How to Change Blade on Chicago Miter Saw

It’s mandatory to have a sharp blade on a miter saw for precise cutting. But, it’s possible to become the blade pallid even if it’s a renowned Chicago miter saw. And this situation compels us to fetch a new blade.  Also, there may be some reasons like getting the blade faded, changing the number of tooth, etc. For all the problems, there is one solution – changing the blade. Today, we’ll elaborate on how to change blade on Chicago miter saw. Along with proper safety instructions, we’ll talk about initial preparations. 

It’s general that the newbie with a miter saw can’t eliminate the problem of transplanting the blade. Therefore, we intend to provide you some useful consultation for the blade replacement. Reading & following this writing can resolve your issue. Without delay, let’s jump into the main portion.

How to Change Blade on Chicago Miter Saw – Deep Discussion

It’s essential to follow some safety manners while dealing with a blade of Chicago miter saw. Hence, we’ll uphold some tips with initial preparations before entering into the base topic.

First, follow the safety precautions

Without maintaining the exact safety manners, you can bring danger to yourself. Even, you keep a probability of damaging the miter saw & surrounding. We’re going to express some safety tips for avoiding these unwanted situations.

  • It’s mandatory to wear safety goggles as it is helpful to save the eyes. The instruments are slightly sharp & it can threaten your eyes.
  • Don’t forget to wear rubberized hand gloves. A rubberized, thick hand glove is capable of decreasing the damage from sharp items.
  • Putting on a helmet offers some extra safety privileges. So, try to manage a helmet.
  • Some terms will come to deal with electricity. So, use a pair of rubber boots as it’s protective from the electricity.

Make sure to take primary preparations

To install the new blade to the Chicago miter saw, it’s needed to do some primary tasks. Therefore, learn about some initial works to start the main work precisely. 

Unplug the miter saw:

By unplugging the miter saw, you’re hindering the electricity flow. It’s mandatory because during the time of assembling an accident may happen.

Take a convenient position

You need to open the miter saw, then remove the blade & then need to install the new blade. So, it’ll take a long time. To remain concentrated, it’s your responsibility to sit in a good position. 

Keep the instruments in a safe place

The newly brought blade & other instruments must be kept safely. Some parts of the miter saw are needed to be isolated. So, keep the parts securely as well as the blade. Necessary screws must be kept in a specific place. Otherwise, you may lose those abruptly. 

The systematic method of changing the blade

This segment is going to express how to change blade on Chicago miter saw. This part of this article is offering you some quick steps to resolve your problem.

Step-1: Unscrew the guard pivot bolt

To unscrew the guard pivot bolt, you need to take the Allen key. A guard pivot plate is attached using these bolts. After finishing unscrewing, you need to move up the guard plate. It provides you with preliminary access to the blade.

Step-2: Press on the spindle lock

Now, you need to find the position of the spindle lock on your blade. Once you find it out, press on it. The spindle lock prevents the blade from rotating. Rotation of the blade while trying to open it can bring unwanted situations. So, lock it perfectly.

Step-3: Unscrew the spindle bolt

This part isn’t complicated if you remember the screw rotation perfectly. The spindle bolts rotate in the opposite way, unlike other bolts. If you move the spindle bolt clockwise, it will loosen. Similarly, the opposite action brings the opposite result. Unscrew the spindle bolt & remove those to move to the next step.

Step-4: Remove the parts & old blade

How to Change Blade on Chicago Miter Saw

After unscrewing the spindle bolt correctly, also remove the outer flange & Arbour insert from your Chicago miter saw. Don’t keep the parts spattered. Also, keep the old blade safe.

Step-5: Install the new blade

The process is about to be finished. Take the new blade carefully to place it on the spindle. While placing the new blade, ensure that its fins are placed downward. Then, put the disassociated parts in the previous place with proper care. Last, of all, screw the spindle bolt along with the guard pivot bolt. 

Step-6: Check the guard & the new blade

By manually raising, check if the guard is working properly. Then, plug in the Chicago miter saw. If you have gone through in our ways, the miter saw must work with its newly installed blade.

There is a video below about how to replace the blade on the Chicago miter saw –

Frequently Asked Question

After learning about replacing the miter saw blade, you may have some questions to ask. Here, we have gathered all the top questions over the Internet so that you can have a quick visit.

Why does my miter saw blade wobble?

Usually, the miter saw blade wobble for three blade-related reasons. If the blade is warped or if the blade is loose, then the problem may arise. Besides, it also may happen if the parts attached to the blade are worn out. All these issues hinder the work of the blade.

How do you put the guard back on a miter saw?

By screwing the pivot bolt, you can put the guard back on a miter saw. To perform this, an Allen key is mandatory. Put the pivot guard plate in its position first. Then, as you have unscrewed all bolts, put those accurately & screw those. That’s it.

Are Chicago electric miter saws any good?

Yes, Chicago electric miter saw is offering all the similar features compared to price. Though it has a beefy build, it’s tough to damage. Besides, it’s offering a quality blade as you can use it for a very long duration. So, it’s a recommended item in our opinion.

How do you change the blade on a Chicago Electric 10 miter saw?

You need to unscrew the pivot guard bolt at first. After getting access to the old blade, disassemble all the parts & don’t forget to use a spindle lock while unscrewing the old blade. Then, remove the necessary parts to put the new blade on the spindle. Last, of all, assemble everything from your Chicago Electric 10 miter saw. 


Coming at the end of this article, we can assure you that our described process is very easy to perform. Even a newbie with a Chicago miter saw can disassociate an old blade to replace a new one precisely. Throughout the whole article, we have tried to uphold how to change blade on Chicago miter saw. Our writing is depicting some easy steps to make your way super easy. 

However, we discourage people from working without maintaining safety instructions strictly. That’s why we have created a safety segment in this article to reveal its significance. We think that our main target is to provide some easy ways to install a new blade on a Chicago miter saw. If you can change the blade of your Chicago miter saw on your own, we can be assured then that our main challenge is successful.

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