How to Cut Wide Boards with Miter Saw: Step-By-Step Guide

The world of DIY and contracted projects will need you to have good knowledge on using saws. There is always the debate about which saw work the best, but miter saw is still one of the most universal choices. It comes with pure effectiveness and nice ability to cut different types of material.

With not much leaning curve, this saw is generally easy to operate than most other types. It gives the better cutting ability for different types of materials. Depending on what projects you are working on, a miter saw can be a significant tool to own for your workshop.

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Today we’ll talk about a very confusing concept, how to cut wide boards with miter saw. Stay tuned till the very end!

How to Cut Wide Boards with Miter Saw :

How to Cut Wide Boards with Miter Saw

There’s a nice technique that will help you to deal with heavy stock. It’s going to provide clean and accurate cuts even with less practice. To handle a wide board and cut it with a miter saw, you’ll need to follow some easy steps.

Step-01: Understanding the Basic Concept

Before we talk about how to cut a long piece of wood with a miter saw, let’ understand why it is hard. For the matter, you are going to need a heavy cast-iron category frame with easy-rolling precise motor power.

It needs to be directly driven by the motor to make a good cut or crosscut. Something similar to a radial arm saw.

However, we are talking about using a power miter saw. Of course, cutting is going to be tough in heavy timber. Yes, they are excellent saw for face-frame stock and mill work. They are good at handling big stuff mostly.

However, the light saw is more capable of providing portable features as well as small motor. So, using them on thick lumber probably will be daunting. It’s recommended you get a miter saw with good motor power to continue the chore.

Step-02: Managing The Right Blade

To start well and rightly, you need to have the correct blade. There are negative hook angle and positive hook angle type for blades.

Now the negative ones come with angled back tooth. These are coming from the blade center line. So that a cutting action can be created for a better scrapping purpose.

However, a positive hook blade will give you an aggressive cut each time. There are some obvious differences you see. The one I am using come with top negative hook and bottom positive hook.

The negative hook blade helps to have the self-feed feature and create a safe cut. So, a double cut miter saw will probably help you more.

Step-03: Using the Clamp

You should clap the wood into the table tightly for beginning the cutting process. The wood should not move and that’s very important to make an accurate cut through a thick wood.

There are many occasions where cutting plywood with a miter saw that is thick will lead you to an imperfect cut because you were not serious about holding it in position. So, don’t ruin your sessions and clamp right.

Step-04: Mark It Down

Since we are talking about how to cut a long piece of wood with a miter saw, you still need a measurement to make right cuts.

So, use a pencil to mark the line you want to cut. This is important to make an even cut through the wood. It’s a wide piece and probably you’ll have enough difficulty. So, using some sort of guide will also help you.

Step-05: Cutting the Board

Simply slide the motor through the wood. You don’t need to start it right away. Just put the blades partway and make a gradual force. Then you should start the saw and let it eat the piece.

There should be a bit that stays uncut at the back. But eventually, once you keep on moving the tool it’s going to reach the end. You should stop the machine before going all through it.

Because the blade will probably keep on turning even if the power is off. Let it stop completely before you lift it away from the piece.

Step-06: Stop frequently

You can stop and start again to finish the cutting process. Making a cut through a wide board is going to be quite tough and so the process will tire you up for sure.

So, take some moments to stop the machine and continue after a while. It’s important to not make the saw too hot which is probably going to happen.

Let it cool down for some moments and in the meanwhile, you can also rest to recover energy.

Step-07: Don’t Force the Tool

The trick here is to control the speed and cut. You probably think that forcing the saw into a thick piece will give you a sure cut. But that’s not true. You may end up getting a cut that looks totally uneven.

So, the technique here is to gradually push towards the wood till the end. Let it consume some time. At least you’ll end up with an accurate cut. Also, sometimes forcing the machine might corrupt your safety. You may end up making an accident with the saw while pushing and forcing it.

Safety Concerns

  • Wear eye and ear protection before trying the process.
  • The blade guards should be in place for a safe application.
  • When you are making blade adjustments, always turn it off. Make sure it does not run suddenly.
  • Your hands should be at least six inches away from the tool.
  • Don’t wear any kind of bracelets or necklaces or gloves at all.
  • Don’t try to cut a too tiny piece of any material.
  • You should never try free-handed cutting with it.
  • The washers and fasteners should be in the right position, check before the process.


So that’s all for today! I hope now you know pretty well about How to cut wide boards with miter saw. Don’t forget to consider my safety tips, these are important. Also, make sure you are well aware of the entire process without any confusion before trying it out.

I’m sure with a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to make it. Good Luck!

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