How to Fix a Pole Saw – Common Issues with Solutions

How to Fix a Pole Saw

Does your pole saw’s handle vibrate more when you get into cutting? Or the chain comes off when you turn it on? These are the problems that can cause great trouble if you don’t fix them precisely. 

Now, can you fix the pole saw at home? Yes, you can. Therefore, you have to identify which part of the saw is causing the problem and proceed properly to solve it. As a pole saw user, you must know how it operates and what parts are in it for that operating system. 

Hence, we will sort out all of the common issues that steal the efficiency of the pool saw. Also, you will get all directions needed to do it correctly.

Process of how to fix a pole saw

Now let’s dive into the main part where we will talk about the process of fixing the pole saw problems.

Chain issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Chain issue

The pole saw generates smooth cutting only when the chain on it has proper tension. Therefore, an improper or loose chain on the guide bar can bring significant injuries. Also, the loose chain with damaged drive links jams the cutting process. Here are the possible causes-

  • If the tensioner of the chain is broken or damaged.
  • When the guide bar is loose or damaged.

Fixing the Chain issues

If you are a regular pole saw user, you might know the chain warm-up and loosen up while working. So, check the chain after a specific time, like after 20 minutes of work. If it seems loose at any end, tighten the adjustment screws up. 

  • Before inspecting the tensioner, take a look at the tension adjustment screw. It can strip down by itself and lose the chain. If not, remove the cover, carefully stripping the screw, and separate it from the saw. 

Inspect the tension gear precisely. If there is any damage, you have to replace it with the manual as it varies according to the models.

  • To check the guide bar, remove the chain first. Then, move aside the bar to inspect it. The high-speed use of the chain can cause the bar to wear down and get damaged. So, keep a sharp eye on the teeth that are tensioned by the chain.

Also, check the bar teeth with the chain and see if it stuck when running it over a flat file. If anything seems suspicious or damaged, you have to replace it.

Rotation issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Rotation issue

Does your pole saw works slower than before? Improper lubrication or less oil level on the bar can bring up this problem. As the chain runs the bar and does the cutting, you should check the oiler first. Here is the reason for it,

  • If the oiler has less oil to rotate the chain or is damaged.
  • Wrong guide bar or oiler.

Fixing the Rotation issue

You must check the oil level if it’s a continuous wood chopping day. When the oiler indicated the level of oil is low, you have to refuel it. Also, you have to check the rotation is happening without any gap from the bar.

  • Oiler of a pole saw differs by model. But most of the pole saw’s oiler placed under the guide bar. So, you have to remove the chain and bar first. Then, unplug the spark plug removing the top cover.

After that, lose the bar mounting plate screws and remove the clutch. Pull out the oil pickup tube unit and oil gear. Inspect all the parts carefully and replace them if damaged.

  • For the guide bar, you have to check it when the chain is on it. If the guide bar is wrong or damaged, there will be small holes between the chain and the bar. Therefore, when you keep the chain off the bar, you will see a lot of oil around the oiler.

Because the holes make room for the oil to seep, and it doesn’t reach the chain while rotating. Hence, you have to replace the guide bar to fix it.

Idle speed issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Idle speed issue

Does your pole saw keeps turning even when you lessen the speed of the engine? It happens when the carburetor can’t handle the idle speed and gears up over time. Hence, it can happen for two reasons-

  • If the clutch that engages the rational rate is damaged.
  • When the idle speed isn’t set up on the carburetor.

Fixing the Idle speed issue

The clutch is the key to idle speed as it is operated through crankshaft spins. Therefore, when it gets damaged or dirty, the whole mechanism doesn’t support the throttle and keeps on turning. 

  • First off, remove the front motor housing near the oiler. Separate the clutch drum to see through the clutch pads. If any pad or spring seems worn out, you must change the clutch. If not, clean the springs and test the rational speed by putting them back in.
  • Check the carburetor if it has an idle speed. If not, give more time to settle the crankshaft to spin off to the idle speed. When idle speed is gained, the chain will rotate and gain momentum over time if the throttle is engaged.

If the speed is over the idle speed, slow it down through the carburetor. 

