Chicago Electric Miter Saw Reviews: Our Favorite Models Compared

Who doesn’t want perfect work performance with the miter saw? Perfectness and accuracy is a must for good results of work. Chicago Electric understands the need and comes with the product line of the miter saw to add value to your woodcutting work.

With accuracy in performance, the product miters saw of Chicago Electrics give you high-quality performance. In this chicago electric miter saw review we recommend 2 top quality miter saw from Chicago Electric saw who gives you full work satisfaction with its flawless performance.

Knowing much about manufacturers you can be more confirm about quality. Let’s now check some words about Chicago Electric.

Nitty-gritty about Chicago Electrics

Founded in 1910, Chicago Electric is promised to benefit its customers with faster and smarter manufacturing. Chicago electric is another name of leading technology with the comprehensive capability and extensive work experience.

The fast growth of Chicago electric was possible for its good reputation. Meanwhile, introducing miter saw Chicago Electric offers a better solution for its customer with experienced automation technologies.

It comes with automation solution fits with customer requirements. Being family owned Chicago Electric is proud to witness long heritage of outstanding workmanship with excellent customer service.

Top 2 recommended Chicago Electric Miter Saw

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12″ Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw w/Laser Guide Trim Molding:

This miter saw of Chicago with 12-inch double-bevel sliding will make your work experience extremely good. This sliding compound miter saw will match your application well. Chicago gained world fame for true reasons of quality. It can be seen in the products. You will get a more clear view when looking into some highlighted specifications. Let’s check.

Highlighted specifications

  • Corded electric power source
  • Double bevel type
  • Comes with 15 amperage capacity motor
  • 120 Voltages.
  • 12 inch wide
  • Material is metal
  • No batteries included and no batteries needed
  • Weighs around 52 lbs
  • Laser guide system
  • Accessories Include dust bag, adapter, aluminum fence
  • Extension bar and hooks for the cord storage facility

This wonderful miter saw includes dual linear featured slide rails to give you stability in work. Besides, this dual linear feature helps to get smooth and accurate cut like you will enjoy cutting all day long. Also, this miter saw has bevel ranging 45 degrees left or right.

It is important to have a laser guide to help measure cut. Don’t worries, Chicago Electric keep in mind the various needs of their woodcutter customers who need every feature on the cutting tool they use.

This miter saw includes a laser guide system that can be activated with trigger. This Chicago electric 12 miter saw blade guard system keeps you protected while working.

Also, Chicago electric blade change facility allows you results in good finishing off work. Chicago miter saw blade installation is an easy process with less problems in fitting.  

Advantages we like:

  • Includ​e the laser sy​stem
  • Powerful motor to cut and get the work done
  • Large work space to put your material
  • Results bevel and miter both cuts with perfection

Drawbacks we find:

  • Primary Adjusting issues

​​​12 Inch Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Guide 15 Amp​​​

Chicago is a brand that makes due space for itself. Being one of the leading companies that make a miter saw Chicago managed to earn a good reputation. The 12” double-bevel sliding compound miter saw stand another high-grade product of Chicago electric.

Here are specifications of this amazing miter saw for better review:

Highlighted Specifications:

  • Motor comes with 15 amp power
  • Has bevel 45 degrees left or right
  • Comes with accessories: dust bag and vacuum adapter, storage hooks for cords, table clamp, added aluminum fence.
  • Made with metal
  • Voltage capacity of 120 volts
  • 3800 rpm
  • Corded electric power source
  • Laser guide system
  • No battery required
  • Comes in extra-large size with grey color body
  • Weighs 52 lbs

This compound sliding miter saw comes with high capacity motor gives versatile trimming with no hassle. You can easily cut larger pieces of wood with this vigor cutting tool.

Moreover, the sliding system saw helps to make your cutting more precise. Chicago electric miter saw stand allows easy handling your cutting in the job site. The tool comprised of maximum speed capacity of (rpm) 3800 that is suitable with any large piece of wood cutting. Bosch is another good band for miter saw , for your satisfaction you can also check  this band.

