Can You Use A Pole Saw To Trim Hedges?

The use of pole saws is increasing day by for professional and personal causes. Both arborists and private house owners with a lawn use poles saws for cutting and trimming trees. Over the last two decades, there has been a significant advancement in pole saw up-gradation.

Here comes the question “Can You Use A Pole Saw To Trim Hedges”

Well, apart from regular trimming and pruning, you can also use a pole saw to trim hedges. It could save a lot of money buying a new tool and time for learning the usage of the tool as well.  The hedge trimmer and a pole-saw contain different working principles. But if you know the correct way of usage, you can also trim hedges with a pole saw with effectiveness.

Can You Use A Pole Saw To Trim Hedges? – Deep discussion

Can You Use A Pole Saw To Trim Hedges

Pole saws are specialized tools. These are designed specifically for cutting and trimming tree branches, barks, and pruning. 

No official report about the usage of a pole saw is there for trimming hedges. There are hedge trimmers in the market specially made for trimming the hedges. That is why there are some benefits and drawbacks to using a pole saw for trimming hedges.

Reasons You Should Use A Pole Saw For Trimming Hedges

Reasons You Should Use A Pole Saw For Trimming Hedges

Using a pole saw for trimming hedges gives you some benefits stated below.

Saves Money

Hedge trimmers are expensive power tools. A good quality hedge trimmer can cost you anywhere from $50 to $300. You can save a vast amount of money if you can use a pole saw for trimming hedges.

Saves Time

Learning to use a professional hedge trimmer can be hassling and time-consuming. You have to learn to operate a complete set of tools for hedge trimming. If your necessity for a hedge trimmer is only for the time being, it could be a loss for you.

Therefore consider if you already possess a pole saw and know how to use it. Then a decent amount of time can be saved. You don’t have to learn new skills and spend time researching and buying a hedge trimmer.

Useful For Quick and Rough Hedge Trimming

Considering you want to trim very thin branches, barks, and twigs thicker, not more than half of an inch. Again, the hedges should be trimmed for rough usage only rather than professionalism. Then a pole saw can be easily used to trim the hedges.

Reasons You Should Not Use A Pole Saw For Trimming Hedges

Reasons You Should Not Use A Pole Saw For Trimming Hedges

Using a pole saw hedge trimming also has some major drawbacks, as stated below.

Imperfection Trimming

For professional hedge trimming, there is a specialized tool called Hedge trimmers. Using pole saws on hedges may cause imperfect and uneven trimming of the hedges. This will damage the aesthetics of the hedges.

A slight amount of imperfect trimming is noticeable from a long distance. That is why hedges of commercial areas and residential areas should be trimmed only by a hedge trimmer, not pole saws.

Can Cause Accidents

A powered pole saw has a small chain saw installed on one end of a pole. Chain saws are hazardous tools. It should be used very carefully to avoid fatal accidents. 

Since manual pole saws cannot be used for trimming hedges, only powered pole saws need to be used. If you want to trim the hedge using a pole saw, you have to hold the pole horizontally. 

The weight distribution of a pole saw does not support holding it horizontally. You have to lift and hold very carefully, applying more force. A slight amount of disbalance or mistiming can cause a serious accident.

How to use a pole saw to trim hedges?

How to use a pole saw to trim hedges?

For emergency or random situations, a pole saw might be needed to be used to trim hedges. Before doing that, learn about the step-by-step procedure of using a pole saw to trim hedges.

Step One: Preperartion

Inspect your worksite and arrange a preliminary preparation for trimming the hedge. Make secure connections if you are using electric pole saws. Wear a full set of personal protective gears to keep yourself.

Keep the work site clean of dead leaves, branches, and bark of trees. Do not allow pedestrians or kids anywhere near the worksite.

Step Two: Trimming Procedure

Minimize the pole saw as much as possible. Hold the operating end of the pole saw very firmly in a horizontal position. Take to time to understand the weight distribution. Then slowly throttle the chain saw and swing from backward to forward direction.

Do not overswing the chainsaw while throttling. Move forward and keep on swinging the pole saw with ease and patience.

What tool is best to trim hedges?

There are multiple types of manual and powered tools available for trimming hedges. Each of these tools has its benefits and drawbacks.

Using Secateurs

Using Secateurs

Secateurs are very old and effective trimming tools for trees and shrubs. Gardeners and arborists used it.


  • It can be used for small projects.
  • Exact trimming can be done.
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly.
  • It is very portable, and its manual mechanism eliminates the hassling of battery, gas, or electricity.
  • Easily maneuverable. It causes no fatigue or what so ever.


  • Not suitable for large projects.
  • It takes a lot of time to complete work.
  • Sharp and equal trimming is not possible.

Using Shears

Using Shears

Shears are long gardening scissors. It has two long blades for cutting and trimming small shrubs and hedges.


  • Can cut the hedge ends equally.
  • It can be used in a personal garden or lawn.
  • Less expensive and easy to use.
  • Maneuvering is effortless.
  • Portable and lightweight for less fatigue.


  • Not suitable for professional hedge trimming in commercial areas.
  • It takes much time to trim with perfection.

Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a battery-powered or electric-powered trimming tool. It has a sharp rotating blade for trimming small twigs, branches, or barks.


  • Quickly trims a large hedge area.
  • Can trim the hedges perfectly and equally.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Requires a little skill for handling.
  • Suitable for professional arborists.


  • Heavyweight makes its maneuvering tricky.
  • Expensive and not portable.


Both pole saws and hedge trimmers are specialized power tools for gardening and trimming trees. Though both of the tools are used for trimming trees, you may have asked yourself if you can use a pole saw to trim hedges. 

You cannot use a hedge trimmer for trimming or pruning trees. But a pole saw can be used to trim hedges. It is not recommended, but you can trim hedges using a pole saw rightly in case of emergency requirements.

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