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Everything About How to Use A Sliding Miter Saw Safely!

With so many varieties, sizes, shapes and colors miter saw are becoming a regular tool for any workshop. Sliding miter saw are a great way with the glide back and forth feature that helps you to have a better cut.​It gives a nice accuracy that is more than just simple miter angles. So, knowing how […]

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How to Use a Compound Miter Saw – 7 Steps with video!

Miter saw is one basic tool for woodworking that every workshop needs to have. Making clean cross-cut on a wood stock is one of the many miter saw uses. There are various types of miters saw available like hand miter saw and compound miter saw. The latter one helps to bevel while turning the saw.Today […]

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How to Set Up a Miter Saw & Make Perfectly Even Cuts!

There is no such workshop that does not have a miter saw. These are one of the most common and go-to tools that woodworkers need to have. You can use them for cutting PVC, plastic, woods and even non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum.However, you may be a newbie who has just started his […]

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How to Change the Blade on a Miter Saw (With Video)

You cannot even cut an onion seamlessly if your knife becomes dull, think- is it possible to reduce a wood board with a flat blade of miter saw?! Never possible. If you already won a miter saw, you must learn how to change the blade on the miter saw.There are the different types of miter […]

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How to Use a Circular Saw: 7 Secrets You Should Know Before Cutting

Circular saw is by far an amazing and powerful power tool. With a suitable blade, it can cut through wood, ceramic tiles, masonry, and even steel. However, with that much power, it becomes potentially dangerous to operate unless it’s handled carefully. In the hands of a seasoned craftsman, the DIY possibilities with a circular saw are […]

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