Advantages we like:

  • Good speed of wo​rk
  • Convenience of use
  • Long lasting metal body
  • Hooks for cord storage
  • Cuts large pieces of wood

Drawbacks we find:

  • Heavy Weight

Parts of Chicago Electric Miter Saw

To have good finishing of work needs a good quality of your tool. Your cutting tool saw will give quality performance if built with quality parts and accessories. To maintain the professional standard, Chicago Electric collects parts and accessories from manufacturers having a world-class reputation and history of quality service.

Hence, you can remain worriless about the quality of parts used in the miter saw from Chicago Electric. With parts like blade guard, dust bag, dust outlet safety in the working environment ensured.

Also includes the table, bevel lock lever, spindle lock, head lock-down pin to increase work efficiency.

Here is the list of some other parts used in Chicago electric miter saw:

  • Trigger lock
  • Slide lock knob
  • Base
  • Miter scale
  • Miter lock
  • Miter knob
  • Kerf board
  • Bevel Angle indicator
  • Fence
  • Table extension
  • Clamp

Key Features of Chicago Electric Miter Saw:

Chicago Electric miter saw review

Will you love to spend to buy toys at cheap rate instead of a professional tool? The answer is not. Smart customers will not spend their hard earned bucks in cheaper low-quality products.

Founded in a broader range of industries Chicago Electric miter saw come with a modest price range. This world famous system integrator will not let you compromise in quality.

Wondering how? Yes, we have suitable answers for your query. It is the overall features of Chicago miter saw comprised.

By knowing its superb and well fittings features with your application, you will better understand you don’t have taken the wrong decision if choose Chicago miter saw for your job site.

Let’s see overall features of Chicago Electric miter saw made up with:

Laser guide:

Chicago electric knows well how to make their customers more productive. They fully indulge their experience making products. They made their miter saw with amazing features like a laser guide.

The finest feature that made this saw preferable over others has a laser guide in it. It is a very needy thing for a professional to accomplish measure cutting work. A laser system light on your wood piece guides is cutting well.

Easy to understand Manual:

Chicago electronics did a good job to reach well customer satisfaction. To comfort their customers, Chicago Electronics includes an easy understanding manual with their miter saw.

You can find every product related details there. It also includes parts name, the guide to fit the tool, how to manage break downs, using the procedure, etc. It’s just amazing for beginners who can easily operate the tool learning from the manual

Powerful Engine:

It’s important for good performance of cutting tool have good power capacity. With powerful motor Chicago, electric miter saw helps to balance well with large pieces of wood.

With extensive experience, Chicago builds a tool to help to do trimming easily. Another company would cut a good range of price from your money bag then Chicago Electric for high-quality products.

Easy Maintenance:

Maintenance keeps your tool well. At the same time, it’s the most tricky task to do. This magic saw comes with easy maintenance features. Chicago guides you how you can easily do the cleaning, lubricating work for your miter saw.

Blade Guard:

Safety comes first. Yes, Chicago electrics know the value of your health safety. So, Chicago Electric miter saw comes with well-combined blade guards to protect you from unwanted injuries.


For the peoples who work all day in carpeting, the wood cutting job it is difficult to deal with dust from cutting wood. Therefore a professional woodcutter who uses the machine vastly will not think even twice to invest for better dust collection opportunities.

To ease your task of cleanliness Chicago Electric miter saw includes quality dust collector on its miter saw. It collects the dust and helps you continue your work in dust fee environment.

Sliding System:

The invention of the sliding system added benefit for cutting tool users. Smart companies made good use of this opportunity. Chicago Electric thus comes with sliding miter saw gives you faultless cut from different angles.

Final Thoughts:

Chicago electric offers systems that are made with standard and quality components from well-reputed manufacturers. So, miter saw from Chicago Electric combines features liked by most.

Meanwhile, you already know Chicago miter saw reviews that the professional status of Chicago Electric miter saw makes customers more productive. 

Also with great knowledge and experience, Chicago Electric benefits its customers to come out with outstanding work results. They are just worth every buck they demand. You will not regret yours spending.

Good Luck!

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