How to Extend An Electric Pole Saw Without Going Through A Fuss?

Initially, it can be a challenge for anyone to get their electric pole saw extended. However, it’s a piece of cake if you know the ins and outs of how to proceed. 

At first, you need to have all the pole pieces before you start the dissembling. After that, slide the top of the pole piece and check for the alignments. Once done, pass the carriage bolt from one side of your pole to the other side. Finally, screw the nuts and get the pole extended as far as possible. Voila! You’re done extending the pole saw.  

So, want to know more in detail about how to extend an electric pole saw? Binge on the entire article without skipping any of it. 

What is An Electric Pole Saw?

What is An Electric Pole Saw

Well, basically, electric pole saws are motor-powered saws used to cut, trim, prune and shape branches and bushes. 

It’s a powerful tool that is incredibly stable and can easily take down trees in no time. The battery power is also remarkable (varies among brands) as it needs to be charged for about an hour to provide 30-45 minutes worth of output trimming.

So, in contrast, you can say an electric pole saw can be a lifesaver, especially when you want to get your trees shaped faster and in the most convenient way possible.

Anatomy of Electric Pole Saw

Anatomy of Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole saws are designed to be super convenient and highly functioning at the same time. However, it’s true they require stability and arm strength to ensure you with optimum safety measures. 

Following is the anatomy of electric pole saws, along with their features.

  • Saw Blade 

The saw blade for electric pole saws is tiny. This blade has tiny sharp teeth that go around in a circle. 

Moreover, the pointy tip on the blade makes it desirable and efficient in output. It also ensures fast trimming of a larger area in a short time. 

Even if you’re trimming 10 feet off the ground, you can cut more branches quickly due to the pointed ends of the sharp teeth. 

  • Handle and the Trigger 

Since it’s an electric pole saw, it comes with a trigger that initiates cutting the branches when you press down on it. 

This trigger is located at the handle of the pole saw, making it easier to press the trigger down as you hold it up and lift it off the ground. 

The handle has nice grooves for the fingers to rest nicely without adjusting your arm position. Even when working with the pole saw for a while, the handle allows you a comfortable grip while bearing most of the weight in the same place. 

  • Engine 

Pole saw engines are always located at the bottom of the pole around the handle where you hold on to the pole. Some may complain that electric pole saws produce 6-10 amperage of power, which may not be enough. 

However, an engine that small to come with a pole saw is enough to get a wide area cleared quickly. Upon fully charging the pole saw, the engine should be able to provide at least 30-45 minutes of output which is said to be more than enough. 

  • Pole 

The poles for pole saws are almost always retractable or said to be “Telescopic poles.” These poles are very lightweight and durable. 

Moreover, it’s strong enough to bear the weight of the handle and engine on one end, and it even bears the weight of both the saw blade and the chain. 

So, the preferred material for these poles is either aluminum or some other metal that is light to carry. Typically, these poles have a reinforced layer outside to provide additional strength and stability. 

How to Extend an Electric Pole Saw?

How to Extend an Electric Pole Saw

Before extending your electric pole saw, it is essential to know all about the saw itself. You must thoroughly review the instruction manual to know all the necessary safety precautions to avoid possible accidents. 

Not all electric pole saws allow you to elongate the pole on it. Some are known to be limited to the length they come in. However, most electric pole saws can be elongated for better reach and access to branches at the top. 

Follow the steps below carefully and precisely to extend the electric pole saw – 

Step 1: Have all the pole pieces prepared and ready at hand before your start to disassemble the existing length of the electric pole saw. 

Step 2: Slide the top pole piece out of the middle piece of the pole about 12 inches high. Insert the poles inside the other with proper and steady alignments for safety and stability. 

Step 3: Check the alignments of the poles and ensure they are appropriately aligned against the holes for the carriage bolt to insert. 

The alignment of the poles is vital to provide stability to avoid accidents or unwanted pruning around the branches. 

Step 4: Once the alignment has been checked, pass through the carriage bolt from one side of the pole and out of the other. Wiggle the top pole to ensure the bolt is secured enough when the bolt has exited to the other side. 

Step 5: Depending on the width of the top pole you chose, you need to pick a wide enough bolt to leave excess further out of the pole. Upon the bolt exiting through the other side of the pole, use a nut compatible with the carriage bolt. 

Step-6: Screw the nut through the bolt and pass it as further inside as possible. Once the nut has passed through and against the pole tightly, screw it down and tighten it enough to ensure it can bear the weight of the extension poles. 

Is The Electric Pole Saw Worth It?

Is The Electric Pole Saw Worth It

Electric pole saws are convenient, easy to use, and offer excellent output compared to manual pole saws. These don’t run on oil or require to be manually worked with, which is why these are so user-friendly. 

Charging these does not take longer than an hour. Based on the size of the battery and the purpose it is being used for, the battery output will vary quite a bit. However, generally, pole saws provide 30-60 minutes of run time once it has been charged, which is more than enough. 

This is why the convenience of these motor-run pole saws is said to be worth the money and ease of using them. It is a practical device that is lightweight and can be carried for quite some time without causing any aches. 


  • Is it safe to use extension poles for electric pole saws? 

Yes, using an extension pole for electric saws is safe and easy to do yourself. These extensions are made of the same material as the pole saw and are easy to work with. Go through the instruction manuals first to know more about the saw. Do more research online for a visual explanation. Once you have enough knowledge on how to work with the extension pole, only then proceed for safety measurements. 

  • Are the extension poles made differently compared to the pole saw? 

Extension poles are not made differently compared to the central pole portion of the pole saw with the blade. The same material is used for the extension of the central part. However, the difference is for the nuts and screws and size to be put in place. Extension poles are also narrower at one end, inserted into the central pole. 

  • Does the extension pole make the saw heavier? 

While it may appear to be that way, the extension pole does not make the pole saw much heavier. There is a little weight to it; however, it does not weigh the pole down or cause any strain or aches on the arm. 

Extension poles are made using the same material as the pole saw to deliver equal balance and weight throughout the entire thing. 

Final Words

Are you still wondering how to extend an electric pole saw? Well, now you should have a clear and thorough idea of it. 

While the extension process varies from each brand and model to another, the procedure is ideally the same. The only significant difference between extending may be the size and types of screws to secure the poles. 

Therefore, after reading through the blog, you should better understand the process of extending the length of the electric pole saw. With the proper knowledge and precaution, you wouldn’t need a professional’s help anymore to trim your tree branches at the top of the tree. 

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