Cutting issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Cutting issue

Is your pole saw is cutting in the curve, not in a straight line? It happens when you don’t provide regular blade maintenance. Even the chain size can bring up the problem over time. Here’s the reason that creates this problem-

  • When the saw teeth get damaged.
  • Incorrect chain size and depth gauge.

Fixing the Cutting issue

Pulling the saw into another side when you are up to a straight cut is very irritating. Therefore, you have to keep up the maintenance at regular intervals.

  • First off, remove the chain on the teeth and check if the teeth are dull or damaged. Mostly, it happens on the side of the chain sequentially.

Hence, you have to sharpen the teeth with a grinder for better results. But fix an appropriate angle and depth for finishing the sharpen teeth. 

  • The chain size can make a difference in the speed of rotation. Therefore, you have to check the top plates and sections of the chain. If any tooth makes the chain shorter or longer, the chain size doesn’t match the teeth. So, you have to replace the chain.

Use a file guide tool to measure the depth and put it on the flat chain slot. If it’s not as balanced as the tool, you have to adjust the level of other teeth. 

Poor running issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Poor running issue

Your pole saw can act sluggish, even in the start-up, if any part related is damaged. Primarily, the carburetor and air filter can be the main culprit. Therefore, you have to ensure the core maintenance of the saw.

The pole saw won’t start,

  • If the carburetor needs adjustment or is damaged.
  • When the air filter is clogged in.

Fixing the Poor running issue

The air filter and carburetor both need a proper fuel mixture to operate. When the combination is badly clogged in them, it affects both of the parts. Here’s the solution,

  • Start the engine in intervals and reach the operating temperature. Then stop the machine and set the HI and LO needle for idle speed adjustment. Turn the screw ¼ CCW before starting the engine again. 

After that, accelerate the throttle and see how much time the needle takes. If it comes back to its idle position in 2-3 seconds, the carburetor is fine. 

But if it takes more time, you have to clean the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner. Hence, follow the instruction from the manual. When all of it doesn’t work, you have to replace it.

  • For air filters, most pole saws have pop open air filter covers. So, you have to remove the air filter from there and get it cleaned regularly. If the filter is badly clogged in, you must replace it to protect the engine from dirt. 

Gas leak issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Gas leak issue

Do you smell fuel when you turn on the engine of the pole saw? It would be best if you stopped it right there as the gas leak can cause severe damage. Here are the main reasons for gas leakage,

  • Primer bulb damage,
  • Gaskets damage,
  • Fuel tank and fuel line damage.

Fixing the Gas leak issue

To find the leakage location, you should inspect the standard parts like primer bulbs, gaskets, fuel tank linages, etc. If you smell fuel from any of them, you have to replace it.

  • The primer bulb stays right on the carburetor of the pole saw. Inspect the rubber or plastic bulb and see if there are any cracks on it.

Sometimes the crack may not be visible. So, check if there is any smell of fuel coming out of it. If so, replace the bulb using pliers as per the manual.

  • To inspect the gasket, Unscrew the fuel tank first. Then check if there is any leakage of fuel on aside the tank or gasket. The gasket seals the fuel tank to prevent leakage, so if the gasket is worn out or damaged, there will be a leak of fuel. Replace it right away when you see the leak.
  • Fuel lines transport the fuel to the carburetor. So, check the line if there are any crack or damage signs on it. Also, go through the fuel tank attached to it. You must replace the line or tank if you see any leakage mark by disconnecting the carburetor. 

Starter rope issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Starter rope issue

Starter rope makes the retraction or recoiling smoother and faster. But it can get stuck or damaged at some point when the housing or pully is worn out. Here are the reasons behind it-

  • When the engine cover gets damaged.
  • Cracked starter assembly.
  • If the attachment of the pully is broken.

Fixing the Starter rope issue

If any reason comes before you, the worn-out or the damaged parts should be replaced after the inspection. So, you have to be precise in checking the connection of springs with the pully and the assemble.

