How to Fix Miter Saw Problems with No Time – Problems and Solutions

Do you hear bizarre noise while working with the miter saw? Or is it shaking too much than usual? A miter saw is a handy tool and comes in handy every time you want to cut. But the scenario gets reversed when something is wrong with the saw. You get frustrated with the problem. If you know how to fix miter saw problems, you can easily get rid of this frustration. 

According to Statista, 4700 injuries happened using the miter saw in 2015 in the US. Mostly, it happens for ignorance of the common issues working with the saw.

How to Fix Miter Saw Problems – Detailed Discussion

Now, let’s see some common problems related to the miter saw you face every day. Also, we will talk about the solution.

Wobbling blade Issue

One common problem is the jiggling position of the miter saw while the blade is working. The woodworking jobs can get worst if you work with a wobbling blade. 

Here are the reasons behind it,

  • The blade loosens the hold on the saw or wraps the position,
  • The attachment with the edge like the bearing gets wobbled.
  • The edge gets bent or the teeth are not flat.

Fixing the issue

You can sort out the position of the blade and attachments. But you can’t fix it if it’s damaged. Therefore, you have to inspect it precisely.

  • First off, start with checking the blade. See the position of the edge has any movement when you try to move it from the saw. If it shows any move, you have to tighten up the arbor. 
  • After that, move to the bearing and see if it’s worn out or not. Mostly, the saw becomes wobble when the bearing starts making a sound. Remove the spindle assembly and inspect which bearing is making noise. Then spin the bearing to install a new one.
  • Finally, please look at the blade by removing it from the saw. You have to follow the manufacturer’s guide for it as it differs by model. Then, check the surface of the blade if flat putting it on a flat table. 

If it’s not, try to push around the spot against the table. Don’t use anything but your fingers here. For the bent on the teeth, you must replace the blade, otherwise trying to get it straight won’t work.

Turning on issue

What if you find out the miter saw stopped working in the middle of a project? Yes, it can happen for both old and new saws. You can fix it precisely and turn it on if you can find out the reasons.

Here are the reasons,

  • The electric cord has issues,
  • When motor brushes of the armature are worn down,
  • The electrical connections of the field in the housing meltdown.

Fixing the issue

Jump into fixing the saw after checking if the cord is plugged in or not. Also, look at the circuit breaker. Only after that, start studying the reason with the saw.

  • The electric cord can get damaged inside or gets cuts on it while working with the saw. Therefore, you have to see if anything is wrong with it or not. Change it off instantly when you suspect anything unusual.
  • Carbon brushes produce power to motor through the commutator. When it is completely worn down, the power supply stops. 
  • First off, remove the brush sliding motor end cap and check them. 
  • Then, watch out for any abnormal wear and remove them by pair.
  • Later, install new carbon brushes in tension springs as before.
  • The field of the miter saw can have bad conditions through a power failure. It becomes visible in the housing of the miter saw. Therefore, it will be better to do it before the brush installation.
  • After having the brushes, remove the belt cover and the belt under it. Then Separate the housing of the armature from the saw. Please take a good look at it before disconnecting the connections.
  • When you have the exact image on your head, start cleaning the housing. Disconnect the electrical connections one after another and inspect them. 
  • Look for burn marks or melting issues, and if there are any, you must change them off. If there isn’t any, use the multimeter to have the assurance. 

Crooked cut issue

Cutting it square- it’s one of the facts that make you choose miter saws. The cuts will not be straight if the fence or the bevel gauge becomes a bummer.

Hence, the reasons that can bring you crooked cuts.

  • The fence gets out of the line.
  • When the bevel gauge doesn’t have a perfect angel.
  • The bushing wears out.

Fixing the issue

Before you start, look at the blade and miter gauge. If the blades are not installed inaccurately, you won’t get the preferred cut. Also, check out the miter gauge before compound cuts.

