Top 8 Proven Tricks how to Store a Pole Saw With Ease: Expert Tips

Suppose you have a pole saw for your pruning or trimming session with your favorite tree. But after some time you find out that the saw isn’t working properly anymore. How would you feel?

You would definitely feel terrible as you won’t be getting clean cuts and it’ll damage the tree parts. For me, the solution would be to store the product properly.

So, how to store a pole saw? It’s quite easy, actually. You need to check on it from time to time if the nuts are in the proper place, if they’re lubricated accurately and if the chains are tensioned correctly.

All these are the necessity to keep your pole saw alive for years. Here I’ll be talking about the steps of storing the tool to make you clearer.

Let’s buckle up. What say?

What is a Pole Saw?

What is a Pole Saw

A pole saw is a type of tool that’s attached to a long handle or a pole that helps you cut and prune the trees. This beast is needed when your arms can’t reach naturally to the tree branches. It’s light and flexible, so you can do your work easily.

The maintenance is also quite low, along with the super-rich durability!

Types of Pole Saws

There are different types of pole saws that are used for different purposes. Such as,

  1. Electric Pole Saw
Types of Pole Saws

The most popular in this genre is the electric one; trust me, everyone knows about this. It’s a home tool with which most people have to prune their yard. 

Moreover, it’s light with electric power, making the cutting even simpler. 

An electric pole saw helps you to cut 8-9 inches thick vines or limbs in your garden, which is very convenient too. It saves time, money, and energy effortlessly cleaning up your space. 

  1. Gas Powered Pole Saw
Types of Pole Saws

If you’re a professional, I bet you know about gas powered pole saw. This one is amazing for cutting the vast forest. For tree pruning, trimming and cutting also, gas-powered items are suitable.

This saw is very powerful in terms of its gas, which is eventually versatile. You can cut those branches pretty quickly and it won’t even make any risky move.

However, the machine can create a huge sound, so people use it after wearing soundproof headphones.

  1. Manual Pole Saw
Types of Pole Saws

Now let’s talk about manual pole saw. This is the oldest model but surely reliable and strong.

You don’t need to fill up the manual pole saw with fuel or electricity; instead, it’ll run without these. For small yards, this type of saw is perfect.

  1. Hydraulic Pole Saw
Types of Pole Saws

There are professionals who prefer to work on roadside trees, big farms and forests. This hydraulic pole saw is accurate for them. It works for heavy-duty work. 

Additionally, the unique thing here is the 50% perfect fast cutting and 10-15% lighter than an electric saw.

Can You Store Your Pole Saw?

Can You Store Your Pole Saw

Well, now that you know the different types, you might ask a question like, if you can store your pole saw or if it’s easy to store every type of them.

The answer is ‘YES’. You can store your pole saw, but there are various things you need to follow (described in the next paragraph).

Storing your saw will be fine as new for the rest of your life. No issues will happen while cutting or pruning your tree. 

Plus, storing properly will help to increase the item’s workflow, which will lessen your energy and time as much as possible.

How to Store a Pole Saw?

How to Store a Pole Saw

Let’s talk about the solution now. There are some ways you can store your majestic pole saw easily. They include,

  1. Place 

Always remember to keep your pole saw in a dry and ventilated place. This helps the item to be airy, which will keep it new for longer.

Also, damp weather can decrease the duty of the saw, so keep it at a normal temperature.

  1. Location 

If you don’t use the pole saw for a long time, the oil may seep a little. This is the reason you need to choose the location very wisely to keep things undamaged from the oil stain.

Besides, the oil of the saw might get wasted by this so it’s better to be careful about this situation.

Note that keep the saw in a safe and secure place. You never know what the children or your pets are up to!

  1. Chain Oil

Try to put the chain oil every time you’re trying to cut your tree branches. When the saw is properly lubricated, the work will be faster, and the saw won’t be damaged.

How to Store a Pole Saw?
  1. Look for Worn Parts

Before every cut, look out for the worn or damaged part in our pole saw. If there’s anything defaced, replace it as soon as possible.

This way, your work won’t get interrupted, and it’ll work way faster.

  1. Sharp Cutter

Try to maintain the sharp cutter each way possible. If the cutter is sharp, you can work like magic. Simple and easy!

For this, you need to have a cutter sharpening and use it on the pole saw cutter.

  1. Loosen the Chain

I know you need to tighten the chain properly to cut the tree branches. But the trick here is to loosen the chain every time you’re done.

As a result, the whole pole saw unit won’t get harmed in the long run.

  1. Clean Guide Bar Rails

If you’re trying to replace the chain, make sure to clean all the guide bar rails. Then again, oil these passages manually for the chain to spin freely.

  1. Clean with Damp Cloth

Last but not least, keep your pole saw clean. After each use, cleanse your equipment with a nice damp cloth which will give it a fresh look every time.

How to Store a Pole Saw Without Leaking Oil?

How to Store a Pole Saw Without Leaking Oil

Look, any new and good pole saw won’t leak any oil. But then again, after some usage, you may find the oil dripping (in a few cases).

In this situation, you should attach a plastic bag or wrap a rag around the pole saw to catch all the oil drips. Or else you can use an o-ring on the cap of the saw. It’ll stop the leaking, which eventually comes from the bar oiler area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are pole saws worth it?

Of course, pole saws are worthy. You can make the pruning of your trees pretty easily and fast with it. For 2-8 inches branches, it’s a lifesaver. However, you don’t necessarily need a pole saw if you’re up to pruning thin twigs, foliage, or vines.

  1. Can I cut down a tree with a pole saw?

You can surely cut down a tree with a pole saw as it’s super sturdy. Its ability to handle all the far tree branches makes it suitable for professionals too. You’ll always get the cleanest cut and result.

  1. Are pole saws safer than chainsaws?

Well, both chainsaw and pole saw are dangerous. If you don’t store them properly, they might give you or your dear ones serious injuries. 

You need to keep them stored in a dry, locked place to avoid any risky inconvenience!

Final Verdict

To use your tool for a long time and to keep it safe from everyone, you need to know how to store a pole saw. This small yet deep information will surely be beneficial if you’re trying to keep your equipment intact for years.

Moreover, try to sharpen the saw from time to time, lubricate the chain and keep it in a cool place for a better experience.

All the best!

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