • Greenworks PRO Pole Saw creates very low noise. 
  • With a simple push of a button, you can start up this machine, eliminating the need for any gas, fumes, carburetor, or spark plug.


  • Be careful only when getting the replacement chain as there’s lots of models.

4. Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw :

Ryobi One+ 8 in. 18-Volt 9.5 ft. Cordless Electric Pole Saw

Talking about style and performance! This Ryobi One+ Cordless Pole saw is something where can find both. Ryobi pole hedge trimmer has 9.5’ pole saw which provides a powerful motor with 18v for cutting; the motor is inline that permits for direct pruning.

My impression

It also provides a 9.5’ premium bar for advanced performance of cutting on the medium-duty trimming. An auto oil system makes sure the endless bar and chain lubrication.

Moreover, it has an automatic oiler which permits the mechanic to evaluate the level of oiling merely. This pole saw’s weight is very light that permits for easy maneuverability or control. On the other hand, the dimension of this pole saw is 41 x 6.3 x 10.3 inches.

The saw’s 7.4lbs weight eventually allows easy maneuverability as well as control. Therefore, you can reach those high hanging limbs with ease.

What comes on the package? It Includes:

  1. Cutting Head Pole
  2. 18V Handle Pole
  3. Scabbard/Blade Cover
  4. Operator’s Manual
  5. Intermediate Pole

Highlighted Features

  • Can be extend to 9.5 ft.
  • Easy adjust chain tensioning system
  • 8-Inch bar and chain
  • Includes 2Ah Battery and Charger

Product Features:

1. Extended Pole Saw:

It has an extendable 9.5 feet pole for more reach to trim high limbs. It will help you to reach extended branches up to 15 feet.

2. Chain Tensioning System:

It has a convenient chain tensioning system which makes it easier to adjust the chain. It also helps in providing optimal cutting performance. This chain tensioning system eliminates the regular need for manual adjusting or tightening.

3. Ergonomic Design:

The pole saw is equipped with a comfortable grip handle which helps the user to hold it comfortably and securely. This feature improves the user’s control and allows more precise cuts.

4. 8-Inch Bar and Chain:

This pole saw has 8 inch Bar and Chain which makes it ideal for pruning medium size branches. You can easily tackle hard-to-reach branches up to 6 inches thick. You can easily trim and shape the trees with this pole saw.

5. Special Feature:

Ryobi Cordless Electric Pole Saw has a special break feature. This feature stops the saw quickly when you flick off the switch. This helps in avoiding unexpected damage and improves user safety while working with this pole saw.


Finally, for reliable performance, it’s hard to beat Ryobi One+ Cordless Electric Pole Saw. Moreover, it is one of the finest cordless pole hedge trimmer worth to buy in 2020.


  • Ryobi Electric Pole Saw can start Instantly.
  • It’s lightweight only 7.4 Pounds and easy to maneuver.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that allows comfortable use.
  • The chain tension can be adjusted very quickly.
  • This pole saw is compatible with both indoor, and outdoor tools.


  • Charger and battery are not included.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Pole Saw :

DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Pole Saw is the perfect tool for trimming branches and limbs. This pole saw allows you to reach up to 15 feet in height for hard-to-reach areas. It features an 8-inch bar and chain that easily cuts through thick wood without needing multiple passes.

The automatic oiling system keeps the bar and chain lubricated for maximum performance and efficiency. The two-stage trigger allows you to power on and off with a single push button, making it simple to use. Additionally, this pole saw has an adjustable head for easy maneuverability around obstacles or tight spaces. With a lightweight design and comfortable ergonomic grips, it’s easy to handle. The DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Pole Saw is a great tool for any outdoor project. Get yours today and start trimming branches with ease!

Product Features

Extension Pole:

If you need to reach higher branches and limbs, the DEWALT 20V Pole Saw comes with an extension pole that can be added for even more reach. This extension pole is easy to attach and provides up to 15 feet of additional reach when fully extended. With the extra length, you’ll be able to access hard-to-reach areas with ease. Plus, the extension pole is made of durable aluminum for added strength and stability.

Safety Features:

The DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Pole Saw comes with a variety of safety features to help ensure that you use it safely. The low kick-back chain is designed for maximum control and reduced risk of kickback.

Anti-Slip Grip:

The handle has an anti-slip grip which helps to prevent accidental slips or drops. An integrated chain brake also stops the chain in fractions of a second should it come into contact with an object. With these safety features and more, you can trim branches and limbs with confidence.