  • Inspect every inch of the fence. If you notice any damaged or bent part, you have to replace the fence by unscrewing it.
  • Check out the bevel gauge if the angle is correct or not. Also, look for the loose nut that attaches the gauge with the saw.
  • The bushing on the shaft keeps steady when the upper portion of the saw moves. Therefore, you have to check it out by moving the handle to find the problem.

If there is any issue regarding the bushing, it will make unusual moves with the saw. Then, it would be best if you replaced it for making configured cuts.

Blade guard issue

The guard above the blade keeps you safe from injuries. But it can get stuck or bind over if the parts attached with it have a terrible condition.

Here are the reasons behind it,

  • The mounting plate gets damaged.
  • When the washer doesn’t align with the blade.
  • The linkage loosens up over time.

Fixing the issue

Check out the guard is in the position it should be first.

  • Firstly, remove the blade guard and slide it over. Separate the mounting plate from the guard unscrewing the washer and nut. Then, inspect the spring plate if it’s worn out or not. Only after that, replace it with new and lock it with spring lab.
  • Check out the washer after checking the mounting plate. Both sides of it needed to be flat. If it is in proper shape, then go for the washer behind the small one. Inspect the nuts and replace them if they are any missing or damaged ones.
  • The linkage tightens through fasteners the guard with milter saw’s body. Therefore, you have to look if there is any loose end or bending part of it. Replace the linkage immediately when you find any bending. Otherwise, tightening up will be enough.

Brake issue

Does your Miter saw blade keep spinning? Even if you try to turn it off? The brake is the reason for this problem. When the brake doesn’t work precisely, the saw makes the stopping on its own.

Here are the reasons-

  • The carbon brushes are damaged, or the commutator gets dirty.
  • There’s a failure in the armature.
  • The field fails to supply the power to the brake.

Fixing the issue

Inspecting the motor brushes and commutator will be the same as we mentioned above. Except there will be a thorough washing here for proper direction of electricity.

  • Pull off the brushes and check if there is any problem with them. If there isn’t any, clean the commutator up for not letting the dirt reverse the electricity. Use electrical contact cleaner for better results. Make sure you know How to clean a miter saw.
  • Pull out the housing from the saw and separate the armature from it. Then, clean all the dirt off it and watch out if there are any burning marks.

When you find one, it represents the overheating and melted insulations. Therefore, you have to replace the armature as soon as possible.

If there are no marks at all, you have to check the armature with an ohmmeter. Take the particular tests like continuity, bar-to-bar, 180-degree test to be precise with internal issues.

  • After checking the armature, go for the field and inspect it thoroughly. If you don’t see anything suspicious, try the multimeter to check the continuity. If the meter shows infinity for even one wire, you have to replace it.

Also, the significant variance between the coils needed to be replaced. But before doing the replacement, you have to disconnect all sources by removing the screws with it.

Work issues

Many of the newbies and pros faced this issue. Your saw may get stuck or jammed in the middle or cutting woods. Even the saw can push you back while deep-cutting. 

Here are the reasons for it,

  • The lever in the saw is broken or rusted.
  • When the knob or the plate is damaged.

Fixing the issue

Both lever and knob adjust the miter saw for you. The mounting plate keeps the guard and washer tight with the body. So, fixing them won’t be tough.

  • Firstly, remove the jam nut to check the lever. There will be an extension rod with the nut; bring it out too.

Watch the lever whether it’s broken or rusted there. If broken or rusty all over, replace it by expanding the rod. 

  • Knobs are the most visible parts of the miter saw. Therefore, you can easily see if any knobs are missing or have stripped threads on them. You must replace it right away with a new one as it can hamper your DIY projects badly.
  • Check out the wear plate near the base. It can get bend over by time and bring troubles in your work. If it seems unnatural by any means, you have to replace it. 

Therefore, you have to separate the saw from the base removing the fence and central nut. Then, you can install a new one to attach the ground with the saw.

