How to cut a 135, 70, 45 and 22.5-degree angle on a Miter Saw

Miter saw is a powerful tool for woodwork that helps you to cut corners. The regular corner cut is easy, but to cut an obtuse corner like 135 degree is a bit tricky.  Here I will try to make you understand how to cut a 135 angle on a miter saw.

Before I jump to the process of cutting different angle with miter saw I want to discuss a few more important issues, that you need to follow to work with a miter saw.

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Preparing for working

This first step may seem basic, but you want to do everything right from the start when you get an impression of how to use a miter saw. So you need the space to work before you start sawing. Making angled cuts requires more high accuracy than regular sawing, so your work-space requires to have enough space.

Clean the saw

Sawdust causes misalignment. It’s a good idea to clean your saw after you use it each time. Use compressed air to blow away sawdust. Then wipe the saw with a clean cotton cloth. This removes any remaining build-up of sawdust.

Checking the blade and the table

Make sure the edges of your blade are sharp. Also, hold the blade up and look at it in order to be sure that it is not distorted or skewed.

A table that is out of alignment will never allow you to cut evenly. Use a level to ensure that your surface works evenly.

Checking the fence

The fence of a miter saw is the supporting edge of the back. It supports the materials that you cut and keeps them in a fixed position as you cut. To make sure the fence is square, use a straight edge or square. If this is not the case, loosen the screws holding it in place and adjust the fence until it is squared, then tighten the fence in place.

Cutting a 22.5 Degree angle on a miter saw

Cutting a 22.5-degree angle on a miter saw

When installing molding or baseboard in your home, twenty-two and a half degree angles are commonly needed. While most walls turn at an angle of 90 degrees, it is not uncommon in some rooms to have walls turning at an angle of 45 degrees.

You must cut each piece of wood at an angle of 22.5 degrees to join two pieces of molding or baseboard at an angle of 45 degrees. Let’s have a look for cutting a 22.5 angle on a miter saw.

Measure the baseboard or molding piece to fix the location for cutting. In the center of the miter box, put the baseboard or molding with the mark aligned with the 22.5-degree slots. To secure the molding or baseboard in position, tighten the clamps in the miter box. Follow the instructions in the miter box to use the clamps properly.

Insert the handsaw on both sides of the miter box in the 22.5-degree slots on the fences. Use long and even handsaw strokes to cut at an angle of 22.5 degrees the baseboard or molding. After measuring the baseboard mark the location where you want to cut.

To rotate the entire saw, pull the lever at the bottom of the miter and move it left or right. Use the guide to set the saw to 22.5 degrees at the bottom of the saw. Lower your blade with your finger off the trigger to the wood. Move the wood so the blame falls on the inside of the line slightly.

Place the baseboard or molding on the saw table and hold it firmly against the fence and make sure that your fingers and other parts of your body are not near the saw blade. Always follow the operator’s manual for the saw on how to hold the wood in place. Fix the clamps on the miter saw if your saw has them.

Lower the blade to squeeze the trigger a few inches above the wood. Lower the saw down slowly through the wood. Release the trigger after it cuts the wood completely. When it stops spinning, lift the blade.

Cutting a 45-degree angle on a miter saw

Cutting a 45 Degree angle on a miter saw

45-degree angle cut is the most common angle cut. It is often needed. Let’s learn how to cut 45-degree angle with a miter saw in an easy way.

Set the blade to 0 degrees. Place a square on the table resting against the fence on one edge. Lower the saw and slide the square to the edge of the blade. You might need to raise the blade guard for doing this. The square should stand firmly against the fence on one side keeping the blade on the other side.

If you find any gaps, you will have to adjust the miter saw to make the blade. If you feel the need to see the manual for the saw that came with your miter saw. As you are doing a 45-degree cut set the saw blade at 45-degree angle.

Mark the baseboard where you want the cut. Check it twice or more before the cut. Lower the blade with the saw off until it touches the wood to make sure that the blade is aligned with your mark. Adjust the board if the mark and blade line up is required.

With one hand hold the wood right at the place, use the other hand to slowly and evenly bring down the saw and run the blade through the wood. Never push the blade down. Turn off the saw blade once the board is cut through completely and wait for the blade to stop completely before you raise the blade from the wood.

Cutting a 70-degree angle on a miter saw

Cutting a 70-degree angle on a miter saw

Measure and mark the spot you want to start at the angle of 60 degrees. Set your speed square tightly against the edge of the wood on the lumber flat and the protruding edge of the square. Slide your square up the wood until you reach the mark you made on the edge of the pivot point.

The square’s pivot point is the side of the lip with an arrow pointing to it. Hold the pivot point firmly to the mark and slide the other end of the square’s protruding edge away from the wood until the edge of the wood is aligned with the common scale 70-degree mark on your speed square.

Draw a line along the square’s short flat edge, which sits on top of the lumber. Use a straight edge to remove the square and finish drawing the line the rest of the way through the lumber. Tile the circular saw or jigsaw to close the same angle as the line and start cutting the line slowly to create your angle of 70 degrees.

Mark the place that you want the angle to start with a tape measure and a pencil on your lumber. On the front of your miter saw, release the angle adjustment handle and turn the saw until the measure is 70 degrees. if you interested about unlocking miter saw check our latest blog post.

Push the lumber firmly against the saw’s fence and start to cut at the line that you have marked. Cut the lumber and put the piece of scrap off to the side.


Hope you will get a clear concept about how to cut a 135-Degree angle on a miter saw deeply. Besides, try to cover up the other angles like 45 degree, 22.5 degree, 70 degree that may also help you to enrich your angling experience.

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