Hassle-Free Maintenance:

The DEWALT 20V Pole Saw is designed for easy maintenance and hassle-free operation. The automated oiling system keeps the bar and chain lubricated at all times, so you don’t have to worry about manual lubrication. Plus, the tool-free chain tensioning system makes it easy to adjust the chain without needing any specialized tools. With these features, you can keep your pole saw in top condition for years of reliable use.

Powerful Motor:

The DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Pole Saw is powered by a powerful motor that delivers consistent performance and efficiency.  The motor is designed to run quietly, so you can work without disturbing the peace and quiet of your neighborhood. You can also adjust the speed of the chain to make precision cuts in any type of wood.


  •  Lightweight design and comfortable ergonomic grips make it easy to handle.
  • Extension pole increases reach up to 15 feet.
  • Automatic oiling system keeps the bar and chain lubricated.
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system for easy adjustments.
  • Low kick-back chain reduces risk of kickback.
  • Anti-slip grip prevents accidental slips or drops.
  • Powerful motor runs quietly and offers adjustable speed.
  • Hassle-free maintenance and long lasting performance.


  • Smooth operation in less noise.
  • Extension pole may be difficult to attach for some users.

6. EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw

The VonHaus 40V Max is a high-end pruner model but convenient enough for anyone to use.  This cordless chain saw can be the ultimate tool for trimming those unruly tree limbs and small branches. Also, it is an excellent option for DIY projects. No cords, no gas, and no sweat.

My impression

The EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment is a tool designed to make trimming and pruning branches easier. This attachment was made specifically for use with the EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Multi Head System, providing you with the ability to quickly and easily extend your reach when doing yard work.

The PSA1000 features a 10-inch bar and chain, offering you the ability to take on larger branches up to 8 inches in diameter. It is also equipped with an automatic oiler and tool-free tensioning system that makes it easy to keep your saw running smoothly and safely. With its lightweight design and adjustable pole length, this tool can help you tackle those hard to reach branches with ease.

The Power+ PSA1000 is an excellent choice for those who want to get the most out of their EGO 56-Volt Multi Head System. With its durable construction, it provides a reliable and efficient way to trim and prune trees, shrubs, and other plants around your home. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to keep up with yard maintenance, this tool will make the job easier.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 -stage safety trigger operation that prevents accidental start
  • The 8” Oregon chain
  • Shoulder strap and foam grip
  • Telescoping Pole

Product Features:

1. Automatic lubrication system:

The EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment comes equipped with an automatic oiler that helps to ensure optimal performance. This system helps to protect the saw from wear and tear, making it last longer.

2. Tool-free tensioning:

The tool-free tensioning system makes it easy to keep the saw in top condition, ensuring a safe and reliable cut every time. This features also reduces the need for regular maintenance.

3. Water-Resistant:

This tool is designed to be water-resistant, providing you with an added layer of protection from the elements. This helps to ensure that the saw continues to work even under wet conditions. You can be sure that your tool will continue to work effectively and efficiently when exposed to rain or other moisture.

4. Durable Construction:

The EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw Attachment is built with durable materials, providing you with an extra layer of protection. This ensures that the tool will stand up to consistent use and wear over time. Plus, it also helps you get the most out of your saw, so you can enjoy the benefits of a quality tool for years to come.

5. Adjustable Pole Length:

The adjustable pole length allows you to tailor the reach of the saw to fit your needs. This feature makes it easy to work on high branches, enabling you to reach tall heights with ease.


In a nutshell, this saw is all you truly need to give your lawn a new look in fall. So this is a great option just under 400 bucks.


  • This attachment was designed for use with the EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Multi Head System, making it easy to use and get the job done faster.
  • With its adjustable pole length and 10-inch bar and chain, you can easily extend your reach when pruning or trimming branches.
  • The automatic lubrication system and tool-free tensioning help to ensure that you are always using the saw safely and effectively.
  • The durable construction makes this tool a great choice for those who need something that can stand up to regular use.
  • This attachment is an affordable option, making it a great choice for those looking to save some money.


  • This attachment was designed for use exclusively with the EGO 56-Volt Lithium-ion Multi Head System, so it will not work with other brands.
  • While this saw attachment is suitable for light to medium work, it may not be the best choice for more demanding tasks.

