How To Trim Trees With A Pole Saw?

How To Trim Trees With A Pole Saw

Pole saw has been an excellent tool for people of every class with a garden or lawn in front of their house. For a professional arborist, a pole saw is a mandatory tool that he should possess. Pole saws and pole pruners follow the basic rules of Physics.

If you are a new pole saw user, it can be confusing and tricky to use it for trimming and cutting. You have to understand the working mechanism and know how to prune trees with a pole saw.

Moreover, nowadays, there are a lot of variations of pole saws available in the market. These have a similar principle but different features. Trimming trees with a pole saw requires much broader skills and knowledge.

How To Trim Trees With A Pole Saw with the highest Safety?

How To Trim Trees With A Pole Saw with the highest Safety

To trim trees using a pole saw, you should know the basic safety rules. People used manual pole saws and pole pruners for trimming trees in earlier times. But while operating a Battery operated, Electrical power-operated, or Gas-operated pole saws, you have to be more careful.

Step One: Wear Personal Protective Gear

Wear Personal Protective Gear

The first and foremost rule to using any power tool is to ensure the operator’s protection. You must use a full-fledged personal protective gear kit to keep yourself safe from injury.

Apart from the operator, the assistants and supervisor should also wear protective gear. The kit must include a certified Helmet for head protection, Safety Goggles for Eyes, and Earmuff for auditory protection.

Besides that, boots should be worn to keep your feet safe from accidental timber or branch impacts. Lastly, a quality pair of hand gloves should be worn to grip the pole saw better.

Step Two: Select The Specific Pole Saw & Make It Ready For Using

Select The Specific Pole Saw & Make It Ready For Using

Before trimming the trees, you have to select the suitable type of Pole saw. You can use manual pole pruners for small branches and barks less than an inch in diameter.

For cutting branches and leaves more than 3 inches in diameter. It uses a motorized chain saw on top of a pole. Check the battery level and lubricating oil level before using a cordless pole saw.

For heavy trimming with branches having diameters around 5-6 inches, you should go for Gas Operated or an Electric operated pole saw. Use a sufficient amount of gas before usage so that you do not have to refuel in the middle of the work.

Step Three: Select The Length And Angle Of The Pole Saw

Select The Length And Angle Of The Pole Saw

You have to determine and select the pole saw height depending upon the height of the tree and target branches. Choosing too long or too short pole length may cause potential accidents while working.

Generally, a pole saw comes with a pre-built maximum of  9-13 feet of length. You can extend the telescopic length of the pole saw up to 5-6 ft for medium-sized trees standing on the ground. 

But for taller trees, you may have to climb up a ladder or on an automated lifting vehicle. Seek help for assistance while working on elevated heights.

Bend the neck of the chain saw to a specific angle from 0 to 30 degrees. Do not over-bend the chain saw as it also shifts the weight of the tool.

Step Four: Trimming The Trees

Trimming The Trees

Grab the pole saw firmly using both hands. Place the chain slightly above the target branch. Then press the trigger or throttle of the tool to start the saw. Push the running chain saw to the branches by applying gentle force till it gets snapped.

For trimming denser trees, firstly cut the branches at a shorter height, then extend the pole saw to go higher. Keep your surroundings free of obstacles for maneuvering around freely.

Step Five: Prevent Kickback and Branch Snapping

Prevent Kickback and Branch Snapping

The most common cause of accidents while using a powered pole saw is the kickback from the top of the chain saw. It is a phenomenon in which the saw snaps backward due to over pushing or overpowering.

Besides, while cutting the branches, keep an eye on the spring action of the heavy branches. Be sure to track the branches falling site from the height while cutting. Lastly, keep a minimum safe distance from the trees of which the branches and bars need to be trimmed.

Safety Tips While Trimming Trees With A Pole Saw

Safety Tips While Trimming Trees With A Pole Saw

These are some mandatory safety tips to trim trees using a pole saw without facing any accidents.

  • Wear all sorts of protective gear while trimming.
  • Do not use electrical, battery-operated, or gas-operated pole saws at night or in the rain.
  • Use the pole saws to cut only branches having diameters between an inch to 8 inches.
  • While using a ladder or hydraulic lifting vehicle, keep some personnel to assist in work.
  • Maintain balance while exerting force while cutting.
  • Maintain distance from the trees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trimming Tress with A Pole Saw

How thick of a branch can a pole saw cut?

Manual pole saws can cut branches between an inch up to 3 inches. Automated pole saws with a chainsaw can easily cut branches up to 8 inches in diameter. Gas-powered pole saws can cut branches of 4 to 5 inches effortlessly.

Can you cut a tree down with a pole saw?

Pole saws are designed to cut branches and trim trees with a maximum of 8 inches diameter. But it can cut down small trees with a thickness of fewer than 8 inches. The chainsaw of a pole saw is not powerful enough to cut heavier trees.

How big of a tree can you cut with a pole saw?

You can cut trees using a pole saw with a thickness of not more than 8 inches. There are specialized chainsaws in the market for cutting trees that are more powerful than the pole saw.


Pole saws are very popular among gardeners and professional arborists. Like every other power tool and sharp tool, you must keep in mind safety while using a pole saw. That is why you must have a clear concept about how to trim trees with a  pole saw.

Trimming trees using a pole saw can be tricky if you are a first-timer. Pole saws can be fatal for you if you do not follow the safety rules while working with them. 

More on that, the trimmed branches and barks should be handled carefully. Because these can be heavy and may cause unfortunate accidents.

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