How to Change Blade on Hitachi Miter Saw

Some facts like getting the blade faded or the necessity of increasing the tooth blade number may require changing the miter saw blade. The company provides a quality blade with a Hitachi miter saw. But, a long time use can decrease its efficiency. In this circumstance, the appropriate way is dispossessing the old blade. Usually, the new users face difficulties replacing the new blade for the miter saw. Today, our intention is to express how to change blade on Hitachi miter saw. 

With maintaining the proper safety manners, our article will expand the discussion. It’s recommended to follow this article literally. If you do it, you will find it easy to change the blade of your Hitachi miter saw. 

How to Change Blade on Hitachi Miter Saw – Depth Analysis

Before starting the main part, you need to follow some safety tips. Also, the miter saw needs some preliminary preparation to make the operation successful. So, stick to knowing these points along with how to change blade on Hitachi miter saw.

Follow the Safety manners

safety manners of Changing Blade on Hitachi Miter Saw

Maintaining inappropriate safety manners may hurt the user. Even, you keep a probability of damaging the miter saw & surrounding. So, here we are suggesting some safety tips. 

  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. As you’ll need to deal with instruments, there is a chance of eye damage.
  • Use thick & rubberized hand gloves. The damage from the sharp items will be decreased then.
  • To be concentrated on work, wear ear protection. It will save you from unexpected high sounds.
  • Don’t forget to put on a helmet to save your head.
  • You’ll need to deal with the electricity. So, get a pair of rubber boots

Take Some initial preparation

Preparation is the pioneer in making the final project successful. So, be prepared with some basic tasks to start the target work precisely. 

  • Disconnect the plug to stop the electricity flow. It will inactive the Hitachi blade saw.
  • Before opening the blade saw, give the motor and blade some time to get cold.
  • When opening, take your convenient position to sit. 
  • Keep the new blade, necessary instruments near your hands.
  • You’ll need to isolate some parts to replace the blade. So, keep the parts securely after opening the blade saw.

The final part: changing the blade

This part is significant as it represents the method of changing the blade on the Hitachi miter saw. Simply follow these steps & get the proper solution. 

Step:1- Deal with the spindle cover & blade guard

First of all, take aside the spindle cover. It’s not right to change the old blade without removing the cover. However, you need to rotate the Hitachi saw blade’s guard to the summit position. 

Step:2- Lock the blade

You need to resist the turning of the blade. To do this, it’s recommended to lock the blade. By pressing on the lock knob of your Hitachi blade miter saw, it can be done nicely.

Step:3-  Disassociate the old blade

This is the core part & so, gather your full attention to the blade. You can see that the blade of your Hitachi miter saw is attached with some screws. So, get an appropriate wrench & disassociate the blade. Carefully remove all the screws & take the old blade out. Lastly, unlock the blade using the knob.

Step:4- Install the new blade

You can notice arrows on the blade. So, it’s not a problem to use the correct direction when installing the new blade. You should follow the sequences to speed up your work.

  • Put the new blade in the right place as the previous one.
  • Make sure the right placement of the blade teeth.
  • Put the washer in the right place.
  • Last, of all, tighten the screws to complete the installation process. 

Step:5- Fit the blade guard

You must remember the way of removing the blade guard. Following the same method, place it accurately.

Step:6- Check the new blade

Coming to the last stage, you need to give a trial for your new blade. So, turn the switch on to check. If you’ve followed our mentioned ways strictly, your Hitachi miter saw must rotate the blade.

Watch the video below for more details –

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s okay to have some questions even after reading the whole article. To eliminate your query thirst, we’re putting some questions with answers.

How do you remove a miter saw blade?

To remove a miter saw blade, it’s mandatory to remove the blade guard. Don’t forget to unplug the connection of your Hitachi miter saw. After removing the blade guard, lock the blade using the selected knob. Then, simply remove the blade from a miter saw. 

Which way do you install a miter saw blade?

You need to remove the old blade first. Then place the new blade precisely. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws. In addition, a miter saw blade rotates clockwise. However, make sure the teeth aren’t pointing upward. If it happens, any person can be injured.

How often should you change a miter saw blade?

There is no constant time to change a miter saw blade. It’s established that 12 to 120 hours of non-stop use is optimum for a miter saw blade. It’s not mandatory to change after this interval. But, if you start seeing difficulties with Hitachi miter saw blades, then get a new one. 


Our discussion of crux throughout the whole article was about changing the blade of the miter saw. This writing has tried to uphold a complete elaboration on how to change blade on Hitachi miter saw. We have shown a convenient way with a few steps to perform the work in this article. So, it won’t take more than a few minutes. However, it’s prohibited strictly to start working without safe manners.

We are going to end now. After reading the article carefully, haven’t you got the whole process perfectly? We guess the answer should be affirmative. Along with discussing the safety tips briefly, we have tried to talk about the preliminary preparation. The main challenge was to express the blade changing process easily. Our gladness will be maximized if you can change the blade now on your own.

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