How to Cut a 135 Degree Angle on a Miter Saw Like a Pro

Generally, the users are habituated to cutting a maximum of 45 or 50-degree angles using a miter saw. When the topic is dealing with a critical angle like 135 degrees, it becomes difficult. Today, we’ll elaborate on how to cut a 135 degree angle on a miter saw like a pro. 

We will discuss every you need so that even a less-experienced user can perform everything nicely. However, there are some preparations with a miter saw that are essential to know before working. Our easy guidelines won’t confuse the readers anyhow. 

In addition, dealing with a miter saw isn’t all about some skills & attention. You will require some mathematical learning to complete a precise cut. On account of this, we have also explained a formula for your convenience. So, without any further delay, here we go to start our main discussion.

Why should you use a miter saw to perform angle cuts?

Simply, a miter saw is capable of providing the convenience of varieties of angles to perform essential cuts. Normally, a user can cut around 45 to 50 degrees using a miter saw. There is a function to rotate the miter saw blade as per the user’s demand. So, it’s possible to make different angles using a miter saw.

Moreover, a special edition of the miter saw offers a sliding arm that helps extend the miter blade. In molding projects, trim work & general carpentry applications, a miter saw can only conquer the critical angles. These are the reasons behind choosing a miter saw to perform angle cuts.

How to Cut a 135 Degree Angle on a Miter Saw – Professional way

Before starting the main part, you should know some initial preparations as well as mathematical explanations. Hence, we’ll discuss safety concerns by elaborating on how to cut a 135 degree angle on a miter saw like a pro. 

Formula to Cut 135-Degrees on a Miter Saw 

For cutting an obtuse angle using a miter saw, you have two formulas to follow. However, both formulas can make the exact measurement. So, pick up one as per your wish.


Step-1: (180 degree – Our target angle) = The result

Step-2: The result/2 = Angle of the miter saw

For example, our target angle is 135 degrees. Let’s apply it in this formula.

Firstly, (180 degree – 135 degree) = 45 degree.

Then,45 degree/2 = 22.5 degree.

So, the measurement finds 22.5 degrees as the angle of a miter saw.


Step-1: Our target angle/2 = The result

Step-2: (90 degree – The result) = Angle of the miter saw.

Let’s calculate when the target angle is 135 degrees.

Firstly, 135/2 = 67.5 degrees.

Then, 90 degree – 67.5 degree = 22.5 degree.

Hence, the second formula also finds the result as 22.5 degrees.

Take some primary preparations 

  • Plugin your miter saw accurately. Notice if the socket is okay. Otherwise, it may ruin your working session.
  • After that, take an expedient position. You’ll need to move for cutting but primarily be easy with your position.
  • Locate the exact position of the knob & the lever. It’s important as it helps to start working a miter saw. 
  • Calculate & find the right angle to make your desired cuts. You need to use any of the aforementioned formulas to find the exact angle of your miter saw. 

Some easy steps to cut 135-Degrees using a Miter saw

Now we will show you some easy steps to cut 135-degrees using a miter saw. Have a careful look here.

Step:1-  Lock the miter saw in the calculated angle

You must have noticed a knob while doing the initial preparations. It’s required to unlock that knob to move. After unlocking, move the knob to the left direction at a 22.5-degree angle. After reaching that point, you need to lock the miter saw. However, don’t forget to set the tilt angle to 0-degree. It helps cut in straight formation. 

Step:2- Make the perfect positioning

You may deal with a longboard or a smaller piece of wood. If it’s a longboard, then ensure that it’s clamped to the miter saw. On the other hand, if it’s a small piece of wood, ensure to hold that piece firmly. Maintaining wrong holding manners can bring unexpected results to your project.

Step:3- Make the first cut

Keeping your miter saw angle at 22.5 degrees try to cut the target thing inside. After that, move the miter saw, maintaining the same angle in the right direction.

Step:4- Ensure the perfect alignment

Following the previous step, make an inside cut keeping a 22.5-degree angle. Once you complete this session, keep the pieces together. Notice if the cut two pieces are aligned perfectly. Hence, the pieces should maintain the desired angle.

Step:5- Surveying the angle

To do this, you’ll need an angle measuring tool. If you have followed all the steps accurately, then you should find your desired 135 degrees. Sometimes, it’s found that 1 degree of difference from the target angle. In that circumstance, the difference is negligible. 

However, now you have a 135-degree cut using a miter saw. 

Things to consider while cutting a 135 degree angle on a miter saw

  • Lock the knob at the right angle after determining it. If you don’t do it, your project result will be affected. 
  • Ensure the tight attachment of the big piece of wood against the fence. Loose attachment can wobble the piece & then, your miter saw will cut in a wrong measurement.
  • When you’re done, you may find yourself tired. And it’s normal to make a wrong measurement of angle while surveying. So, stay alert in this circumstance.
  • The first cut helps to develop your confidence for the second cut. So, try to be focused & do the first one successfully.
  • Don’t make a wrong mathematical calculation before starting. It’s suggested to revise the calculation before starting to deal with a miter saw.

Safety Tips

  • It’s highly suggested to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. You are going to deal with sharp blades & so, it’s mandatory.
  • Use a pair of thick & rubberized hand gloves. It will protect your hands from dust.
  •  equipment develops the concentration of your work. So, get it before starting the work.
  • Putting on a helmet is helpful to protect your skull. Therefore, it’s a part of general safety.
  • It’s not mandatory but wearing a pair of rubberized boots is appreciable. 

Frequently Asked Question

You must have gone through this article carefully. But you may have some questions about cutting with a miter saw. Here we are putting the common questions with short answers. 

What is the best technique for checking that your miter saw is cutting perfect 90 and 45-degree angles?

The best technique for checking that your miter saw is cutting perfect angles is observing the cuts using the measuring tool. Set the miter saw up for a 90-degree cut & if you find the angle 90 degrees after the cut, then be sure that it was a perfect cut.

Can a miter saw make straight cuts?

Yes, it’s possible to make straight cuts using a miter saw. A power miter saw is more efficient in this circumstance than a manual miter saw. All you need to do, plugin the miter saw & make your desired cutting precisely.

What is a similar 135 degree angle?

135 degree angle is considered as an obtuse angle. It’s an external angle & the internal angle can be defined as its similar angle. Hence, the 45-degree angle is the corresponding internal angle of 135 degree angle.


The article, I hope, has conquered the mind of its target audience. Our effort was to uphold how to cut a 135 degree angle on a miter saw like a pro. We’ve tried to clear mathematical concepts with some easy steps so that you don’t face any difficulty. Meanwhile, we have offered two formulas as you can pick your favorite one. 

However, we think that our easy steps were helpful to understand the procedure. You can finish the task perfectly if you follow all of our instructions nicely. Besides, we are strict on maintaining safety tips. Before reading this article, wasn’t it tough to deal with obtuse angles using a miter saw? Our delight is here if you have learned something useful from here.

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