Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review – Top 2 Admired Products

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review

If you are after a pruner that you can trim tree branches and large bushes with, go through this harbor freight pole saw review. Not to mention, this is the right spot to invest time around. This harbor freight pole saw brand presents models that are long enough to cut the branches hard-to-reach.

Besides, they are backed by a strong battery to run a longer trimming time. Additionally, Harbor freight pole saws are adequately lightweight and compact to provide a convenient pruning time

Best Harbor Freight Pole Saw Reviews : Top 2 Models

Given the said features, you can have better exposure to the pole saws of Harbor Freight brand in the following reviews. To put it more straightforward, these will tell you why we have cut down to two models from the myriads in the market. With this intention, they await you below

1. 1.5 Hp Electric Pole Saw:

1.5 Hp Electric Pole Saw
1.5 HP Electric Pole Saw
  • Telescoping fiberglass shaft extends from 6 ft. to 8 ft. 10"
  • 9.5" bar with 3/8" pitch Oregon chain & automatic chain oiler

In the first place, the maiden review of the said product from this brand describes the pole saw to be a long reach, and able pole saw. With this in mind, this is fast, safe, and perfect concerning performance, design, and selection. Also, the telescopic fiberglass stick is 6’ long and can be stretched up to 8’ 10”.

Besides the lighter weight materials and compact design, the chain fits snugly. This is necessary for trimming equipment to take care of the trees and plants recently tossed by snows.

On the positive note, the see-through oil tank will signal you both when empty and full. Of course, this is ease backed by the auto-lubrication method and simple chain tension. The price tag is well worth and cheaper version is available in places.

      What we liked most:

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful 6 amp motor
  • Durable and Strong
  • Well worth the price
  • Lightweight and high-length

          What we didn’t like:

  • Top-heavy while extended most

2. Power Smart PS6108 6 Amp Corded Extending Pole Saw:

Power Smart PS6108 6 Amp Corded Extending Pole Saw
PowerSmart Electric Pole Saw 8 Inches, 120v 6.0Amp Tree Trimmer, 13.7-Feet Max Reach, PS6108
  • [More Power] 120V 6.0Amp. As a powerful equipment for pruning.
  • [Adjustable Pole] The pole is adjustable from 6 ft. to 8.9 ft. for up to 13.7 feet reach.

With attention to the maneuverability, let’s start the second Harbor Freight pole saw a review with the standard length of the stick. To put it another way, It is 8’ long and can well extend up 10.5”. Hopefully, this will relieve you from neck and muscle pain as you now can trim high branches with ease.

This length enjoys a lighter weight of 9 lbs, 8” Oregon chainsaw, and auto-lube method. Furthermore, the 6 amp power motor and a 40V Li-ion battery enable it to cut trees for hours. So this saw can cut heavy logs and strong limbs competently.

In effect, the built-in safety button can save you from the inconvenient sudden start. Overall, it is a versatile pole saw with an efficient motor position to empower the blade to trim at will. A good number of chain links along with a 3/8” pitch and a .050” gauge, ensure flexibility, strength, and speed.

       What we liked most:

  • A standard length saw stick and chainsaw
  • Faster, stronger, and speedier
  • Conveniently located blade to cut like butter
  • Ergonomic handle to grab
  • Endowed with safety switch
  • Affordable price and extended two years warranty

        what we didn’t like:

  • Somewhat heavy for an undersized individual
  • Require careful and gradual assembling

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review: Features and Specifications

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review

Any and every saw of this brand will surely give you a feel of breeze while reshaping the trees and plants in your yard. For this reason, to have an in-depth knowledge of the features and specifications, better we make a tour examining those.

Performance up to the Expectation

To begin with, this saw resting on a stick can cut tree branches of 7.5 inches diameter with ease. In the same fashion, you can reshape and tidy small logs, slender limbs and branches, and plants. This is supported by a powerful motor along with extended battery life.

Lightweight and Compact Design is Benefit

In the first place, this is a pruning tool made by a combination of premium plastic and commercial grade steel. Crucial to realize, plastic occupied the significant portion and shaved the weight dearly. Coupled with urgent plastic, Stainless steel features the total weight of 10 lbs with the pole attached.

Convenient Length

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review

Straightway, Harbor freight is fairly a long pole saw brand featured with a long stick. Notably, this is not less than 8’ that can extend more than 2 inches. That means a man of average height can cut tree branches hanging at least 15 feet higher than the ground.

Keeping the pole aside, the cutting chain or chainsaw knew otherwise is 8” long to gift you a cut amounting to a breeze.

Auto-lubrication System is a Breeze

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review

As has been noted, Harbor freight pole saws are equipped with a refill pump to fill the oil chamber when the oil stock runs out. Interestingly enough, this oil chamber has a LED indicator to know and stop oil-refilling when near to done. However, that is a pretty intelligent design to save the saw from oil-damage inspired by oil-spilling.

Handy Chain Adjustment

Another key point, automatic oiling to the chain is further benefited from the chain adjustment. The chain adjustment is useful enough to contribute to the mobility of the saw. Indeed, this is an attribute to make those pole saws handier than the counterparts.

The Cord Is Not A Hassle

In any event, you cannot take the cord to be a drag-on hassle, and this is practically not the real picture. On the positive side, you cannot do without it when it needs to be charged.

Safety Features – Kickback Design & Hand Guard

Harbor Freight Pole Saw Review

Generally speaking, the safety issues involve the dropping off and shaking of the saw. To our utter disgust, average pole saws tend to have suffered from kickback design. But the Harbor Freight features solid engineering and intelligent design to address this issue.

And the result is a handy pole saw with a reduced kickback design. To emphasize, this design is justly backed by the hand guard design for added safety. In addition to extra control, the ergonomic and tight grip handle provides with safety and security.

Affordable Price and Extended Warranty

Harbor Freight pole saw claim around or a bit more than $80. You can have this pole saw at your disposal paying an extra $10 as shipping fee at an online purchase.

To say lesser of the customer service, they provide a replacement warranty for the main parts like a chainsaw. Until now, the duration of the warranty is two years.

Wrapping up

You have reached the wrapping up part of this article. So it is a clear indication that you have by now been aware of the nice features and benefits of these pole saws. Average saws resting on a stick are not a match for these.

By and large, these are powerful, feature-rich, efficient, and handy. This is a small pole saw but works excellently as per the customer feedback to run. Above all, the responsive and expert customer service is the steal you can opt. Henceforth, I hope Harbor Freight pole saw review worth the attention you are paying.

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