How to Change Blade on Dewalt Miter Saw

If your Dewalt miter saw is not cutting woods properly, chances are high that your blades are blunt, dull. It is high time you change the blade on your saw. Dewalt offers a blade-replacing opportunity to let you start cutting with full efficiency.  However, changing blades is not something you often do. There are risks associated with changing blades. Hiring a professional is a good solution here. But if you know how to change blade on Dewalt miter saw, you won’t have to spend money hiring a professional. 

That is what we are going to show you today. In this article, we will explain

When you need to change your blade and how you should change your saw blade. After reading this in-depth guide, you will be able to change your saw blade on time.

What can be the reasons for changing the blade?

You might not be sure when you need to change your saw blade. Let’s have a look at the times when you should change your blade.

  • When the saw blade is dull, it creates more tear-out and chip-out. A sharp blade slices through the wood where a dull blade breaks and tears them apart.
  • If you find out any burn marks after cutting the wood pieces, it is high time you sharpen or change the blade.
  • You will feel little to zero resistance while working when the blade is dull. It will require more force to cut wood pieces.
  • A dull blade is unable to follow the cut line since it does not move smoothly. So when you see an unstable cut line, make sure to change, sharpen, or replace the blade.
  • Since the motor has to put more pressure on cutting the wood with a dull blade, it will create more noise than usual.

How to Change Blade on Dewalt Miter Saw – Step by step

Now, we will dive into our main part “How to change blade on Dewalt miter saw”. Have a careful look at this part.

Familiarity with the Dewalt saw parts

Before changing the blade, you should get familiar with saw parts. We will use the references in this guide and knowing these parts will help you understand the guide better.

Blade cover

The blade cover is the part that covers the blade to protect your hand from any accidents. It is placed on the top of your saw blade.

Bracket screw

You will find some screws around the blade holding the blade cover and blade arm together.

Spindle lock

Ths slide lock stops saw rotation and movement. Make sure to press the pin to prevent saw rotation while unscrewing the blade.

Blade screw

You will find the main screws holding the blade to the machine. Always remember that Dewalt saw screws have a reverse thread. Meaning that you have to rotate the screws clockwise to open and anti-clockwise to tighten.

Steps to change the blade on Dewalt miter saw

Changing Dewalt miter saw is not that challenging. Follow these simple steps to change your saw blades.

Step 1: Unplug the miter saw 

The first thing you must do is to unplug your miter saw from the power outlet. It is mandatory as well as highly recommended because you don’t want any injuries for sure. Leaving your saw plugged in may start the saw while changing the blade and create serious injuries. So make sure to unplug it.

Step 2: Unattached the saw

In general, your saw might be attached to the fence’s left side. Unattached it and place the saw in a position you want to change its blade.

Step 3: Place the blade in a convenient position

Now simply pull on the locking pin and lift the blade cover or guard. The blade guard should be locked automatically when you raise it all the way up. You can also set it in a convenient position but it is always better to raise it all the way up.

Step 4: Unscrew blade cover screw

Now locate all the blade cover screws. You will find it in front of the arbor bolt. Use a star bit screwdriver and loosen that screw. Don’t loosen too much yet loosen enough to remove the blade cover smoothly. Simply unscrew the screw and lift the cover for removal. Here, the thread is traditional, and unscrewing anti-clockwise will do fine.

Step 5: Lock the blade

Before removing your saw blade, it is mandatory to lock it to prevent any unwanted situation. For that, simply rotate the saw blade with your hand. Then find the spindle lock key located on the right side of the blade. Simply press the spindle lock and drop it as far as it goes. The saw blade should be stopped and locked in a place. Now it is ready for removal.

Step 6: Remove the blade

Take a wrench and start loosening the arbor bolt. As we mentioned, loosen the arbor bolt in a clockwise motion. Make sure to hold the spindle lock with one hand. With little effort, the bolt should come out. Then remove the outer washer and lift your saw blade off carefully from the arbor. Place it in a safe place to prevent injuries.

Step 7: Change the blade

Now it is time to install a new saw blade. Make sure to buy the right saw blade. Place the blade with the carbide teeth on the bottom. Also, the blade should face toward the rear. It is better you have a careful look before removing the blade to understand how the blade should be. 

After placing the blade, tighten the washer onto the arbor with the wrench. Then use the wrench and tighten the arbor bolt to secure the blade. Next, reinstall the blade cover or guard to ensure security. Tighten blade cover screws carefully. Finally, release the spindle lock to free the saw blade.

Step 8: Have a test cut

After completing replacing or changing the saw blade, plugin and make a trial cut. Use a small wood piece to check whether it works perfectly or not. Also, see how sharp the blade is.

Safety Measurement

safety measurement of Changing Blade on Dewalt Miter Saw

Safety always comes first. So it should be our utmost priority while changing the blade on Dewalt saw. A single mistake can lead to serious damage. Here are the safety tips for you.

  • Always unplug the saw before changing the blade since it can lead to serious injuries.
  • Use goggles, earmuffs, and mask for eye, ear, and face protection.
  • Make sure to wear safety gloves while touching the blade
  • Avoid any contact with the sharp blade with a naked hand
  • Keep your children away while changing the blade

Things to consider when changing the blades

When changing the blade of your Dewalt saw, you should remember some important things for better convenience and smoothness.

  • Always use Dewalt blade for Dewalt miter saw. If you plan to use a blade from another brand, make sure the saw teeth are facing downwards. The saw blade rotates in this direction to cut pieces.
  • When removing any parts from the saw, keep all those parts and screws in a safe position. Losing one part may get you in trouble.
  • Before giving a trial cut, remove the spindle lock as it is locking the blade.

If you still have any confusion, watch this video –

You should know how to set up a miter saw. So, you can read – How to Set Up a Miter Saw & Make Perfectly Even Cuts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting some questions in mind after reading an in-depth guide is common. Check out some common questions related to Dewalt blade changing.

When should I change my miter saw blade?

You should change your miter saw blade when you find it blunt or dull. Some common signs of dullness include more noise, more tears, and wears, burn marks and less resistance. 

Are miter saw blades universal?

Most of the miter saw blades are interchangeable. However, the diameter might be different from one to another where you cannot use the same blade.

Is more teeth on a saw blade better?

Well, it depends on your need. A blade with more teeth will deliver a smoother finish where fewer teeth ensure a faster cut. So depending on your need, you can pick one.

How long do miter saw blades last?

It depends on the quality of your saw blade and the type of wood or material you are cutting. A blade can last 12-120 hours of continuous use.


Nothing is worse than working with a blunt saw blade. It reduces work efficiency and effectiveness at the same time. To ensure a better result, changing the blade is the best solution. If you are a Dewalt miter saw user, replacing the saw blade won’t be a big deal. In this ‘how to change blade on Dewalt miter saw’, we have shown you the easiest way.

All you have to do is to follow the steps with maximum caution. Also, make sure to follow the safety measurements to keep you out of any injuries. By following these simple and easy steps, you can change your saw blade and enjoy working with the highest smoothness. So don’t waste your money hiring some professionals to change your blade; instead, do it yourself.

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