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The manual Pole saws are still very popular among all the electric-powered or battery-powered ones. These pole saws have two parts. The saw part is for cutting the heavy branches with a diameter of more than 3 inches.

Another part is for chopping off the small branches, leaves, and barks. The rope used for pruning the tree branches wears off and becomes deteriorated overused for a long time. Thus by knowing how to restring a pole saw you can easily replace the existing old one without any expert’s help.

Restringing a pole saw can be tricky and confusing for a new beginner. Because there are multiple feeding lines and eye bolts. This article would be helpful for those who are new to pruning and want to restring a pole saw.

What Is Restringing A Pole Saw?

What Is Restringing A Pole Saw

The pole pruner comes with a long strong rope or string. This string when pulled by you, uses the pulley system to pull the Blade of the pruner with increased energy. Different types of ropes or strings are used in the manual pole pruners.

These ropes can be made of Nylon, Polymer, or organic fibers. Every pull of the rope while using the pole pruner causes friction of the rope with the pulleys. This friction results in deteriorating the rope thickness over time.

Moreover, environmental factors, rotting, etc damages the string or rope of the pole pruner. That is why the rope requires replacing. The method of putting a new string or rope through the pulleys in a correct manner is called restringing a pole saw. It is done for getting precise and accurate effectiveness from the blade.

When Should You Restring A Pole Saw?

When Should You Restring A Pole Saw

After getting a pole pruner, the stock string or rope has a limit of usage or longevity. Due to many reasons, the ropes get damaged and the effectiveness to pull the blade reduces. Therefore, identifying the time when you should restring a pole saw is important.

When The Existing String Gets Loosened At The Knot Point

When The Existing String Gets Loosened At The Knot Point

All the manual pole saws come with pre-built pulling rope or string. These ropes are pulled frequently while pruning and trimming heavy branches of the trees. Due to the regular usage, the knot at the anchor point becomes loosened.

Hence while working with a loosened rope, the knot sometimes gets snapped and the rope falls out from the pulleys. In these circumstances, you have to restring the pole pruner.

When The Existing Rope Gets Damaged

When The Existing Rope Gets Damaged

The pre-built ropes or strings have a limited lifetime. Moreover, the stock strings are of cheap quality and are made up of mostly organic fibers. Hence, these get worn and torn after a long period of usage. 

Due to friction with the pulleys, the tension of the strings decreases with time. In such cases, you have to replace and restring the ropes of a manual pole pruner or pole saw.

When The Rope Gets Rotten

The ropes of the pole pruner do not have any covering. These strings are exposed to the environment when stored after usage. The humid atmosphere increases temperature etc works as a contributing factor for allowing fungus or bacteria to damage the organic ropes.

For this reason, the rope gets rotten and loses its tension in some places. This type of rope should be replaced with Nylon ones.

While Changing The Length Of The Cord

Different users prefer different lengths of the cords that come with a pole pruner. You may require a shorter or longer length according to your demand and grip. To change the length of the rope you have to trim and then restring the cord of the pole pruner.

Materials Needed To Restring A Pole Saw

For changing tying and restringing a pole saw you should have some Primary and Secondary tools. 

  • A brand new rope or string. (Preferably Nylon or durable Polymer made)
  • Eye-bolts or extra removal anchor points.
  • Plastic Safety Goggles
  • Silicone hand Gloves
  • Sharp Utility Knife or a pair of Scissors

The Step By Step Guide: How To Restring A Pole Saw

How To Restring A Pole Saw

Replacing, tying, and Restringing a Pole Saw or Pole Pruner can be confusing for new Arborists. Besides, there are some safety rules to be followed strictly. 

Mismatching the lengths and pulley selection may reduce the effectiveness of the Pole saw. But you can easily restring the pole saw following the step-by-step guide.

Step One: Untying and Removal of Old rope

First, locate the anchor point of the pole saw or pole pruner. If your tool is a pole pruner only then the anchor point would be in the upper pulley system. But, if you are using a pole saw then there would be an eye bolt with which the string is tied.

Untie the knot and remove the rope by pulling it off from the pole saw or pole pruner. Make sure you are wearing protective gear as the tools have sharp blades and edges that can cause potential damage.

Step Two: Feeding With New Rope

Feeding With New Rope

In a pole saw or a pole pruner, there would be a two-wheel-based pulley system. Locate the anchor point first. Then feed the new rope from the top pulley directing it towards the bottom pulley. 

Step Three: Adjustment with the pulley

Adjustment with the pulley

After passing through the bottom pulley, make a full rotation from the bottom pulley. Pull the rope out from the upper part of the bottom pulley directing it towards the top pulley again. Pull the rope from both ends to make sure the pulleys have been successfully fed with the rope.

Step Four: Making a knot and determining the length

Making a knot and determining the length

Take the feeding end of the rope and pass it through the anchor point. If there is no anchor point then you have to use the ye-bolt for tying the rope. 

Make two secured knots using the rope at the anchor point. Pull the rope from the other end top to make sure the knot is strong enough to sustain the tension of the spring of the blade.

Finally, determine the length you want on your side according to your comfort and cut the rope using a sharp knife or scissor. Make another knot at this end for using it as a grip.

Safety Precautions

  • Cover the blade of the pole pruner with clothing or material.
  • Wear safety goggles and silicone gloves to stay safe from accidental spring action.
  • Use high-quality plastic or Nylon ropes to minimize friction.
  • Double-check the knot and holding capacity of the anchor point or eye bolt.


If you are a new arborist then the pole saw or a pole pruner is a mandatory tool you should frequently use. Using the pole saw or pole pruner for a long time reduces the effectiveness of the pulling rope and you cannot cut the branches. 

The only solution is to replace and restring the pole saw. You can do it by yourself using household tools only.

 It will save a great amount of time and labor charge if you know how to restring a pole saw. Besides, the processes are very straightforward and very easy if you go through the step-by-step guide for restringing the pole saw.

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