4 Practical Steps about How to Build a Miter Saw Table

Miter saw always suits the best with the miter saw table. That is why people are also making or buying a miter saw table along with their miter saw. They are avoiding stands of miter saws. To be precise, stands are much more costly compared to a miter saw table. And you can make a miter saw table by yourself as well.

Well! If you don’t know how to build a miter saw table, then you are precisely at the right content. This article is precisely for you, where I dedicated all the easy methods of building a miter saw table. All you have to do is just to read the article and start working on every step. So, here we begin.

Precise Steps of Building a Miter Saw Table

Before we jump to steps of building a miter saw table. Let’s see the materials needed to make a miter saw table

  • Clamps
  • Set of Drill Bit
  • Miter Saw
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hanger Bolts
  • Circular Saw
  • Square Frame
  • Set of Ratchet or Socket
  • Measuring Tape
  • Nuts of Acorn as well as Wind
  • Cordless Drill
  • Hanger Bolts

In the initial stage, measure the holes of mounting. Take the width measurement of those holes of your miter saw. Now, according to that buy the hanger bolts that fit with the wingnuts. The hanger bolts must match the size of the holes.

It will help you to get secured and tighten the fitting. On the other hand, to get the bolt’s correct length, then try this:

  1. Measure the height of the saw table
  2. With the measurement result add 2.5 inches

Now, you are ready for building a table saw. The procedures are mentioned down below, have a look and do the same.

Procedure 01: Separate the Parts by Cutting them Apart

First of all, measure the divider’s height. Cut off the plywood but keep 15.625 inches for the bottoms wide and for the upper’s part keep 16 inches. Then cut six pieces of longs chucks holding 15.625 inches each. For that, a circular miter saw would be best. Just mark the places with the lead lines and then make the pieces stabilize.

Make sure you put plywood piece of 0.375 inches under every single section where you will cut. After that check the height of the ripped divider by standing it adjacent towards the saw.

Procedure 02: Gather the Parts and Arrange the Table

Here comes the most natural part.  Attach all the dividers that you cut with the table. You can use the screws to connect them. After that, screw all the plywood’s top and back sides.

You can start by laying the dividers on precise position. But make sure that you keep the length of 22 inches on the right edge. Then measure the miter saw and give the bay a proper size. Now you can justify the precise shape by doing the pivot technique. On both side right and left, pivot the saw.

Same goes for the left side as well. After you complete, the right side does the same for the left side. Therefore, on both side, space must be even. Screw the dividers with the base using screws to keep them in place.

Now turn over the assembly and attach two to four runners on the bottom. After that, without the top part, measure the table’s height again. I repeat without the top part. Cut the pieces of the plywood according to the map that fits with the length. Then attach them on both back and tops sides.

Procedure 03: Time to Do the Saw Mounting

In this procedure, you have to do is to fasten the saw on the bay. Then start drilling holes of about 0,125 inch. These holes are for placing the hanger bolts. Then separate the saw and the base. After that, you have to put all the bolts in the precise place, and for that, you have to drill the lead holes.

The bolts are tough. Therefore, it might create some problem while driving in. Thus, you can use the acorn nuts on top of the machine thread. Then on the bolt put the saw and fasten them with the help of the wingnuts.

Procedure 04: End With Fence Mount

In the end, just cut some lengthy braces. These braces must be similar to the top left side braces. But make sure that these braces are about 1 x 4s. After that don’t forget to cut the waste’s triangle braces.Later than that, straight the alignment by using the straightedge. Well! The last step is attaching all the dividers with the screws.

Benefits of Using Miter Saw Table

How to Build a Miter Saw Table

Without miter saw table, you cannot cut comfortably with a miter saw. It becomes tough to handle the miter saw that time. Without the stock, the miter saw moves a lot when you will be cutting anything. On the other hand, because of too much movement, the miter saw can’t even do a precise cut. It is a significant disturbance.

Therefore, you must need the stand to hold the machine steady while cutting. But, instead of stand, you can also go for a miter table.

Compared to a stand, miter saw tables are much more useful especially when you built one by yourself. Miter saw tables are user-friendly, less expensive as well as versatile. Therefore, you will love using the miter saw table while cutting with the miter saw.

Those who used the miter saw table, and they don’t think for anything else to hold their miter saw. Miter saw table supports a lot as it provides long boards. On the other hand, it also provides a big fence which you can use for precise repetitive cuts. The fence prevents the shakiness of the miter saw while cutting any object.

You can also involve some extra space to hold your equipment. Miter saw table are straightforward to carry as well like the plugin and un-plugin the miter saw from the table are easier. Therefore, you can quickly clean the saw as well as the table whenever you want. Miter saw table is not just for the miter saw usages. You can do any working on this table.

As you have known the advantages of using this table; therefore, you should also see the procedures down below. It will help you make one of yourself rather than buying a new one. So let’s dive in and see all the practical methods of building a miter saw table.

Wrapping Up

Till now you have got the precise methods of how to build a miter saw table. But before that, I also mentioned a lot of which helped you a lot I know. But, don’t keep this knowledge only within you. Whoever faces problem building a miter saw table. Help them to build a precise miter saw table.

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