How Thick of a Branch a Pole Saw can Cut – Know the secret

How Thick of a Branch a Pole Saw can Cut


Your roof can get dirtier in the summer if your home is beside an enormous tree. The leaves can block the gutter within a few moments in a windy situation. A Pole can sort out the issue as it can cut almost all thicker branches you need. Now, how thick of a branch a pole saw can cut?

You can cut at least 12 inches of diameter of a branch with the pole saw. Also, it can be much thicker than that on the lower limbs.

If you are up to cut a thicker branch, you must be prepared with a saw and the site. Also, there are some steps you must follow to have a perfect cut on the branch. Here’s what you need.

What determines the Cutting Ability of a Pole Saw for Branches

What determines the Cutting Ability of a Pole Saw for Branches

A pole saw is a powerful tool when the branches have a diameter of 11-1/2 inches or above. Also, the pole gets you to reach the tree branches easily from the ground. But the cutting ability is the one that makes it much efficient than others. Here are the core factors why the pole saw cuts smoother and more profound than others.

Blade type

What determines the Cutting Ability of a Pole Saw for Branches

The saw blade is more like a chainsaw. The speed comes off gets faster without delaying a sec. It gives 10 inches cutting bar to hold the chain on average. Moreover, the teeth on the blade cut off anything in 6-12inch diameter. So, you can cut almost any depth of branch with it.


What determines the Cutting Ability of a Pole Saw for Branches

Pole saws have variety on the power are. Both gas and electric cordless poles saw are available for the cutting. When you cut branches on the tree, you can find more branches than expected to be eliminated. Here, cordless saw gives the best automatic cutting above 30 minutes every time, and gas saw cuts till the fuel is over.

Adjustable pole

What determines the Cutting Ability of a Pole Saw for Branches

Lastly, the pole that holds the blade helps the cut to be more accurate. You can increase 10-12 foot working weight through the pool. Also, you can adjust the amount whenever you want by changing the height of the pole. It helps much more when you can do the cutting without climbing a tree or ladder.

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

You have to be precise with your cutting, whether it’s on the table or upon the tree. Every single cut has to be smooth so that you can get precisely what you want. With a pole saw for thick tree branches, it’s you need much more than that. Therefore, we will provide you some tips to know what to do and in which way.

Timing is important

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

You won’t have a decent cut if the tree condition and the weather aren’t in your favor. Therefore, always plan for cutting the branches when the weather is sunny. It will keep the tree non-dormant, and you will have your cut easily. 

Prepare the site

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

If the tree is in a place where there’s a car or any outdoor properties involved, you have to secure it first. It will be best if you can clear the worksite as much as possible. Even a thick branch can damage the side mirror of the car.

If the branch you are aiming at is surrounded by other big branches, you have to trim a bit of them. It will help you with the proper light condition to cut your one. Also, have a final look at the tree. If there are any cracks on it, use extensive ladders to reach the branch. 

Prepare yourself

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

Make sure none of the family members or pets are at the site. Wear something that’s not heavy or loose; it can make you uncomfortable while working. Also, try to wear new electricity conductive dresses if possible. Use a mask and goggles to avoid debris and wooden dust.

After that, you have to fix a position where you can reach the branch by pointing at it. If it’s the upper side of the tree, trim the lower limbs in the very beginning. Then, set your safe position where the branch won’t fall on you, and you will have your cut straightforward.

Place the saw on the spot

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

Here, you have to make sure which spot of the branch will be perfect for fall. The thick unit can crack when it falls from the tree if you don’t get the cutting spot right. So, Adjust the height of the saw and its blade for the branch before the cut. 

Cut the branch thoroughly

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

For the cut on the thick branch, you will need a groove on the wood. It will take a few seconds to prepare the track. Then you can start cutting the unit slowly and steadily. But always have a sharp eye on the blade if it’s going through the branch precisely or not.

You can put pressure only when the blade passes through 1-2inches. If the branch is more extended than 10-inch diameter, you have to go slow a bit more. But make sure the first cut doesn’t slip sideways at any cost, as it can cause more time on the cutting. 

Finish it off

Tips for Cutting Thick Branches with a Pole Saw

When you fasten the speed of the blade, the branch will try to point to the ground. Hence, you have to cut faster by time, or else the unit can get tear apart. You can have an undercut at the end when the cut is minimal portion way from drop-off. The reason is simple; you can make them fall at the place you want without any injuries. 

Get the next one

You can clean off the mess on the worksite if it’s not multiple branches. But when you are up to another thick branch, move the first branch from there. Next, recheck your position for the next unit. If it’s a big tall tree, you can use a telescopic ladder for the reach. Then follow all the steps we mentioned earlier to have a perfect cut on the following branches. 

Safety measures

Woodworking or DIY works- you have to keep yourself safe before you hope on the cut. Also, you have to maintain the safest way to end the job. Here they are-

  • Always make sure there are no obstacles around the site. If there are any, move them aside.
  • Check the tree before cutting the branch. Also, watch out for the electricity lines.
  • Put on every safety tool like safety goggles, mask, gloves, helmet, etc., to be safe.
  • Evacuate the worksite before you begin the cutting and check the pole saw when you start cutting.
  • Make a precise measurement of how you will bring the branch down and how much groove you need.
  • Always keep your position steady after every cut and save a ladder if needed.
  • Don’t rush at the time of the cut. It can bring you colossal trouble and injuries.
  • Keep the place clean when your finish all the cutting and put the branches in a dry place.

Frequently ask Question for Cutting a Thick Branches

Need to know more? Then read the sections below carefully.

  • How big of a branch can a pole saw cut?
    • You can cut the branch of the tree up to 12 inches with a pole saw. Also, the length of the branch varies by the model of pole saws.
  • Can a pole saw cut down a tree?
    • No, you can’t. The pole saw has a perfect result in cutting big branches of a tree, but it won’t work.
  • Are pole saws safe?
    • Yes. The pole saws are the best lightweight and safe cutting tool for thicker to bigger branches and woodworking branches.
  • Which is the longest pole saw?
    • The Husqvarna 327PT5S is the most extended pole saw available right now in the market. 

Final verdict

A pole saw is a handy choice for woodworking when it’s about the garden or the tree. It can give you a faster and straighter cut even on the height. Now, you know how thick a branch a pole saw can cut and how to do it precisely; the cutting will be fun. But you have to maintain all the safety precautions before and after the cut.

Now, take the cut!

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