7. Worx WG323 20V Cordless Pole Chain Saw

Worx WG323 20V Cordless Pole Chain Saw

The WORX 20-Volt 2-in-1 Pole saw it is the unique model which creates the cutting jobs safer or more accessible. It is perfect for operating the tough cutting jobs, and the weight of this tool is very light.

My impression

It is necessary to remove the pole and apply the chainsaw for the universal cutting plans around the yard. The original tool-free auto chain system avoids the over-tightening as well as keeps the optimum chain tension system when cutting. Hence, the auto oil lubricated system is a beneficial feature of this pole saw. The over-mold grip handle minimizes the exhaustion and develops the grip as the power over cuts.

This type of Pole saw is the part of 20 V heavy Power Share stands that lets the people share the batteries between the multiple 20 V tools, and saves the money and time of people.

It has a 10″ bar and weighing in at 10.4 lbs which is including the separate pole. This extension pole gives 10 feet of extra reach so that hard-to-reach branches are no counterpart.

Highlighted Features

  • Detachable extension pole
  • High-speed/ torque to deliver quick, clean cuts
  • Automatic chain lubricated
  • Over mold smooth, soft grip handle

Product Features:

1. Extra Pole Length:

Worx WG323 Cordless Pole Chain Saw takes just a few minutes to attach the pole. You need no tools during the attachment of the pole. You can reach up to 12 feet and the pole saw weight is only 10 lbs. You can take care of branches and limbs before they turn into a hassle.

2. Fast And Clean Cuts:

This 20V PowerShare chain saw is as speedy and strong as any other in its category but without the hassle of cords or gas-powered motors. Unlock the potential of your fingertips with effortless power. The chain is auto oil powered to keep it lubricated, so you can make fast clean cuts.

3. Auto-chain Tension:

Worx Cordless Pole Saw has an automatic, tool-free chain tension system.  This system allows you to tighten the chain without any tools, saving time and effort. It also helps keep the chain at peak performance for longer periods of time and ensures you’ll always have the correct tension for the job at hand.

4. Auto-chain Lubrication:

This pole chain saw has also an automatic chain lubrication system. This feature not only makes for smoother, more efficient cuts, but it extends the life of the tool. And the oil level indicator lets you know exactly where you stand on oil levels.

5. Soft Grip Handle:

The pole saw has an over-mold grip handle which reduces user fatigue. This additional feature helps you to have full control and power over your cuts, even at awkward angles. The soft grip handle is also designed to be comfortable and easy on your hands and wrists.


In summary, it is an innovative tool that makes cutting unruly limbs safer and easier. Thanks to its compact design.


  • It has a strong and powerful motor engine.
  • This pole saw is effective for long and small trees.
  • Worx WG323 saves you valuable time and money as well.
  • It is easy to assemble and use. No tools are required for assembling this pole saw.
  • Auto-chain tension systems and auto-chain lubrication systems provide efficient and accurate cutting.
  • A soft grip handle helps to reduce user fatigue.


  • Not great for palm tree
  • Auto-adjusting system is quite complicated

8. BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw

This BLACK+DECKER PP610 pole saw is an balanced tool which is made for branches’ pruning of trees more than 9.5 feet.

My impression

This BLACK+DECKER pole saw has 10″ pole saw which provides a powerful motor with 6.5 amps for cutting; the motor is inline that permits for direct pruning. It also provides a 10″ premium bar for advanced performance of cutting on the bigger branches. An auto oil system makes sure the endless bar and chain lubricated.

Besides, this unit provides the power-head which is in-line to allow the visibility and maneuverability between the branches.

Meanwhile, this unit strips for smooth transport as well as suitable for moving to the workplace. Moreover, it has an oil window which permits the mechanic to evaluate the level of oiling merely. Thus, this pole saw’s weight is very light that permits for easy maneuverability or control. On the other hand, the dimension of this pole saw is 68.3 x 3.8 x 6.4 inches.

Highlighted Features

  • 9-1/2 foot Corded Pole Saw
  • Durable 10-inch OREGON Bar + Chain
  • Automatic Oiling System
  • Powerful performance

Product Features:

1. Lightweight Design:

The pole saw is designed lightweight. It is equipped with a comfortable grip handle and a telescoping shaft that easily extends up to 9.5 feet for reaching higher branches. Lightweight

The Pole Saw’s 7.9 lbs weight allows for easy maneuverability and control so you can reach high-hanging branches with ease.

