How to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw like a pro?

Installing molding or baseboard for your residence requires cutting a 22.5-degree angle on a miter saw. In case, you do not know the proper way of cutting the desired angle, your project will not be implemented smoothly.  Most of the homeowners face trouble in relevant projects for ignorance about this. But as a smart homeowner, you should know how to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw. 

Besides, you need to acquire some knowledge on basic preparation before starting. As it is important to maintain safety manners, you will learn it too. 

However, cutting with a miter saw isn’t as complicated as setting the right angle. It’s all about putting some carefulness when setting the miter saw. Then, finishing the pending project will seem easy to you in an instant. 

How to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw – Step by step

A complete guideline on how to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw is added to this segment. You should concentrate from now on to get a proper roadmap.

Primary preparation

01. Assembling necessary things in an occupied place is the primary responsibility. Besides, cutting 22.5 degrees using a miter saw requires a decent woodworking blade. So, test the sharpness of the blade perfectly. 

02. Observe the miter scale before moving on. The angle measurements will be done using this. A faulty one can ruin your project on a larger scale. Though it is a rare case, there is no alternative to consciousness. 

03. Plugin the miter saw to check its activity. Notice if the socket is okay. This basic checking & finding positive results can give your work an excellent acceleration.

04. Now, determine the exact position of the knob & the lever. Once your hands are out of these, you cannot complete them accurately. So, get habituated with its positioning. 

05. Taking a convenient position is mandatory before starting. You may need to move again & again. Without taking a safe position, your session may ruin. 

The process of how to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw

Once you are done with preparation, it is time for action. Let’s see how you can cut 22.5 angle cut.

Step:1- Activate the turntable 

The user can activate the turntable by moving the fixed knob. Some of the miter saw’s models also may use this knob as a miter handle. However, the turntable will be unlocked after moving the knob. If the turntable is moving smoothly after unlocking, then it’s activated. 

Step:2- Cutting a 45-degree jig

This part is the parameter of the preciseness of your upcoming project. If you make a wrong measurement on the angle, you are wasted. However, we recommend using a 45-degree jig because it is expedient for cutting acute angles. The miter saw is not constructed for working with sharp angles. So, a jig is undoubtedly the best way for setting your desired 22.5 degree angle. 

Step:3- Set the right angle

After observing the jig, you will find that there is something wrong with the calculation. In easy elaboration, the value of the angle gets decreased as you move the turntable from zero. Moving the table from 0 to a number means you’re reducing the angle by that number from 90 degrees. For example, moving the table from 0 to 30 means it will reduce the 30-degree angle. So, the right angle in the miter saw will be (90-30)=60 degrees. So, now you can set the 22.5 degree angle using this calculation easily. 

Step:4- Power the blade

After plugging in, turn the power button of the miter saw on. Then, keep a piece of your desired wood & start cutting. You can mark the location from where you will start creating the angle. Then, you will require releasing the angle adjustment handle. In one, you need to move the saw until you reach the calculated angle. In addition, place the wood firmly while applying the miter saw blade. The work will move on nicely as you have fixed the desired 22.5-degree angle. 

Step:5- Cut wood pieces taking the interval

It is recommended for taking intervals before cutting the new wood piece. This interval will help to reduce the kickback issue of the miter saw. This situation may hamper your desired 22.5 degrees cutting to the next session. Therefore, let the blade rest for receiving another excellent output. 

Safety measurement 

Wise people must not forget about maintaining their safety. As a part of precise working, some safety precautions are depicted here. 

  • A huge amount of wood powder will spread out while cutting at 22.5 angles using a miter saw. So, wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • Wearing goggles ensures the eye’s safety. Never think about disposing of it during the work period.
  • A pair of hand gloves can be the saver of your palm. Besides, the germs of the wood can’t reach you easily.
  • Make sure that you’re holding the piece of wood carefully. Once you’re out of your mind, an accident may occur.
  • Use the right kind of blade. The fixed 22.5 degree angle may be violated due to the wrong blade. 
  • Calculate at least twice using the 45-degree jig. A concentrated calculation can bring a quality result. You won’t have any chance of fix the mistake except regretting. 
  • It’s highly recommended to use the locking pin while transporting.

Watch the tutorial video below, for a better understanding –

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Frequently Asked Question

Some common questions gyrate among people about cutting 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw. This section is decorated with the answers to those questions.

1. How do you join two pieces of wood at a 22.5 degree angle? 

At first, you need to keep the desired pieces in position. Then the angled edges should be placed together to add the glue. And last, of all, you need to tie the set with a nylon clamp. It will join the pieces perfectly. 

2. Why are 22.5 degrees on a miter saw?

22.5 degrees is a common number used on a miter saw. When you need to install baseboard or molding, 22.5 degrees is ideal. Besides, you need to set a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw for joining molding pairs at a 45-degree angle. 

3. How do you cut a 22.5 degree corner?

First of all, mark the right location for cutting the 22.5-degree corners. Then, relieve the angle adjustment handle as well as turning the saw. And finally, hold it firmly to cut according to your marking. Your 22.5-degree corner will be ready after following these steps.


Cutting an aimed angle using a miter saw is everything about mathematics. A perfect combination of the user’s concentration & calculation can provide good output. Your concept on how to cut a 22.5 degree angle on a miter saw must be clear now. A clear scenario from activating the instrument to relaxing the blade is pictured here neatly. 

So, activate the turntable & get the project done by yourself. At the endpoint, we would like to remind you about maintaining proper safety manners. You may bring sorrow to the surroundings without being serious. Besides, initial preparations are a large factor for being successful. Now, contributing to a molding project & joining two pieces of wood isn’t complicated to you at all.

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