How to Unlock Craftsman Miter Saw Like a Pro

Craftsman is reputed for providing quality lock features with their miter saw. You can’t deny its significance as a part of the advanced user’s safety. However, it’s mandatory to unlock your miter saw to start your desired task. But, some of the users aren’t aware of the exact unlocking system. In this article, we’ll elaborate on how to unlock Craftsman miter saw like a pro. If newbies are reading this writing, we are assuring that this article can help them for successful unlocking. Therefore, we’re going to explain the whole process step by step.

As the whole process isn’t simplified in the manual book, it’s irritating to understand the unlocking process from there. On the other hand, you can unlock a Craftsman miter saw using its relevant parts after going through this writing. So, we should dive into the discussion floor.

Why should you unlock a Craftsman miter saw?

A miter saw contains a sharp saw that can cause severe injury from someone’s unconsciousness. As a part of the safety, a locking feature exists here. But, you need to use the saw as you want to complete your task. 

In this circumstance, it’s mandatory to unlock your Craftsman miter saw. If we tell you more briefly, you need to unlock or uncover the blade to start your cutting. And unlocking the Craftsman miter saw will allow the blade to be ready for cutting.

Getting familiar with different locks

Almost every miter saw has a knob & a pin to operate the lock. But, there are some varieties in the locking system that you should know about. Here we are upholding some kinds of locks.

Angle lock 

Among all the locks, this kind of lock is widely used as it’s user-friendly. A large knob or button helps to lock this kind of locking function. When the knob gets tight enough, then your saw will be locked. If you move the knob in the opposite direction, then your miter saw will be unlocked instantly.

Rail lock 

The miter saw contains a rail lock that uses a kind of knob pressing function. When the user presses the knob on the saw’s blade, it gets locked automatically. When you need to unlock it, simply press on it to unlock. This kind of locking system is helpful for maintaining cutting accuracy.

Swivel lock 

The swivel lock is a kind of rotational lock that works by rotating horizontally & vertically. The word “swivel” represents the connection between two points. This connection is responsible for rotating in horizontal or vertical directions.

Blade lock

This lock works with the help of a pin. It’s situated on the rear side of the miter saw. When you press on the pin, it gets unlocked. In the opposite direction, you can lock it. However, it offers convenience to the users to unlock the miter saw easily.

Position lock 

It works by a guard system to protect the users from the saw. A single button controls the locking & unlocking option. When the button is pressed, the guard covers the saw & it gets locked. The unlocking method follows the reverse way.

How to Unlock Craftsman Miter Saw – More Detailed

In this segment, we’ll show the exact actions of unlocking your Craftsman miter saw. All the processes are almost similar but a little different. Whatever, follow our ways to learn how to unlock Craftsman miter saw like a pro.

Universal method of unlocking

Universal method of unlocking Craftsman Miter Saw

Step:1- Find the lock pin

Most of the Craftsman miter saw contains their lock pin at the right side of the hanging mechanism. Find it at first by having a look at it. 

Step:2- Lubricate the lock pin

Before unlocking, the cleaning tool for the pin of the Craftsman miter saw is mandatory. Don’t forget to use a brush to clean its grooves. Otherwise, it may trouble the lock pin.

Step:3- Unlock the head

Put some pressure with your hand on the saw head to unlock. Find the knob and simply pull it to unlock the head properly. When it’s a sliding miter saw, you need to loosen the lock to unlock the head. 

Step:4- Loosen the knob

This step is helpful to unlock the main table. To do this, simply loosen the attached knob slowly. By loosening the knob, you can have access to the quadrant part of the saw. 

Step:-5- Adjust the angle

There are two lock systems to control the angle. Swivel lock helps to unlock the blade to get to work. On the other hand, a lever locks the desired angle to get precise results. 

Unlocking the position lock

Step 1: Find the lock pin

First, find the proper location of the lock pin. For a position lock, it’s a single button. This button helps to both lock & unlock the position lock.

Step 2: Uncover the blade

As it’s a button system advanced method of unlocking, no necessity of applying some lubricant. However, you have found the button in the previous step. Press it to unlock the blade of the miter saw. A guard will automatically uncover the blade after pressing the button. 

Opening the blade lock 

Step 1: Locate the pin

Locate where the pin is situated on your miter saw. For a blade lock, it’s on the backside of the miter saw. However, most of the Craftsman miter saw is designed with the same pin location.

Step 2: Clean the pin

Apply some cleaning material to clean the pin. It will help the pin to get stuck while unlocking the miter saw.

Step 3: Unlock the blade

Then, press on the pin to unlock the blade. As you have applied lubricant, your miter saw blade will be unlocked at a glance.

Accessing to the rail lock 

Step 1: Find the nob and pin position

This kind of lock follows a push & pull method. It consists of a knob & a pin. The first responsibility is to find the position of the knob & the pin. The button is probably situated at the end of the spindle.

Step 2: Twist the knob

After completing the previous step successfully, you need to twist the knob. When you twist the knob, simply it locks the blade. However, it may require pushing a button instead of twisting a knob. 

Unlocking the angle lock

Step 1: Determine the lock button

It’s a lock system used in a miter saw to adjust the desired angle. The first task is to determine the knurled lock button & the lever. The lock system works by the combination of these.

Step 2: Move he knurled lock button

You need to move the knurled lock button counterclockwise in order to unlock the blade. Keep moving the knob slowly until it stops. 

Step 3: Move the lever

It’s time to move the lever under the button or knob. The lever helps to reset the previous angles. If you move it, you can set a new angle then. However, some of the models may contain the lever on the top position of the button. Hence, it works in a similar method.

Frequently Asked Question

Here we are representing some common questions about unlocking a Craftsman miter saw. 

Why won’t my miter saw lift up?

The blade of the miter saw should lift up automatically. It’s all about releasing a pin. After lifting, the guard covers the blade. If something goes wrong, then it’s sure that your miter saw is in trouble with dust.

What is a spindle lock on a miter saw?

A spindle lock is a part of safety on a miter saw. It’s used to prevent the blade of a miter saw from turning around. Activating the spindle lock is simple at all. Push the exact button & that locks the blade of the miter saw.

How to Unlock a Craftsman Miter Saw for 3 Different Cuttings?

For a miter cut, move the miter handle in the counterclockwise direction for unlocking the miter table. For bevel cut, loosen the bevel lock handle by turning it clockwise. And, for a compound cut, simply loosen the bevel lock handle and lift the locking lever. 

Why does my miter saw not cut straight?

For the incapacity of clamping a material down, your miter saw doesn’t cut straight. It’s considered the primary reason. However, a miter saw is engineered to bring the material towards the blade when cutting it. If there’s something inappropriate in this process, it might provide an inappropriate cut.


So, do you think now that unlocking a Craftsman miter saw is too complicated after reading this article? Our detailed review mustn’t allow you to say that. Throughout the whole article, we have tried to show you how to unlock Craftsman miter saw like a pro. Along with this, we have briefly demonstrated a review of different kinds of locks. Also, the essential parts to unlock the lock are introduced.

However, you may have noticed that all the miter saw works by maintaining a common principle. So, we have shown you the universal method of unlocking at first. Then, we discussed some popular unlocking processes. Hence, our effort was to help the freshers to unlock a miter saw easily. We think our effort will be fruitful if you can unlock it following our instructions.

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