Electric Vs Gas Pole Saw- Know Their Differences

It’s difficult to reach the endpoint when the debate begins about electric vs gas pole saw. A cordless electric pole saw comes with battery support that allows working even in a critical area. The corded version also helps in pruning and trimming effectively. 

But, a large number of people prefer a gas pole saw over any electric pole saw. That’s because of its ultimate performance, ease of use, and other factors. However, a gas pole saw is hard to maintain and directly responsible for environmental pollution. 

Therefore, newbies get perplexed between the electric and gas pole saw. Understanding their prime differences and relating their features with your purpose can only end the debate. 

What is an electric pole saw?

What is an electric pole saw

An electric pole saw is an instrument that’s usually used in trimming the branches of trees. It comes with a powerful blade attachment that helps in trimming. In a general sense, an electric pole saw runs on the electricity support. The power outlet is mandatory for an electric pole saw. 

It comes with both cordless and corded versions. The cordless version comes with various battery capacities. There is also the corded version but it’s not very popular nowadays for dedicated purposes. While talking about ease of use, the battery-powered pole saw is invincible. 

Cutting around 9 inches thick limbs of the tree is possible using an electric pole saw. Among the corded and cordless versions, the cordless version offers more ease of use. Its performance is also incredible and it makes you free from the hassle of a power outlet. The best part is an electric pole saw is eco-friendly as it emits no harmful gas or smoke. 

What is a gas pole saw?

What is a gas pole saw

A gas pole saw is manufactured to run on fuel. Its attractive part is the top-class performance and professional service. Cutting the huge branches and trunks of trees is much more reliable when you have a gas pole saw. In price comparison, it’s also cheaper than an electric pole saw. 

As it runs on gas, it doesn’t require any battery or power outlet. The convenience of portability is another big plus for a gas pole saw. You can take it anywhere you want, trim and prune tree branches whenever you want. Though it’s slightly noisy, you won’t regret buying it for long-time service. 

Unfortunately, the gas pole saw isn’t eco-friendly. It produces unhealthy pollutants that are extremely hazardous to our environment. A gas pole requires regular maintenance, refilling gas timely, and many more hassles. But, after tolerating all of the formalities, you’ll get the best performance without any doubt. 

Electric Vs Gas Pole SawHead to head comparison

You’ll understand what’s best suited for your desired project from this electric vs gas pole saw comparison segment. 

Which one provides better performance- electric or gas pole saw?

Which one provides better performance- electric or gas pole saw

Users have found the most fruitful performance from the gas pole saw every time. It has an extraordinary cutting ability. Operating this tool for a long time doesn’t bring any severe harm. 

When you need to cut the thick branches of a tree, ultimate power is a must. And only a gas-powered pole saw can help you with this. To insert the pole saw blade in the desired depth, excessive pressure is mandatory. The blade of a gas pole saw runs extremely fast. 

As a result, the thickness can’t cope with its motion and allows the blade to get inside quickly. Another advantage of a gas pole saw is its performance drop is rarely seen. 

Do both pole saws are applicable for every place?

There could be both professional and amateur trimming activities using a pole saw. Are you on a professional purpose? Then going for a gas pole saw is the best decision. Its efficiency, cordless advantage, and lightweight make it suitable for professionals. 

Do both pole saws are applicable for every place

When homeowners deal with the small pruning task, then an electric pole saw is great. It doesn’t pollute the surroundings with pollutants. Also, it doesn’t produce as much noise as the gas pole saw. Unless you’re cutting a huge thick lamb, an electric pole saw is good to go.

Which pole saw last longer- electric or gas pole saw?

The more durability, the more long-lasting guarantee. However, durability varies from brand to brand as the body material isn’t mandatory to be the same. Besides, the way you treat your pole saw also matters a lot. 

Generally, the gas pole saw vibrates a lot due to its speedy bleed rotation. This action creates a bad impact on the motor at the end of the day. So, a gas pole saw can’t run in the long run just like an electric pole saw. By purchasing a vibration-control extension, you can resolve this problem. 

What type of pole saw requires less money?

What type of pole saw requires less money

Primarily, a gas pole saw is cheaper than an electric pole saw. But, the gas pole saw requires purchasing fuel and investing money for maintenance. So, you need to invest in your gas pole saw often. 

If it’s about the electric pole saw, it doesn’t need anything except for charging from time to time. Yes, replacing the damaged battery is costly but it’s not something like routine maintenance. 

Which one is easy to use- an electric or gas pole saw? 

The ease of use of a pole saw is dependent on your skill and experience. If you’re a non-professional, you’ll like to operate an electric pole saw. It’s easy to turn on, requires less control, and is not difficult to transport.

On the flip side, the gas pole saw sometimes kicks back. Controlling this situation is only possible by experienced users. Besides, its maintenance is a part of professional service.  

Are both pole saws eco-friendly?

An electric gas pole saw is the winner when you consider environmental pollution. It doesn’t emit any harmful gas and runs on electricity. But, a gas pole saw emits gas and smoke that’s injurious to your health as well as the environment. As an environment-conscious person, you shouldn’t use a gas pole saw. 

Which one should you pick?

Which one should you pick

Well, it’s time to make the right decision between electric and gas pole saw. What’s your purpose for using a pole saw? If it’s about just pruning or trimming small branches of a tree, then an electric pole saw is good enough. Though it’s slightly expensive, the ease of use and durability can support you in the long run. 

And, if performance is everything to you, then go for a gas pole saw. It requires reloading fuel, regularly taking care, and skilled hands to run. When it’s about working in an impassable area, there is no alternative to a gas pole saw. 

Wrap Up

Pole saw is an inevitable tool for bringing the desired shape of a tree. Rather than using old methods, running a pole saw on tree branches is much more time-saving. Do you need to think twice now about the right pole saw for your desired project?

The elaborate discussion on electric vs gas pole saw must have opened your eyes. If it’s only for a small trimming job, then going for an electric pole saw is overall best. A gas pole saw is the performance king, but not the best for all. 

Before purchasing a pole saw, make sure it’s from a reputed brand. Also, ensure that it has a warranty facility and excellent after-sell service.

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