How to Change the Blade on a Miter Saw (With Video)

You cannot even cut an onion seamlessly if your knife becomes dull, think- is it possible to reduce a wood board with a flat blade of miter saw?! Never possible. If you already won a miter saw, you must learn how to change the blade on the miter saw.

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How to Change the Blade on a Miter Saw

There are the different types of miter saw as Ryobi miter saw, Chicago electric miter saw, DeWalt miter saw, Ridgid miter saw. Having the same purpose, but these saws have slight differences.

Everybody knows it, but I saw so many people are reluctant to unplug every power tool when that is not necessary. No matter what remember always to disconnect the cordless miter saw before changing the blade. Not only cordless miter saw, unplug every power tool when plugging in is not necessary.

Let’s dive!

how to change blade on Ryobi miter saw:

how to change blade on ryobi miter saw

Every Ryobi model of a miter saw got the same rule for changing blades. Never try to turn a moving blade, always start to improve after stopping the blade.  After stopping the blade start the procedure for change the blade.

There is a bolt cover screw, lose it. Move the blade guard. Rotate the blade bolt cover up and down. The blade bolt will be exposed.

Press the spindle lock button and rotate the blade bolt unless the spindle completely locks. With a blade, wrench removes the blade bolt, after removing the blade bolt, remove the outer blade washer, and remember to keep the inner washer in place.

Cautiously remove the saw blade.  Replace the new saw blade, put the teeth pointing down.  Replace the outer blade washer and press the spindle lock.

With the same blade, wrench replaces the bolt and start turning that counterclockwise to hand-tighten. Put the lower blade guard and blade bolt cover. Tighten the blade bolt along with cover screw. The saw to ready to use.

how to change blade on Chicago electric miter saw:

how to change blade on chicago electric miter saw

At first stop the blade from rotating by pressing down the locking button with the saw blade.

Use the wrench that you got with the miter saw, to remove the center cover fixing bolt. Lift up the blade guard.

Gently press the arbor lock button. Lose the arbor bolt with the wrench that came with the machine. Now remove the arbor bolt and dull saw blade.

Replace a new sharp blade on the arbor. Twist the arbor bolt to tighten it. After make it tight it with hand, use the given wrench to tight the bold. Put the blade cover back in the place and release the locking pin.

how to change blade on Dewalt miter saw:

how to change blade on dewalt miter saw

To change the blade at first, you need to remove the older blade. To start the process at you need to uplift the blade guard of your miter saw. Miter saw expert suggests that one should begin to this procedure with the right hand.

There is a bracket screw at front Dewalt miter saw’s arbor bolt. Make loose the screw by turning it anti-clockwise. When you get the screw loose enough, you can lift up the blade guard to the highest from where you can quickly start removing the blade.

Press the spindle lock, and at the same time move the blade in slow motion. While you press the spindle lock, remove the arbor bolt and outer washer. Keep them near so that you can take them in no moment when you will put on the new saw blade.

However, after removing the arbor bolt and outer washer remove the old blade cautiously and fix the new blade in position. Remember the teeth of the blade should face towards the back of the saw.

After setting new blade on the arbor, start tightening arbor bolt and the outer washer and release the spindle lock. So this way you can change the old blade and replace the new blade.

how to change blade on ridgid miter saw

how to change blade on ridgid miter saw

Changing the rigid miter saw blade is an easy process. Like other saw Press and hold the motor spindle lock. On the side of the saw motor, the spindle lock is behind the blade guard.

Lose the spindle blot, then slowly remove it. Turn the spindle bolt counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench for removing the bolt and outer washer. You can use Ridgid saw blade wrench that came with the machine as well.

Now after removing the Ridgid miter saw blade guard, remove the blade carefully from the spindle shaft.

Replace the new blade. There is a direction arrow leveled in the saw’s blade cover, follow that arrow to match the blade’s direction arrow.

Replace the blade washer on the spindle shaft. Put the spindle bolt clockwise and tighten finally.

However, before changing the blade makes sure that if your blade needs to replace or not. Do you know that a dirty blade can act as a dull blade.  Use special blade cleaner to clean the blade. Wood powder on the blade gives a dull output.  So before changing the blade clean it to see the performance.

Read the instruction manual carefully before handling any power tool. It almost covers everything related to managing the machine. another things is if you want to make a miter saw table you should expert on miter saw neither you can be injured.

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From the above discussion, we got that in every kind of miter saw there are few steps to follow to change blade of the miter saw.

Unplug the miter saw from power> press the spindle lock and lose the bolt> remove the blade> put new blade> press the spindle lock and make tight the bolt.

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