2. Automatic Oiling System:

This system ensures that the bar and chain are constantly lubricated, resulting in a consistently optimal performance with less wear on the bar and chain. It also has an oil window so you can easily monitor the level of oil.

3. Low-kickback Bar And Chain:

BLACK+DECKER PP610 Saw comes with a 10-inch bar and chain which enables you to make quick cuts through thick branches with ease. The low-kickback bar and chain are designed to reduce the amount of kickback and vibrations. This feature allows fast, smooth operation from any cutting orientation.

4. Corded Design:

The corded design offers a consistent power supply, allowing you to prune trees and branches without any delays or interruptions. Plus, it’s easy to maneuver around trees and shrubs without having to worry about battery life. It will also offer unlimited runtime for even the biggest jobs.

5. Powerful 6.5 Amp Motor:

This pole saw has a powerful 6.5 amp motor that can quickly chop down thick branches with ease while producing minimal noise and vibration levels. This motor is also designed to provide plenty of power without bogging down in tougher material.


Finally, this pole saw give long runs lifespan and can be a reliable tool for your trimming. Need such a great tool?


  • The life of the battery is very excellent.
  • Lightweight design increases its maneuverability and reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Low-kickback bar And chain reduce the vibration.
  • Automatic Oiling System for better performance.
  • Powerful 6.5 Amp motor for faster cuts.


  • The length of this pole saw is concise compared to other pole saws.
  • Only for corded operation.​

9. Greenworks 40V 8-inch Cordless Pole Saw

Product Overview:

The Greenworks 40V 8-inch Cordless Pole Saw with Hedge Trimmer Attachment 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included, PSPH40B210 is an ideal tool for keeping your trees and hedges trimmed and healthy. The kit comes with an 8” bar and chain (pole saw) for easy trimming of branches and a 20” blade (pole hedge) for trimming of tall hedges.

The pole saw and pole hedge trimmer also feature an easy adjust tensioning system, automatic oiler to extend the life of the chain, and is virtually maintenance free with no gas, no oil, and no emissions.

This cordless power tool will start instantly, is quiet, and delivers the power you need to get the job done. The Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer Attachment is perfect for taking on tough overgrowth with ease.

Product Features:

1. 40V Combo Kit

This combo kit gives you the ability to maintain and enhance your landscaping with an 8” pole saw and a 20” pole hedge trimmer. The versatility of this combination provides you with all the tools necessary to keep your trees, bushes, hedges and ultimately your home’s curb appeal at its absolute best!

2. Powerful Motor:

The powerful brushless motor delivers maximum torque and performance, allowing you to quickly and easily trim trees, branches and hedges with ease. It also offers up to 25% more runtime than standard motors. If you need to trim a lot, you’ll be able to do the job faster and with less hassle.

3. Efficient Cutting:

The Greenworks 40V 8-inch cordless pole saw features an easy adjust tensioning system for quick blade adjustments and an automatic oiler to extend the life of the chain. It also has chain tensioning system which ensures that you always have the right cutting power. With its efficient design, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively trim your trees, branches and hedges.

4. Maintenance Free:

No gas, no oil and no emissions makes this tool virtually maintenance free.  It starts instantly, is quiet, and delivers the power you need to get the job done.  With no need for refueling, you’ll be able to move from one job to the next quickly and easily without having to worry about running out of fuel.

5. Lightweight Design:

Weighs only 11 lbs making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas. The lightweight construction also helps when it comes to storage and transport. Get the job done with the Greenworks 40V 8-inch cordless pole saw and hedge trimmer attachment and make your lawn look its best!


  • This cordless power tool is easy to assemble and operate, making it a great choice for both experienced and novice users.
  • No need to worry about changing oil or refilling gas tanks as this tool is virtually maintenance free.
  • The easy adjust tensioning system and automatic oiler provide efficient cutting so you can get the job done quickly and easily.
  • At only 11 lbs, this lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.


  • The battery life on this tool is not as long as some of its competitors, so you may need to purchase extra batteries if you plan on using the tool for extended periods of time.

10. LitheLi 40V Cordless Pole Saw 10 inches with 2.5AH Battery

LitheLi 40V Cordless Pole Saw 10 inches with 2.5AH Battery

LitheLi is a new name in the tool industry. But its popularity is in the increasing trend due to its premium quality tools. Let me share what impressive features this pole saw has.

