10 Easy Steps: How to Cut a Hexagon on A Miter Saw

Hexagon is pretty much a unique shape that comes with six angles of sides. Each angle of this shape comes with 120 degrees of measure. These all sum up to make a total of 720 degrees.

This rule can be achieved by using six different pieces of woods. You just need to cut a sixty-degree angle on each of the pieces. These will come together to fit in and create a hexagon form.

There are lots of way on how to build a hexagonToday, I’ll be providing information on How to cut a hexagon on a miter saw.

Let’s go For It!

How to Cut a Hexagon on a Miter Saw

How to Cut a Hexagon on A Miter Saw

Following the steps below, you’ll be able to make a hexagon with miter saw.

Step-01: Clamping & Drilling

You need to start with one edge of the one-by-four. Put it against the plywood flush face and with the plywood edge. Now simply clamp it there.

Time for some drilling. You need to create a total four pilot holes into the plywood bottom. This is meant for the wood screws. Also, drill holes in one-by-four pieces. The pilot holes should have a gap of around three inches. Make sure they are placed one and a half inches from ends.

Step-02: Attach Wood-screws

Now using the wood-screws simply insert them into those pilot holes and go through one-by-four plywood. This will make the plywood get fastened with one-by-four.

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Step-03: Cutting Rules

Now you can detach the clamp from the custom fixtures. Keeping the one-by-four against the fence of a chicago miter saw, put the fixture sits on the table. You should lower the blade into the slot of the table. Simply slide the fixture against blade. Do so without turning the motor on.

Using the clamp, attach the one-by-four to the fixture of the miter saw fence. Now you can use the plywood edge as a new fence since it is put in perpendicular to the existing one. You can easily cut complementary angles that are more than 45 degrees.

Step-04: Adjustment Rules

For a sixty-degree angle, you need to set the miter saw table to thirty degrees. The handle for adjustment in table should not be pointing towards the custom fixture. Now against your custom fixture, place the work-pieces on the table. You will simply get a 60 degrees cut angle work-piece.

Step-05: Marking the Layout

Now get rid of the custom fixture from the miter saw. You should set down the miter saw power at ninety degrees. Considering about one-eighth inch longer than the actual length, simply measure and mark the wood to cut it into six pieces.

Step-06: Hold It Firmly with Proper Alignment

Use the fence and simply hold the wood on a miter saw table firmly against it. Now lowering the saw at the wood’s marked line simply turn on the machine and make the cut.

You need to install the custom fixture on the table of a miter saw. Let it stay 30 degrees away from fixture on the miter saw table.

Placing the edge against the fixture fence, simply put the hexagon side on the miter saw table. You need to make alignment with work-piece corner’s end. This way you’ll be cutting the angle without changing any length of the piece.

Step-09: Cutting Process

Time to clamp the work-piece into the fixture. Cut the angle in the wood starting the blade.

Now flip the workplace and get the uncut end into facing the miter saw fence. Without altering any length, simply make the blade aligned with a piece to cut it thoroughly. Again, clamp the work-piece. Deep into the end of the wood keep on cutting the angle using the saw.

Step-10: Repeat & Finish

Keep doing the same step for all six pieces.

You should check if the length is accurate of each piece. There’s always a chance to adjust the length by slicing a bit amount at a time. Do so from the end of pieces using a saw.

A DIY Shelf Using Hexagon Pieces!

Why don’t we use the formula to implement in a live example? I’ll tell you about how to cut hexagons wood and make a beautiful shelf out of it. Enjoy!

  1. Start by setting the miter saw at thirty degrees angle. You need around six eight-inch pieces of wood. This is the right way on how to cut a hexagon frame for the shelf. Now make sure there is inward angling on cuts that are accurate.
  2. After you have created the hexagon, you need to join all the pieces together. Simply use a strong glue to finish the job. It needs to dry for around one hour.
  3. After the drying period, flip the hexagon. You should staple every joint together. Do this with two staples. It needs to get dried once again for at least a day.
  4. Once it is dried, use a tool to sand any uneven edges. It will give a better look.
  5. You can now customize the shelf according to your mood and preference. I have one with a natural-finish stain exterior. I also painted the inside with beautiful yellow. Once you stain it, let it dry.

Get some nails and hammer the shelf into a wall. It should be disguised in the corner of every hexagon. You can also use a bracket to hang them nicely.

Safety Tips:

  1. Wear appropriate glasses and goggles to protect your eyes from any type of flying dust.
  2. You need to wear a good quality face mask; these fragments might end up worsening your lungs.
  3. While dealing with blades, keep your hands away at a safe distance.
  4. Don’t force the saw into the wood. You need to be gradual with controlling the speed.


So, that was how to cut a hexagon on a miter saw and a simple DIY to try at home. I hope you’ll take the safety measurements seriously before jumping into the project. Don’t forget to trust your creativity to create amazing things out of wood.

Woodworkers have an amazing imagination and creative ability. No matter if you are a pro or just beginning, make sure to enjoy the stuff and I’m certain you’ll be good at it with regular practice and trials. Good Luck with Your Next Project!

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