  • The engine cover is the most visible part of a pole saw. So, you can quickly notice if there is a crack on it. Then you have to replace it by detaching it from the engine. 
  • First off, check the starter assembly if it rotates when the engine fires off. If it doesn’t, pull out the recoil pully and the starter. Hence, you have to read the manual as there are different processes to do it.

See the rope is stuck in there or not. Release the rope if it’s stuck and test again. You have to replace the entire starter when it does not retract the rope at all.

  • Inspect the pully and see if there is any damage done by the rope while retracting. Check where the spring connects with it carefully. Replace the pully when you find any broken issues on it.

Engine issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Engine issue

Pole saw’s engines keep turning off, even after few seconds? It shows a symptom of a problem in the fuel filter or spark arrestor. If you continue cutting branches with a saw with such a condition, the engine can burn out anytime.

The engine keeps stopping if,

  • The fuel filter is clogged up.
  • The spark arrestor is dirty or damaged.

Fixing the Engine issue issue

A fuel filter keeps the engine from any dirt or debris. Therefore, when it gets full of dirt, it blocks the machine whenever it warms up. The spark arrestor does the same by emitting the sparks of the engine. Here’s the solution-

  • Firstly, pull off the fuel lines and fuel tank. Check closely if there is any debris or clogged fuel in there. Clean the fuel filter when you find any. But if it’s messy or sticky in the filter after cleaning, you have to replace it for a better result.
  • To inspect the spark arrestor, you have to visit the muffler in the engine housing. Unscrew the minor cover and check the spark arrestor there. If it seems covered with soot or clogged in, you need to clean it with the brush. Replacing the arrestor can be better if you have the option for it.

Power issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Power issue

Lack of power can be a common issue after using a pole saw for a more extended period. The engine gears lesser when the gearing parts with it lack efficiency. For example, the spark plug can provide an inadequate spark and cause less power in the machine.

Here are the leading causes,

  • Plugged or clogged muffler.
  • Weak spark plugs.
  • Damaged air filter and unturned carburetor.

Fixing the Power issue issue

When your saw generates less power, it’s better if you replace the parts causing the problem. Here are the instructions,

  • To inspect the muffler, you have to open the engine cover first. You can quickly uncover it with the Phillips screwdriver and find the muffler near the handguard. Then pull off the lock nut and bolt cover on it.

If the muffler is covered with carbon deposits from the fuel mixture, remove the muffler bolts and replace the muffler. 

  • Spark plugs are a great contributor to an engine’s combustion chamber with the sparking. When it performs low, you have to replace it.

First, set the ignition switch off and unplug the old one off the boot. After that, please remove it from the engine and re-plug the new spark plug. 

  • When the carburetor isn’t adjusted or wrongly turned, it can’t create a rich fuel mixture. Therefore, you have to use the adjustment screw on it when the engine gets low power. 

Air filter lets proper oxygen into the engine. But if it’s plugged in, lack of air makes the engine get low power. Therefore, you have to replace the filter under the air filter cover afterward.

Vibration issue

Process of how to fix a pole saw Vibration issue

Are you feeling excessive shaking while cutting with your pole saw? It can get worst if you ignore it. Even the pole body can get cracked for the excessive vibration. It happens because of-

  • Loose isolator on the handle.
  • Worn-out cushions.

Fixing the Vibration issue issue

Hence, replacing the isolator or cushions will be the best choice as repairing them can’t be a permanent cure. 

  • The pole saw’s isolator is mainly made of springs and rubber bushings. It stands after the handle, and the springs or bushing can get loose over time. When it happens, you will feel extensive vibration on the hold. Hence, Follow the manual as it differs by the model to replace the isolator.
  • The cushion works the same as the isolator, but the build material is only rubber. Therefore, it can worn-out over time. When that happens, it can create massive vibration on the body. Replacing it will bring better results rather than fixing it. 

Final verdict

Pole is a lightweight saw that has a big pole area with a variety of parts on it. I Think now, you are knowing well how to fix a pole saw. Therefore, you should ensure regular maintenance after every cut. Also, have an inspection after a particular time and sort out the issues as we mentioned above. Lastly, position the saw precisely on the object when you have the various cuts with it. 

So, have a quick fix now!

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