Noise issue

Is there a low rumbling sound that starts when you are sliding down the wood? It happens when the bearing isn’t working or damaged. The miter saw’s gear also does that if it can’t work thoroughly.

Here are the reasons,

  • The bearing wears out.
  • When the gear teeth jams while rolling.

Fixing the issue

You have to open the motor end cap and mount plate to see what’s wrong with the bearing and gear. Then follow the instructions,

  • Firstly, bring the brushes, dust bag bracket, etc., out. Then, the armature will be visible in the housing. Please tap on the end of the armature to separate it from the housing.

Remove the cover from the pullies and spin it to hear the sound of armature bearings. If any of the bearings is not correct or damaged, you will listen to a grinding sound. After that, reinstall the bearing by unscrewing the pully.

  • For gears, drop the outer flanges and the blade with a blade guard. Then remove the inner flanges with gear assembly. Inspect the gears if any of the gear’s teeth are broken or not. So, please clean the old grease off the box a bit. Replace the gear if it is damaged through work.

Table binding issue

Your projects can be traumatic if your miter saw binds with the saw table or . It can worsen the cutting, as the adjustment issues will make a bad situation.

Here are the reasons for it,

  • The kerf plate is damaged or broken.
  • Your handle is broken or loosen.

Fixing the issue

Kerf plate protects the kickback for you by adjusting itself throughout the cutting on the table. Handle also works the same standing upper part of the miter saw.

  • Replace the kerf plate only when you have trouble with smooth cutting on the table. Unscrew the old receptacle from the saw and install a new one after cleaning the ground.
  • For broken handles, you have to inspect where the fractured part started. If the broken part is closer to the screw, pull it out with a plier. If not, remove the screws and install a new one.

Sparking and smoking issue

Ever noticed any smoke near the motor or smell something of it! This indicates a problem with the brush wears unevenly over time. That can cause vast carbon dust on the commutator, and then the smoke begins with a spark.

Here are the reasons for it,

  • Your brush cap breaks down.
  • The brushes wear down.

Fixing the issue

Brush caps are used to keep the brushes away from the commutator and keep them under one place. That’s why it can create a great spark with the bushes when they damage the commutator.

  • When you get into the commutator, you will quickly see the brush cap. Watch out for any broken area on it. If any, replace it by unscrewing it.
  • Pull out the brushes sliding down the spring and motor’s end cap. Check out if any of the brushes are burnt out or not. Replace only when it is 1/8 of an inch or less. If not, clean the commutator and put the bushes back.

Excessive vibration issue

Slight vibration is expected when the motor runs in the miter saw. But when the vibration becomes out of control during the work, the cut loses its shape. Also, it can jam the blade spinning even the motor works correctly.

Here are the reasons,

  • The flanges are worn out.
  • Your spindles are worn out or damaged.
  • The bade is not as flat as before.

Fixing the issue

Flanges help the blade to work smoothly, and spindles in it make that work much more manageable. If any of these parts get damaged, the sword and motor will make bad vibrations.

  • Check the flange assembly. See if there is any foul play with the blade or not. Also, see for the play between flange and shaft. If you see any play, replace the flange removing the outer flange and the blade.
  • To inspect the spindles, remove the inner flange with all washers. Then pull out the spindle assembly and check if there is any damage done. You must replace the whole spindle assembly as you can’t change the bearings separately. 
  • As for the blade, inspect its flatness, put it on a flat table, and remove it from the saw. Then, try to push a little on the surface and see if any movement happens. Replace the blade whenever you visit the activity on edge.

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Wrap Up

There’s nothing worse than having a broken or damaged miter saw. It creates frustration and makes the situation worse. But if you know how to fix miter saw problems, you can easily get rid of this situation. Yes, you can solve the problem without visiting the miter Saw repair Shop.

It is always better to prevent than cure. So make sure you do proper maintenance and follow the manual properly. It will help you keep your saw in shape. You can enjoy working for a long time without any issues with a good and working miter saw.

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