How to cut a 70 Degree Angle with a Miter Saw?

Miter saw comes for making your woodworking project nice and perfect. The users can easily make the angles near 45 degrees using a miter saw. They need to get ready with initial preparation and safety alerts and simply cut the desired angle in the mentioned range.  What if the user needs to cut a 70 degree angle using a miter saw? A 70 degree angle is considered a troubling angle. And it’s difficult to cut this type of angle using a miter saw without proper knowledge. Hence, you need to acquire knowledge on how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw. 

However, only a bunch of experience of woodworking and your good concentration can’t provide you a precise finish. It will be best if you get acquainted with the necessary tools first before getting involved to cut the mentioned angle. 

How to cut a 70 Degree Angle with a Miter Saw – Detail analysis

This portion of this writing will elaborate on how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw. You need to learn about primary preparation before starting the 70 degree angle cutting. 

Primary preparation

You need to gather some instruments first as a part of the primary preparation. Here is the list of the necessary tools for cutting a 70 degree angle with a miter saw. 

  • A miter saw
  • A workbench
  • A 12-inch ruler
  • A pair of safety glasses and other safety equipment
  • Woodstock to create a jig
  • Dedicated pencil for carpenters

After getting ready with these tools, you are ready to go. Perform the following preliminary tasks carefully before cutting a perfect 70 degree angle.

  • Clean the saw using a dry cotton cloth. Misalignment may be created by sawdust and this cleaning will reduce this issue. 
  • Attach your miter saw plug with the best socket of the nearby place. A faulty socket is enough to ruin your perfect angle cutting.
  • Take a convenient place to sit. Remember, you’ll need to take that place until you finish your desired angle cut. 
  • Find the exact position of the lever of your miter saw. Also, determine where the knob is. These parts help to activate your miter saw for cutting. 

The right way to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw

Now, you’re in the main business with your miter saw. Follow the steps described below to get an optimum result of cutting a 70 degree angle. 

Step:1- Measure and mark the beginning point 

Determine a beginning point at first to begin at the 60 degree angle. Then, set the speed square against the terminal of the desired piece of the wood. 

Step:2- Align the edge of the wood in 70 degree mark

Slip the speed square until it finds your determined mark. You can notice a pivot point that is arrowing to the mark. Hold the pivot point steadily and slide the speed square slowly. You need to keep it moving until you get a 70 degree mark on the speed square reading. 

Step:3- Sketch a line along the square’s short flat edge

In this stage, you need to draw a line along the short flat edge of the speed square. Then, remove the square with the help of a straight edge. After that, finish the rest of the sketching on the wood perfectly. Begin to slice following the line gradually to create the 70 degree angle using your miter saw. 

Step:4- Use the tape measure and pencil

You need to mark a point that you want to start the angle on the wood. A tape and a pencil can help you in this step. Loosen the angle adjustment handle and keep the miter saw twisting till measuring 70 degrees.

Step:5- Perform the 70 degree angle cut

Now, you are at the final step. Pressing the wood securely against the saw fence will start to slice the selected piece of the wood. You must cut it following the drawn mark on the wood. 

Congratulations. You have successfully cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw. You can also read – How to cut a 135, 70, 45 and 22.5-degree angle on a Miter Saw

Safety measurement

Wise people always get into any job by following all the safety manners. You mustn’t want to bring danger by not following the safety manners depicted below.

  • The blade of the miter saw is extremely sharp. As there is a possibility of getting your eyes hurt, wear the safety goggles throughout the whole time.
  • Get your hands protected with a pair of rubberized hand gloves. Along with protecting your palm from dust, it will save the palm from mild cuts. 
  • You need to hold your concentration throughout the whole time. So, get a pair of ear protection equipment to prevent your ears from unwanted sounds.
  • Wear a helmet to protect your skull. No injuries can be more life-risking than a skull injury. 
  • Wearing a pair of rubberized boots can protect you from electric accidents. However, it’s not mandatory at all. 

Here we added a video, watch that for more clarification –

Frequently Asked Question

Do you have some questions on cutting a 70 degree angle using a miter saw? This section can satisfy you with some popular questions and their relevant answers. 

Can a miter saw be cut at an angle? 

Yes, a miter saw can cut any angle up to 45 degrees without creating any trouble. The “miter” indicated on the miter saw expresses the capability of cutting any piece of wood. Some saws can cut up to 55 degrees but if it’s more than that, you need to follow a different method. 

Can a 7 1 4 miter saw cut a 4×4? 

In the case of cross-cutting, a 7 1 4 miter saw can cut 4×4 but not in one cut. You can’t even cut 2×4 in one cut. In case the saw has rails the blade pulls on, you can cut a 4×4 with a 7 1 4 miter saw. 

Can a 10 inch miter saw cut a 4×4? 

Yes, a 10 inch miter saw can cut a 4×4 without any trouble. But, the stationary saw can’t cut a wood piece of 4×4 just in one chance. It will require to flip over the material and then perform the residual cut. The 2×6 and 2×4 are suitable. A 10 inch miter saw to perform in one cut. 


Cutting an angle over 45 degrees using a regular miter saw isn’t easy at all for the users. Now, you must have achieved some ideas on how to cut a 70 degree angle with a miter saw. Even if you are a beginner, you can perform the task without any hassle. 

However, it’s not tough at all to cut a 70 degree angle as it seems. It’s all about the combination of perfection, dedication, and using the tool accurately. If you make any mistake while going through the main part, the outcome will surely be unpleasant. 

We strictly discourage people from getting to work despite being a pro without wearing safety items. It’s impossible to finish a target work without remaining hurt in the workplace. So, avoid faulty tools, follow the steps carefully and get a nice cut of 70 degree angle. 

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