How to Set Up a Miter Saw & Make Perfectly Even Cuts!

There is no such workshop that does not have a miter saw. These are one of the most common and go-to tools that woodworkers need to have. You can use them for cutting PVC, plastic, woods and even non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum.

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However, you may be a newbie who has just started his workshop and so; you want to know some basic setting knowledge. Not a problem, I’m here to help you out! Today. We’ll talk about How to set up a miter saw in easy steps. Stay tuned till the end and you’ll learn something valuable, I promise!

Method One:

The first method is the most common one and it is performed when you don’t have a square available.

Test Stock Preparation

You need two boards. These need to have a perfectly straight edge. For that you need to know how to fix a miter saw at right angle. You may want to join both to be completely sure.

How to Set Up a Miter Saw

You should use a wide bard instead of narrow ones. The maximum width of cutting capacity for your miter saw is the ideal width of your chosen board. This will give you an accurate test.

Making A Cut

Now you need to place the jointed edges against the fence. Simply cut the boards. You should be simultaneous while making a cut. The material should be one both side of the blade and this is the finest manner. You should try this way instead of end grain or skinning.

With skinning the end grain, your blades are probably doing to defect away. This may negatively affect your cut. However, if the material is on both sides of blades, there is less chance of any defection at all. Also, this way will give you a straight cut.

Checking the Cut

Checking the cut, you just made is an important part of how to set up a miter saw. Get a flat surface. Now simply put the jointed edges over it. You need to put the cut ends against each other over this surface.

There should be no gaps. If by chance, there are some gaps this is a negative sign. It means that your miter saw can’t cut at ninety degrees angle. This kind of gap also means that there is an error in both boards cutting together.

The size of the gap should be double the size of your saw. This method has one good outcome. You can magnify even the slightest error using this method. So that you can set up the miter saw in the most accurate cutting position. This will give you an accurate mitre saw cut.

You should also get the user manual and check it beforehand. This will give you additional tips on proper setup rules and necessary adjustments.

Result Confirmation

Once you are done with adjustments, it is time to make the same cut once again. If the cutting-edge touch evenly across the width of the board, this means you have set the miter saw correctly.

Bevel Checking

Making a perfect ninety-degree is really important, please keep that in mind. When using a Chicago Electric  miter saw, bevel checking is essential. You would have to get a flat surface, put the jointed edges on it and then cut them together.

Just like the previous way, here also you need to get the boards’ dimension similar to the miter’s highest cutting ability. You need to check ends and cut with making needed bevel angle adjustments until you get accurate results.

Method Two:

This method for a miter saw is almost similar to the above method, however here you need a square. We are going to use the 45 degrees saw set up here for the cutting.

Angle Checking

You need to put the square in the interior corner while keeping miter saw closer. There should be full contact of square edge with the material. Once you confirm that, you can proceed to next step.

However, if not and you see some gaps the angle is having some error. You need to do some adjustments and get the angle right.

Line-In-Cut Fence

Now, you would need to use a line-in-cut fence for the process to become easy. Just place the material accurately over the saw. Now put the fence over the miter saw fence.

There should be holes within saw fence. You need to screw them with the sacrificial fence. There should be some ruler gap between two fences. This is used for sawdust to get dropped on ground. It helps to avoid sawdust buildup in a corner.


Once you are finished with screwing both fences to each other, it is time to make a cut. Simply cut through the fences like you would do naturally. You can use the first method for this step.

Using the Fence

Now simply get rid of the piece of material that you wanted for testing. You need to mark the material with the layout line close to edge. Now with the kerf you made on the fence, place the line. The miter saw table will have a cut that is preciously indicated by the kerf’s edge.This will give a better result later.


  • Wear proper gloves while trying any of these methods.
  • You need to wear protective goggles and face mask if possible. There will be sawdust that should not be inhaled.
  • You are dealing with blades, make sure to be extra slow and keep the pace normal. Don’t rush if you are a beginner.
  • Always take your time to get the angle right. With the wrong angle, you’ll never be able to make a straight and accurate cut. A miter saw stand or miter saw station will help for alignment.


So, that’s how to set up a miter saw. You can use any of these two methods and expect to get proper set up in no time. However, be patient if you don’t make it in one go. You’ll probably need some time to get things right if you are a beginner.

Also, take the safety tips seriously. You should give proper attention to your well-being before anything. Make sure you follow each step right and I’m sure, you will be able to make nice even cuts soon. Good Luck!

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