How to Rope Down a Tree Limb: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

What you think, cutting or falling down a tree limb is so much easy? Never, trust me it is not an easy task for anyone. If you are alone or have no experience and, if you are a slow coach, then please hire a professional for doing this. But if you’re a hard worker and love to gather any new experience then does it as your own. Of course, you will enjoy it; how to rope down a tree limb .

Ideally, you do not need many instruments for doing this. You only need some home tools to do this task. Besides, this task is not so easy if the limb has massive weight. At the same time, if the tree limb is a big sized and its position is not secure as it beside any wire supplies, or there have any kinds of the apartment under it.

So, read this  content carefully, hope after reading this, you will do it quickly without outside help.

Procedures : How To Rope down a Tree Limb

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

From the basement, a big tree limb may look to be small-sized and also insubstantial, but trust me, it is your wrong thinking; you also can’t assess its full mass and the massive weight till it’s not been trimmed down. Another important fact is that, although, if you’re enabled to cutting down a big shaped and weighty limb yourself, then maybe you don’t want to fall it on you or someone else.

According to any old apartment, a massive limb weighing about 150 pounds and which is also can hit the basement about 250 pounds of torque force from any types of short distance. For this reason, you need a safe process due to avoid any hazards.

By following this content, you can quickly shift such a big branch by securing it with the sturdy rope from the tree top before cutting the limb.  Not only that, this process will assure you that, the tree limb may remain pendent till you are forward to put it down.

Step 1: Positioning the ladder

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

At first, set an extension ladder on a tree as it confirms the secure position. Select the location, which will provide you more safety and easy to complete the task. Mind that, always keep the coiled rope with you, whenever you climb the branch for removing it. Do this step at first. Never lose your confidence anymore. Do this task confidently. Now prepare for the next level.

Step 2: Cutting the branches

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

Now, you need a  echo pruning saw for removing the small branches. We recommend the pruning saw because its working capacity is better than others. Not only that, it is so much easy to control the pruning saw. Your goal is to remove all the small branches from the climb as it becomes so much lightweight and easy to fall it down.

Step 3: Positioning the sturdy rope

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

In this step, make a slipknot loop in one side of the string and then drape the tight circle over the tree limb which you want to remove. You also need to, positioning the firm line. And always check it as it at least from the main tree trunk. Now, leaving enough places from the limb tree to the active line, which will allow that, you should cut the midway position between the two parts.

Step 4: Cover the secure loop

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

Now enter the free part of the sturdy rope over the tight circle, and you need to haul the strong line for making it more tighten. Now, you tend to coil the sturdy rope as back up, then pass through it above the tree limb as many times.

Step 5: Robust the limb

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

After that, place another robust limb junction. You also crotch it above the tree limb, which you want to cut or pull down. Then, toss the coiled rope end. Now the rope coil end is towards the basement. Now, time to pick up the sturdy rope again an wrap it t the same time, and do it around the 2nd  tree limb for 2 or 3 times.

Step 6: Creating tension and wrapping it out

How to Rope Down a Tree Limb

What do you want to do now? Well, now climb down carefully from the extension ladder. Then you need to keep the rood for creating tension. Not only that, you tend to wrap it many times now around its base, where you are walking on. You also cover it if you have another tree beside you or any light post or steady stick. Hen, weave another free end of the sturdy rope to the section for making it more secure as well.

Necessary Equipment:

Necessary Equipment for Roping Down a Tree Limb

This is an easy task. For this task, you need some material which is available around you. You need best Sturdy rope. Then you need one extension ladder for climbing the tree. For safety issue, you also need to manage one work gloves. The best item for this task is pruning saw, which has the awesome power from the branches correctly.

Furthermore, you need one chainsaw, or one bow saw to finish the chapters successfully. Hopefully, you will get the equipment in your house already. If you have not this collection, then please rent it from any craftsman. And if you find it so much involved, then please hire one skillful person to do it.

Tips and advice

Here have a few suggestions for you whenever you try to rip down a tree limb. If you are unable to get the free rope end over the higher arm, then you should attach much weight on it as it will be easier for you to do the task.

For this reason, you also can use few throw weights on it like arborists type weight. Or you should attach any heavy materials on it, for catch the end.

Final Word:

So, finally, we learn how to rope down a tree limb. Here we almost try to discuss the easiest and the safest way for you as you do it quickly at your home without any outside help. If you find it is possible to you, then please follow these procedures step by step.

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