How to Cut Branches from a Tall Tree – 4 Easiest Methods

Along with being a natural friend, trees play a significant role to extend your lawn’s beauty. But, the fast growth of the tree becomes implausible sometimes. In that case, the extended branches of trees become trouble for the owner. 

We have to cut tree branches to get rid of this problem. But doing this task isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when it comes to a tall tree. Cutting the branches of a tree requires maintaining some trifling cutting techniques. 

Knowing how to cut branches from a tall tree will help you get the job done. You don’t need to hire a pro when you can do it yourself. So let’s dive into the process.

Let’s see how to cut branches from a tall tree like a pro

Cutting branches from a tall tree requires some tools and techniques. We are going to show you all those below.

Cutting with a manual pole saw 

how to cut branches from a tall tree

So, how to cut branches from a tall tree? Simply by using a manual pole saw. A manual pole saw is the best tool to cut tall tree branches. Here is the process.

Step 1: Measure the diameter of the branches 

Measure the diameter of the desired branch before starting. You need to guess it since climbing up and measure the diameter seems ridiculous and impossible. More than 8 inches diameter will not be suitable for a pole saw. The ideal thickness is 3 to 8-inches.

Step 2: Take a right position

Install the blade to the saw if it is not installed. Make sure you take a proper position. Your standing position should not be the place where the branches are going to fall.

Step 3: Place the blade on the limb

Set the pole saw blade to the target limb precisely. Try to create a groove using your manual pole saw. Don’t rush when creating a groove. Move the pole saw slowly and speed up the blade. 

Step 4: Speed up the saw

Speed up the blade and the branch will start falling. Don’t decrease the speed until you finish cutting the branch.

Step 4: Take the final cut

Make a final cut if the branch hangs. Place the saw at the bottom of the desired branch and make the final cut properly to make the branch fall instantly. 

A pole pruner can be a good option for tall tree branches

how to cut branches from a tall tree

If you don’t have a manual pole saw, a pole pruner can get the job done. Follow the process below.

Step 1: Take a good position

Position yourself in a convenient place. It should be away from the place where the branches may fall. You should have a clear view of the position. 

Step 2: Measure the distance

Measure the distance of the branch from your position. You can take help from a ladder if the prune doesn’t reach the branches. 

Step 3: Place the pruner and start cutting

Place your pole pruner to the desired limb. Create a groove just like the pole saw. Try to make some jump cuts first. It makes the tree branches breakable. You should make the first few strokes soft and speed up the strokes slowly.

Step 4: Make the opposite and final cut

You need to cut from the opposite side. Sometimes, the braches do not fall due to the last bark. Use maximum saw speed and cut from opposite side. Make a final cut to make the branch fall.

Get a bucket lift for taller trees

how to cut branches from a tall tree

If the tree is taller and the branches are too high, consider getting a bucket lift. It will be expensive for sure, but you won’t have any option but this one. So let’s follow the process.

Step 1: Place to bucket lift

Placing the bucket lift in a convenient position is the most important task here. Place in such a place from where you can cut multiple branches easily. Make sure the bucket lift is steady Don’t forget to take a saw with you.

Step 2: Go near the branches

Get into the lift bucket and stop near the branch you want to cut. Remove or cut any leaves or small branches that come into the way. Now put the saw and perform the notch cut. A notch cut helps save the bark from splitting.

Step 3: Perform the relief cut 

Perform the relief cut. It helps to remove the weight of the heavy branches. You don’t have to do that for small or lightweight branches. Move your saw around the whole limb when performing this task. 

Step 4: Make the final cut

Make the final cut. Move the saw resolutely so that an excellent cut happens. Speed up the saw & move it around the generated groove. The branch will fall after a certain period.

Climb the tree to cut a tree branch

The final option is to climb up the tree and cut the branches. This is the last option when you don’t have any other option left. Follow the process below.

Step 1: Observe the support branches

Observe a support branch standing on the ground primarily. You should not go for this option unless there are enough support branches. Make sure a support branch is near the target branch for the convenience of cutting. 

Step 2: Climb up the tree

Climb the tree carefully. You can take help from a ladder. Make sure you don’t break any branches or limbs since you are going to need them when climbing down. You should take a sharp and lightweight saw with you. Using a rope to carry the saw is a good idea.

Step 4: Start cutting the branches

Hold a support branch with one hand. Start cutting from the bottom of the desired branch of the tree with another hand. You can also sit in a strong branch with support and use both of your hands. While moving the blade, don’t dislocate it from the locked area. Do some primary cuts by rolling the cutting instrument for better results. 

Step 4: Make the final cut

When the limb is brittle enough to fall, perform the ultimate cut. If you increase the pressure along with speed at this moment, the branch will be cut easily. Be careful since you may dislocate from the groove. 

Safety features

how to cut branches from a tall tree

All those processes seem easy. But you may find some risks there. Maintaining these safety features will allow you to end the task securely.

  • Use the tall ladder with a tripod for receiving better support. 
  • Wear safety equipment including hand gloves, helmets, and eye goggles. 
  • Land the piece of the tree branch safely. Before landing, remove the properties from that place. 
  • After starting the cutting, it’s awkward to notice the electric line or telephone line. So, ensure to deal with this before starting.
  • While climbing, step carefully as there is a high chance of falling. 
  • If you have brought a bucket lift for your task, operate it wisely. You may not know the proper controlling system & take the help of a consultant then.

Frequently Ask Questions for Cutting Tree Branches

Some general questions on cutting branches from a tall tree arise to the people. According to the popularity, we are putting some questions here therewith the answers.  

What is the best tool to cut tree branches?

A curved cutting blade is one of the most popular tools for cutting tree branches. Besides, people pick pole saw or pole pruner neck and neck. These tools are convenient for the precise cutting of unnecessary tree branches.

Can you kill a tree by cutting branches?

Well, it depends. If you are just cutting the unnecessary branches, then the answer is negative. But, cutting down the significant branches brings a disaster. Besides, inappropriate cutting can injure the tree & it can cause the death of the tree.

How do you trim tree branches without killing a tree?

You should only cut unnecessary branches to trim without killing. Also, cut them precisely. Start with creating a groove at the bottom point of the limb. The groove will help to make the final cut easy. 

Can I use a Sawzall to cut tree branches?

Though the pole saw is ideal for cutting branches, you can use a Sawzall too. Sawzall is a brand that produces reciprocating saws. This kind of saw is useful when dealing with a smaller limb. Otherwise, you should use a versatile saw to cut tree branches. 


Sometimes, we have to cut the branches to make the trees look good and ensure their better health. Even we need to cut the branches for our own good. Now you know several processes of how to cut branches from a tall tree. 

After observing the branch to cut, you need to select a specific method. It’s possible to get an aesthetic finish after following our shown methods strictly. Make sure you take proper safety precautions since you are dealing with saws, knives, and ladders. A silly mistake can cause some serious damage.

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