How to Cut PVC Pipe with Miter Saw: Step By Step Guide

So, you want to know how to cut PVC pipe with the miter saw?

Well, there lots of pipe cutting techniques or ways but still people love miter saw cutting method most for its easier technology and comfort level.

You know that PVC pipes layer made with plastic particles and center is like the empty vessel. So it doesn’t need much pressure and miter saw can handle perfectly.

However, in this chapter, I will be breaking the step by step guide about how to cut PVC pipe with miter saw.

But the condition is you must be concentrate on every single step I stated as I wrote this from my experiences.

By the way, let’s start and be a pro!

How to cut PVC Pipe with miter saw

 How to Cut PVC Pipe with Miter Saw

It’s simple to have your time limitation however cutting a PVC pipe with miter saw is not much easy we think. So be careful and concentrate on every step we stated below to make a smooth cut.

Step-01: Know the Basics

This step won’t teach you holding the pipe rather it will help in developing you theoretical base about cutting pipe with the miter saw.

Oh you know cautions using power miter saw?

Anyone one who don’t have enough knowledge about using miter saw it can cause him serious danger even death. But when its pvc pipe, power miter saw is the best choice to cut them down. The plastic surface or particle of the pvc pipe doesn’t need much pressure to cut when the blade is well-efficient.

By the way, collect all the essentials including Chicago miter saw, pipes and move the next.

Step-02: Make the Spot Clean

Very few beginners feel idle to clean the cutting spot rather it stays full of PVC particles. Unfortunately, they are on danger causes accident comes suddenly. That’s the reason everyone should clean the spot well on a regular basis.

However, make sure there are no remaining particle or wastage pipes or any other things.

Step-03:Setting Up the Miter Saw

It’s needless to say about miter saw as you already known it well. Whatever, if you have any doubt about setting up miter saw then you can check this out.

In short, set it up according to your needs. If you needs angle cut then set it by the angle then if your need straight cut do it.

The gist is you must set up the miter saw perfectly for perfect cut otherwise pipe can be lost. Even it can fall you on injury in some serious cases.

Step-04: Preparing the Pipe

When the miter saw is ready to vanish, mark the pipe line by a marker or pencil. Bold it according to your expected measurements.

 Don’t mark the same line more than once that would create confusion. Finally, the pipe can be damaged or lost.

That’s why try to simply mark it to make a perfect cut.

Step-05: Ensure Safety

More than everything you must ensure the safety. You know there so many records where lots people got endangered just because of safety issues.

One of mates, who didn’t wear eye glass, unfortunately few particles make his eyes damage.

That’s why you should be careful and ensure the following safety essentials when working with miter saw:

– Eye Protection Glass: There’s no way but only eye can help us watching the beautiful world and insights. However, when working with miter saw you must wear a safety glass that protect the eye well to the outer effects or pvc particles.

-Keep Hands Safe:Experts always forbids taking your hand on the pipe during cutting. As it can occurs danger any time. So keep you r hand on a safe distance. By the way that doesn’t mean you won’t hold the pipe but be careful about the distance.

– Ensure a Mask: PVC particles are so little but sensitive. It can accidentally enter on your lungs that would be the worst surely to your health. That’s the reason it’s better to keep a mask always with you and wear it when working for your own safety.

Warning:Please take the steps seriously and ensure these before every cut you go for. Otherwise, stated organs of the body can damage at any time.

Step-06: Place the Pipe on Cutting Board

So you guys already completed all the preparation but only a pair of work remains to reach the climax. Keep patience!

 Now place the marked pipe on cutting board or cutting line one by one. Make sure that the marked line and cutting line both matched.

Never keep you hand closer to cutting line rather place the pipes very carefully and don’t clog or move it when it’s on the perfect position.

Step-07: Power on the Miter Saw 

So you are last step to cut the first pipe with the miter saw. Power on the miter saw and be ready to boom.

Warning:Check the wire entirely is there any lick. As you know this wire supplying high voltage that causes unexpected shock.

Step-08: Boom Out & Start Cutting!

Congrats! You are all set to boom out. Press the power button and cut the PVC pipe twinkling of an eye. Continue it with the ease of working. Don’t be over excited rather keep all the instructions on your mind or successful cut.


Hopefully, you got it how to cut PVC pipe with miter saw part by part perfectly. But no matter if you got any error, try it once more. By the time it would be perfect. But the caution is never forgets all the steps and ensure all the safety tips when working with power miter saw.

Never give up rather do it, by the time you will be perfect.

Happy Cutting!

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