How To Unlock A Hitachi Miter Saw- Easy Steps

People usually face trouble while using Hitachi saw; they complain that unlocking their miter is confusing. It took them hours of meaningless effort to figure out the procedure.  Seriously? If you know how to unlock a Hitachi miter saw, you can do that within seconds?

Hitachi tools usually come with diverse locking anatomies such as spindle, bevel, pivot, slide, and angel. These locks are kept in separate places. 

Every lock has unique functions. However, the unlocking structure of any saw’s quite the same. Just pull, push, or twist the pin or knob with little pressure. And then, you can tilt or move the tool at various angles. 

How To Unlock A Hitachi Miter Saw – Depth Analysis

A Hitachi tool has different types of locks. Let me clarify those sections into simple steps.

How to unlock the Angle?

In a miter saw, where you put your board is called a table. The table helps to cut the board accurately. Almost every saw has an angle gauge near the table. 

Angle cut is trimmed across the board at different degrees. No matter what angle you want – you can change the dial according to your need. Mostly, People use it to cut a board at a 45-degree angle.

  • Just twist or push the knob or lever to unlock the framing. 
  • Set the angle you want.
  • When you decide the angle, twist it back and lock it. 

How To Unlock the Pivot?

Look carefully, you’ll find a pin on the pivot arm. This pivot pin is beneath the arm. Just unlock the pin. And lift the blade. A safeguard already covers the blade. Procedure-

  • On the backend of the miter arm, there is a pin.
  • Slowly pull the pin.
  • Elicit the pin and leave it outside.
  • Now, lift the arm.

How to unlock the Bevel?

Hitachi has two kinds of bevels. The bevel organizes the tilt of your blade. To tilt in one way direction, use a single layer bevel. On the contrary, double bevel compound tilt in two ways. 

A bevel cut is an angled cut across the thickness of the material. It lies in the bottom or behind a blade. All you need to do is-

  • Identify the bevel pin.
  • Then, pull the pin out with mild pressure.
  • Tilt the handle in your preferred way. 

How to unlock the Spindle?

The spindle lock helps to replace the saw blade safely. When you lock the spindle, the rotation of the blade will stop. Then, change the blade – push the spindle to unlock- is placed on the arm. Due to safety measures, every power source should stop.

  • Lift blade-guard to the top.
  • Untie the screw from the blade.
  • Press the spindle lock with mild pressure.
  • Withdraw the bolt in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Replace the blade
  • Fix the bolt clockwise.
  • Now, unlock the spindle. And the blade starts tuning.

How to unlock the Slide?

Hitachi saw’s usually don’t come with a slide. In case you have, slide the tool and cut more accurately. To cut down the large piece of wood, use a slide. Cut your board with specific measures. Just-

  • Hold the handle gently.
  • Pull the sliding point pin.
  • Slide how far you want.
  • Tighten the lock by pushing the pin.

Safety measurement:

A typical Hitachi blade rotates at 140 miles per hour. While splitting the wood, it can damage your eye, cut your hands, and so on. Therefore, before cutting the board, safety measures should be considered in the top priority list.

  • Check the instruction manual.
  • Try to keep your hand 6 inches away from the blade. 
  • Keep your arm steady.
  • Wood can hover your eyes. So, use an Eye protector.
  • Also, make sure to use a dust protector and ear protector.
  • Make sure you haven’t worn loose clothing, jewelry.

Frequently Asked Question

Got more questions related to unlocking the miter saw? Check the section below to get your answer?

How do you release a miter saw lock?

To release the lock, push and pull out the pin hanging on the arm. The pin should be twisted or pulled out to release the pressure. With time, the blade will lift on its own. A guard already covered the blade.

How do you unlock a Pro-Tech miter saw?

A pivot is located on the back-end of a miter saw; push or pull the pin to unlock the saw. Then you can swiftly lift the saw for cutting. Lock the miter and keep the arm down, to easily carry it. 

How do you adjust a 45-degree angle on a miter saw?

Every saw has a miter gauge to dialed the angle. Tilt the knob or lever into the right direction and stop it when the 45-degree angle previews. Put the board on the fence so that the cut across the board will be stable at 45 degrees. 

How do you adjust a miter saw for accurate cuts?

Now that you have already adjusted the miter. It’s time to cut the board where you marked. Lower the arm to see if it’s in an accurate position. When you press the button on the handle, it will cut the board at your preferred angle.

If you want to cut a 10-meter board into two different 5-meter boards, measure the blade thickness. Let’s say the kerf or thickness is 0.6 inches. Therefore, you need to have 10.6 inches boards to get two separate 5-meter boards.


On the marketplace, there are several variants of a miter saw. Some of them have slide locks others have bevel locks. So, how to unlock a Hitachi miter easily? No matter which miters you have, the unlocking procedure is quite the same. 

First of all, identify the pins/knobs. Then according to its function, pull or push the operator gently. When the pressure is released, you can easily adjust the miter in different directions.

That’s how you can easily learn how to unlock a Hitachi miter saw. After finishing the wooden work, lock the saw. Try to keep it in a safe place.

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