Learn Unlocking: How to Unlock a Miter Saw (Easy Tricks)

Are you a user of the miter saw and having trouble to unlock it? Yes, it is really pathetic if not aware of the right way. But the days of your worries go. Now you can get relief by going through this article on how to unlock a miter saw.

You will surely like it. So stay with us to have the proper guideline. Before proceeding to the main guideline let’s first check important issues regarding miter saw.

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What miter saw is?

Miter saw basically is a cutting tool. Experts tool for having faultless crosscuts. Especially for cutting wood items with the help of miter saw you can have an accurate cutting for your door frame, photo frame, etc. Especially for the serious project and angle cuts miter saw is used.

It is great owing heavy duty machine, regardless of your previous experience, skills of using it. This machine is useful for a huge variety of differentiated applications. But many have doubts about whether they should own it or not.

How to Unlock a Miter Saw

Even many think it is a matter of fortune to have one because of the high price. But now there are miter saws available at affordable rates. After researching they at last found that it is pretty simplest as well as straightforward to use a miter saw. There are guides for absolute beginners who are not aware of the capabilities of this amazing cutting machine.

There are mainly three types of miter saw available. To cut the boards from an angle from the top standard miter saw are there. It is best for corner cutting work but not ideal for a variety of cutting works that need different angle cutting.

Compound miter saw gives you the facility of cutting from different angles. You can horizontally or even vertically do your cutting job with smoothness. Single action compound miter saw bevels to one side only, while dual action miter saw allows both sides.

The Unlocking Process

Miter Saw is an important tool for carpenters. For safety reasons, it needs to be locked and unlocked. This is not that complicated process. It’s just you need to know some parts related to this process. The process is controlled by knob and pin.

By pulling and pushing the knob unlocking and locking is done. But there are verities of the miter saw in the market. The process sometimes varies from one to another. Like there is an angle lock system, bevel lock system, swivel locks system, rail lock, blade lock, etc.

Among them, bevel lock and swivel locks are not available in all miter saw.

Quick Tips and Ticks:

There are safety precautions one should follow while using a miter saw. You will eventually end up hurting yourself or doing damage for the machine if not follow the safety guards. Hence, there is no chance of avoiding it.

Among the safety guards, the most important is to use safety equipment all the time you work with the machine. It includes hand gloves, eye goggles, ear protection masks, etc. Hand gloves will help you safeguard your hands from sharp blades. It is very health-hazardous working without gloves.

Ear protectors help you remain safe from sound pollution the machine create. It is not good for the ears to be exposed to high sound. So the necessity of using ear mask needs no description further. While cutting woods dust can cause harm to your eyes, so goggles need to wear.

Also, it is very important to switch off the machine and plug it out when there is a need for adjustment. Though it seems a really small issue is very important. In fact, there are histories of getting hurt making adjustments as underestimated the importance of plugging out the machine during minor adjustments.

Moreover, it is also very important to keep the machine clean. There are systems of vacuums for this purpose. In fine, whether there are safety systems to prevent the machine from accidentally turning on but it’s never completely safe and secure. So, it is a smart choice to keep eyes on lowering potential risks.

How to unlock Dewalt miter saw

How to unlock Dewalt miter saw

We have already discussed Bosch miter saw is a power tool for woodcutting works to have accurate cuts and professional touch to their work. Like other tools, miter saw has different brands. Dewalt miter saw is one of the popular brands of miter saw available in the market.

After ordering, you will get your miter saw. You have to assemble a little before using the machine. Miter saw has sharp blades. So needs careful handling. Any simple mistake can make big harm. For safety purpose, there is an option for a tool to make it fold while not in use.

For safety two Different systems for locking the tool is there. It is there also for giving a variety of accurate cut. The first lock is present at the very back of the tool. To control up and down movement of the machine first lock is used. The second lock is located at the front. For controlling the angles, the second lock is used.

When there is need to carry the saw from one place of work to another, it is vital for safety purpose to keep the blade at down position. The Dewalt miter saw usually has blade guard at the upper part of the blade designed with the model.

The lower part is kept secure and out of reaches below the table also known as the teeth of the blade. At the back of the blade, there is lock controlled by a single knob. By pulling the knob, you can lock the blade. On the other hand, by pushing the knob, you can unlock.

Angle lock is there at the very front of the miter saw to control the angle movement. To lock the action of the blade to swivels fro left direction to right direction the large and horizontal nature knurled knob is also located at the front.

How to unlock Ryobi miter saw

Ryobi miter saw is another popular miter saw available in the market. It gives you perfect cutting for your door frame, photo frames, etc. with two types of cutting facility. One from the angle of saw blade other is from the angle of the particular work-piece.

To enhance the security and for transporting easily from one place to another, the arm of the miter saw can be locked. Simply by pressing down the saw arm and by pulling out the pin into the lock, you can use it again in the work field.

Following steps can be maintained to unlock the Ryobi miter saw.

Firstly, hold the pin attached for locking. It is a small and cylindrical button located on the right side of the miter saw button. Second, need to press gently in a downward position to allow free floating of pivot joints between the limits at the upper side and lower side limits of the locked position.

Third, you need to pull out the pin-attach with a lock to the position right. When you are doing this, you will have the feel it is slightly dislodging.

Finally, release the arm of the saw with pulling back the pin, it will rise then. After it reaches the max position of height, then you can release the attached pin.

How to unlock a craftsman miter saw


Craftsman miter saw well known for having precision cuts with marvelous cutting power. You will have a very comfortable cutting experience with this amazing miter saw. But if you are a new user of the miter saw you must first have good knowledge about the use of the miter saw.

Miter saw it can be taken from one place to another.  Like other miter saw this also have a locking system to protect the machine from damage. It also gives you the security of use. It has double locks comprise of front lock and back lock.

The front lock controls up and down movement. On the other hand, back lock controls angles movement. There is also a blade guard to avoid accidental damages.

For unlocking need to push down the switch handle slightly. Then need to pull out the hold-down directive latch. After that, the cutting head will rise to an upward position.

If there is need to transfer the saw, then you must lock it in a downward position. For locking, need to push down the cutting head almost to its lowest possible position. Then need to push hold-down latch firmly into the attached locking hole.

However, you should remain careful not to carry the saw by holding switch handle, should not also hold the saw by its cutting arm or the attached miter handle. Otherwise, it could cause serious damage.

Final Words

As there is a need for transporting miter saw from one place to another manufacture has designed the machine so to facilitate the need. With due secured locking system, it can be conveniently transported here and there of the job site.

There are different systems depending on which miter saw you are using. It is better to read manual instructions on how to unlock a miter saw before proceeding. In fact, if you are not expert enough should take help of an expert.

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