How to Unlock Bosch Miter Saw Easily with a Few Steps

Are you having trouble unlocking the bevel angle with the Bosch miter saw? Or need to put the saw into the car to jump into another place? Hence, opening the miter saw is the perfect answer for you. Whether you have a sliding or compound miter, saw, unlocking the saw can sort out the complexity of woodwork. Now, the question comes, how to unlock Bosch miter saw

The answer is simple. You can unlock the saw following some instructions and complete the process more quickly and simply. Here, we will help you to open yours. Have a look!

Why should You Unlock the Saw

Flexibility for cuts with a circular blade- this primary feature makes the miter saw much significant. As you can move the blade around the wood, the saw has several locks in the body to keep it steady. These locks need to be unlocked by time for these facts-

  • You can shift the blade into your desired position by unlocking the saw.
  • Unlocking the saw gives you the comfort to move the miter saw into a transportable design.
  • The miter cuts become much smoother and straighter after unlocking the saw.
  • You can easily understand your saw’s mechanism after unlocking the saw.
  • Maintenance of many parts like bevel, rail, blade, etc., becomes more efficient by unlocking the saw.
  • DIY projects with a miter saw become simpler to newbies by unlocking the saw.
  • You can do the replacement of damaged or worn-out parts of the miter saw safely unlocking the saw. 

How to Unlock Bosch Miter SawStep by step

Now lets see how you can unlock a Bosch miter saw. 

The headlock

Bosch miter saw has a metal pin that attaches the head with the base. You will find it on the right side of the handle or the blade. Follow the metal rail towards the bottom, and you will find it. To unlock the head,

  • Bring yourself on the right side of the edge.
  • Press the handle a little downward and hold it still.
  • Pull the pin out slowly out of the rail till the end.
  • If you can move the blade up and down, your miter saw’s head is in the unlocked position.

Bevel lock

The bevel lock is right under the rear cover of the miter saw. You will find the bolts there along with the bevel pin. To unlock the bevel lock, here’s what you need to do-

  • Bring the head lower and keep it in a steady position.
  • Lock the headpin to keep the assemble steady.
  • Push it back to the saw table.
  • Lock the rail guide rail and turn around the table.
  • Pull the bevel lever to unlock the bevel.

Angle lock

The miter saw’s base has an angle lock right on the front. There is a knob and a lever beside the lock that helps you to adjust the angles. Here’s how you can unlock the angle lock.

  • Check the knob and lever if it’s tight or not.
  • Lock the head or the blade into a higher position.
  • Turn the knob anti-clockwise or push the lever slowly.
  • The angle lock will be unlocked when you can move the miter scale.

Swivel lock

This is the lock that makes the cutting holding the blade at your desired angle. It has a knob to set the blade free. You will find it in the preset angle area on the miter saw’s body. The unlocking system is simple.

  • Depress or lower the guide bar.
  • Make a rotation and move it. 
  • Release the knob to reach the perfect angle. 

Rail lock

You will find a knob on the blade arm of the miter saw’s head. It’s the rail lock that makes several specific cuts and keeps the head safe for transportation. Follow the instructions below to unlock it.

  • Keep the blade and the bar upwards.
  • Bring the miter saw’s head closer and lock the headpin.
  • Lose the knob holding the head still and unlock the rail lock.

Blade lock

The blade lock is right on the head, and the laser guide is of Bosch’s miter saw. Hence, you will find a metal pin, and that locks the blade with a blade guard. You can unlock it quickly following this process-

  • Cover the teeth of the blade with the guard.
  • Push the head downwards with the handle.
  • Pull the pin-up by keeping pressure on the head to unlock the blade lock.

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Final verdict

Bosch miter saws are one of the compact miter saws with a more straightforward ergonomic design. Now that you know how to unlock Bosch miter saw, you can keep up your woodworking without any trouble. Keep in mind the procedure we mentioned without mixing it up and make yourself ready for the cut.

So, rail up and get back to the job!

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