My Impression

It is a 40V that has a 2.5AH Lithium-ion battery and surely it is a cordless pole saw. The RPM of this 10” bar pole saw is 2400. Isn’t it pretty high? This powerful pole saw can accomplish any pruning task within a short time with its efficient performance.

Looking at the RPM, don’t think that it will create high noise and vibration. The fact is, you can concentrate on your work due to its low noise and vibration performance. Thus, you will be able to provide your best efficiency to complete any task successfully.

Highlighted Feature:

  • 2.5AH Lithium-ion battery.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Clear instruction to set up and operate the saw.
  • Easy adjustment without tool.

Product Features:

1. Easy & Fast Cut:

The 10-inch guide bar and chain provide a cutting speed of 15ft/s, with the drive sprocket rotating at 2500 rpm for maximum efficiency. The 1.6 feet extension pole allows this tool to reach any length between 6.9 feet to 8.5 feet. Additionally, its saw head can be set at 4 different angles which makes it easier to capture those hard-to-reach branches!

2. Ergonomics:

Boasting a lightweight design of 7.7 lbs, you won’t struggle with user fatigue when using this tool. The included shoulder strap eases the load and makes it effortless to carry around your work area. Chain tensioning is made easy thanks to an integrated knob, while automatic lubrication with a 65ml oiler ensures smooth operation every time – plus you can check the oil levels through a convenient window! To top it off, anti-slip handles on both front and rear offer additional grip so that you get reliable performance each time.

3. Battery:

Powered by a 1x2000mAh Lithium-ion battery, this 20V cordless tree cutter will provide you with an uninterrupted flow of fade-free power. Compatible with all Litheli 20V tools, the tree cutter is designed to be environmentally friendly and free from any noise or air pollution that gas or corded models emit. Make garden care simple and hassle-free today!

4. Safe Starting:

LitheLi 40V Cordless Pole Saw has a safe starting feature which makes it an ideal tool for novice users. This feature allows you to start the saw without any accidental trigger pull, thus reducing the risk of injury. To begin the tool, press and hold down the lock-off button then pull on the trigger. Once started, you can let go of that same button.

5. Tool-less Adjustment:

The 10-inch guide bar and chain can be adjusted quickly, without any tools. A convenient knob is built-in for effortlessly tightening the sprocket cover and adjusting chain tension, eliminating the need for separate tools. This feature saves time, and you can resume your work quickly with accurate cutting performance.


  • LitheLi Cordless Pole Saw is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The Pole Saw is powerful and delivers efficient performance.
  • Low noise and vibration for improved durability and better work concentration.
  • It has also 4 adjustable saw head positions for convenient cutting.
  • Automatic lubrication and chain tensioner with a toolless adjustment.
  • LitheLi has a safe starting with a lock-off button.
  • Environmentally friendly with no noise or air pollution.


  • Battery power is short-lived.
  • The extension pole is not long enough for taller trees.
  • Not suitable for large pruning jobs.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Cordless Saw :

1. Question: what to choose? Corded or cordless?

Answer: You need to consider what kind of pole saws, corded or cordless, you intend to buy. If you decide to purchase corded pole saws, you can find Remington, Worx, and Craftsman. On the other hand, if you choose to buy cordless pole saws, you should consider Black and Decker and GreenWorks brand.

2. Question: what are the downsides of a cordless saw?

Answer: There are also few limitations of the cordless saw. One of the major cons is the charging time. Besides, they are not powerful and not a great option for long time work. Also, they are expensive.

3. Question: Does cordless saw are convenient enough?

Answer: Yes, they are quite convenient as well as safe.

Cordless Pole Saw Assembly:

Wrapping up and final thought

The technological advancement in this digital age is motivating people to be in pace with the latest and upcoming tools and equipment. If you need a pole saws, you can choose a cordless pole saw. A great cordless pole saw includes the newest technology by conceptualizing the concept of saving your times and efforts.

However, as the prices of cordless pole saws vary from vendors/brands, you need to consider what type of cordless pole saws is suited for you within your budgets.

Besides, you need to consider the warranty on products because the terms and conditions of warranty differ from brands/vendors to brands/vendors. You should also find the maximum reach, cutting capacity, and weights. In this case, you can review a different kind of cordless pole saws offered by several brands and vendors.

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