How to Unlock Metabo Miter Saw Smoothly

Metabo miter saw is one of the best companions in the carpentry application. It comes with a decent lock feature. Unlocking this tool before getting into the main job is a must. But, many people aren’t aware of its proper unlocking process as they’re beginners. Even experienced people make the mistake sometimes while unlocking the Metabo miter saw. Thinking about them, here is a complete guideline on how to unlock Metabo miter saw. However, the process of unlocking a Metabo miter saw isn’t difficult at all.

All you need to do, follow some straightforward steps with proper safety manners. You are also encouraged to take some initial preparations before starting the unlocking process. In addition, having a brief conception of the unlocking process-oriented parts must be helpful. 

Primary preparation 

Here you know about some initial works to make your unlocking process perfect. 

  • Unplugging the miter saw

It’s mandatory to unplug your Metabo miter saw before unlocking it. A plugged miter saw is extremely dangerous because the trigger may get pressed unwillingly. The trigger works as the commander to start slicing anything in the range of the blade. 

  •  Checking the surrounding

Take a convenient place and then have a look at the surroundings. Keep the trouble-making things away from the workspace. Then, get yourself ready with proper safety equipment. Besides, removing the debris from the machine’s surface away is a good move. Because the debris can block the machine’s head or bevel permanently or temporarily. 

  • Checking the condition of the parts

A faulty part related to a miter saw unlocking can ruin your unlocking process. Therefore, have a quick look at the parts before starting the task. 

How to Unlock Metabo Miter Saw – Detail Discussion

Well, you’re now at the stage of knowing how to unlock Metabo miter saw. This section will show you some easy and elaborated steps of its unlocking. 

Unlocking the miter saw head 

First, of all, you have to deal with the miter saw head. Most of the miter saw heads look like moveable pins. Follow the following instructions to complete this step within a moment. 

  • Determine the exact location of the miter saw head first. Perhaps, you’ll find it right behind the miter saw blade. More specifically, you’ll get it near the main base center point of your miter saw. However, you’ll find it inside the main base center point in case you’re owning a sliding version.
  • Now put additional pressure on the pin. Increase the rate of the applied pressure slowly.
  • Pull the miter saw head out and that makes the miter saw head unlocked. 

Opening the base 

The newly arrived miter saw model offers a knob to access its base. Here are some easy steps to unlock the base quickly. 

  • Fix an angle first you need to work with.
  • Move the knob in an anticlockwise direction to reach your desired angle. Once your knob reaches the destination, tighten the knob to stop there. 
  • Some advanced models come with common angle markings. You only need to move the knob towards the desired angle. And, your miter saw base will be accessible then. 

Locking and unlocking the bevel angle

This is the last task you need to do to unlock your Metabo miter saw. Here are some quick steps mentioned below.

  • Find the integrated sliding pin first. You can get it at the rear side and adhere to the base. 
  • Now, slide the pin carefully. This action will release the swing hand.
  • Keep pushing the pin back so that the swing can tilt in a convenient direction. 
  • Last, of all, set the expected angle and it will lead you to the conclusion. Some of the Metabo miter saw units have 45 and 90 degrees symbols. They are manufactured for the easy adjustment of the angle. 

Safety Instruction

Following the proper safety precautions keep you safe from any unwanted situation. You need to maintain the following suggestions while dealing with the Metabo miter saw. 

  • Any kind of machine work should be started with a pair of hand gloves. Along with protecting your palms from injury, it will save your hands from debris.
  • You must have to disassemble the electric connection before starting. Even, don’t think about connecting the connection before locking your miter saw.
  • Don’t think about measuring the sharpness of the miter saw blade. The deepness of the injury from a blade can be enormous. 
  • Pressing any part forcefully may bring a disaster on your miter saw. So, be careful while putting any kind of pressure through the fingers. 

Watch the video below if you still have any confusion –

Frequently Asked Question

It’s natural to have some questions on the Metabo miter saw unlocking process even after reading this writing. Here you get some popular questions with their answers. 

What is the spindle lock on a miter saw?

The spindle lock is a safety feature of a miter saw blade. Miter saw blades are extremely sharp and threatening for human beings. So, the spindle lock prevents the miter saw blade from turning. Since it’s a manual locking feature, you need to unlock it to use your miter saw blade.

How far should you keep your hands from a miter saw?

Unlocking a miter saw requires your hands to work close to the machine. But, never think about bringing your hand near the miter saw blade. Any unexpected issue can activate the miter saw blade in an instant. However, the 4 inches distance is considered the optimum.

What does the miter lock handle do?

A miter lock handle is a contributor to fixing the miter saw table. The miter cuts need to adjust the position of the miter table. In that circumstance, the miter lock handle does its job of adjustment. 

Can you lock a sliding miter saw?

Yes, you can lock a sliding miter saw without any hassle. Keep pressing the handle to bring the blade to the lowest position. After that, press the lock pin carefully so that you can lock the blade. 

How does a Mitre saw guard work?

A miter saw guard simply protects the blade from any incoming threats. Besides, it helps to protect the human body from severe injury. Most of the miter saw guards automatically retract and recover the blade depending on your movement. 


Knowing about unlocking a Metabo miter saw is not only the expert’s concern. Every general user must learn how to unlock Metabo miter saw. Just think about this scenario – you’re headed to cut but you don’t know its unlocking process. 

This mustn’t be a good moment for you. Now, you have a complete idea of the miter saw unlocking process. Following the aforementioned three steps will lead you to the final unlocking moment. If you aren’t straight on the portrayed steps, then you may fail to do this operation.

It’s strictly prohibited to start the job without maintaining proper safety manners. Activate the blade finally after completing the whole unlocking steps. If you face any difficulty identifying the parts, then go through the manual book instantly.

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