How To Unlock Makita Miter Saw – Easy And Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered how to unlock a Makita miter saw accurately? 

Is it critical or easy?

Well, unlocking the Makita saw is not that critical. You need to identify the operating system first and then understand how the system works.

Makita miter saw comes with different body parts and you need to unlock different parts in different ways. The basic mechanism is the same. Just find the knob or pins, pull the operator, or turn the knob. Some of the pins or knobs are seated on the rear wing; others are on the front wing. 

How To Unlock Makita Miter Saw – The Whole process

Let’s talk how you can unlock the different parts of a Makita miter saw. 

1. Unlocking procedure of Miter Detent Lever: 

Lever detent is usually seated near the miter table. Just unlock the lever and release the pressure. Along with the saw’s angle, the table will automatically change. 

An indicator will help you to meet the desired angle. When you hover over some of the preset angles like 0, 45, 60, 90 degrees, the lever will automatically lock.

By switching the angle with a slight force, you can preset the edge. And cut across the board. People usually tend to use the miter gauge to cut their board at a 45-degree angle. So, what is the procedure of lever unlocking?

  • Grab the lever or knob with one hand.
  • Turn or press the lever while sliding. Thus, the gauge won’t be locked
  • Release the pressure when you set your angle.

2. Unlocking procedure of Blade: 

It happened to all due to an arbor lock. Let’s say you want to change or lock the saw’s edge. To replace it, relax the bolt. When you untie the nut, the blade will fall apart. In contrast, to secure the blade, you need to tighten the nut. 

Here comes the arbor lock. An arbor lock obstructs the rotation of a blade. Just push the arbor lock. And the rest of the work will be computerized. You can fix your blade within seconds. After that, you can unlock the arbor and swing around again. So, how to unlock the blade?

  • Arbor is seated on the blade.
  • Push the trigger gently.
  • The locking procedure is also the same.

3. Unlocking procedure of Handle Pin:

When you first buy a saw, the handle will be exposed- bent and locked. At that moment, you will wonder why. The reason is – it concise the volume of the saw. Besides, it will be safe. The process is also called bench mounting. So, how are you going to unlock the handle?

  • Look closer; you’ll notice a stopper pin cockpit on the arm.
  • Prone the grip with slight pressure.
  • Stretch out the pin.
  • Skyward the arm when the pressure releases.

4. Unlocking procedure of Bevel range control Lever:

If you want to tilt the arm other than a 90-degree direction, use the bevel lock. However, a single bevel tilts in one way. It helps you to draw an angle cut across the work piece. The stopper pin is seated on the rear side of the tool. 

  • Unlock the bevel by twisting counterclockwise.
  • Tilt the handle on the right or left side.
  • Set the bevel angle.
  • Then, fix the arm by turning the lever clockwise.

5. Unlocking procedure of Slide lock Knob:

Slides are usually attended to support the work piece. It helps to adjust the saw for repetitive cuts.  A long work piece won’t cut through without a slide lock knob. 

To use the slide, lead the saw outward. And then, cut towards the fence. Push the trigger of your saw’s handle – drive mild force to cut the portion. 

  • Slide pin has dwelled on the back-end of the miter’s arm. Mainly, it is situated closer to its slide.
  • Pluck the pin.
  • Apprehend the handle. Slide it inward as well as backward.
  • Push the pin to set the slide.

What to do for Safe operation:

What to do for Safe operation

A typical miter saw’s blade turns at 4600 RPM. Placing your hand closer to the edge can be hazardous. It will damage your ear, eyes, and lungs since it can spark.

  • Read the instruction manual.
  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Examine the machine to see if it counts any flaws.
  • Wear a hear protector.
  • While changing the blade, stop the power source.
  • To perform the bevel cut, make sure it’s locked into the desired angle.
  • Keep your hand distance from the blade.
  • Avoid cutting masonry or metal.

Frequently Asked Question

Have more questions in mind about the unlocking process? Make sure to read the answers below.

Why Won’t Your Miter Saw Turn on?

Probably your saw is damaged. Examine the blade, power cord, carbon rush, switch, vibration, sparking. Try to apply oil on the glide surface. Most of the time, it happens due to not practicing for a while.

How do you lubricate a miter saw?

To remove the dust, spray some fresh air. Try to clean the damaged surface with WD-40. Grant the tool half an hour to drench the lubricate. If possible, use a dry lubricant. Tilt or move the damaged part for a minute along with lubricating.

How do you cut a 90-degree angle with a miter saw?

Stable the workpiece into the table, closer to the fence. Slide the angle liver into a 90-degree angle or straight. A gauge indicator will help you to measure the cut. When it comes to 90- degree angle, lock the lever and mark the workpiece where you intended to cut. 

Lower the arm to check if it is in the precise position. While pressing the trigger on the miter’s hand, move the arm down. Then, it will cut across the piece at a certain edge.

How much does a miter saw cost?

Miter saw’s price depends on its features. A professional miter saw’s price is around 600 dollars. On the other hand, a compound miter saw charges around 100 dollars. 


I guess I have already solved your dilemma, how to unlock the Makita miter saw. Though some locks hinder the firearm move, others are uprooting the blade.

Every Makita originated an excellent composition. Hence, the stopper function is quite the same. Unbarring the roles is molding between the equivalent behavior –  pull the pin, spin the lever, or press the operator.

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