How to Unlock Ridgid Miter Saw – Step by Step guide

Sliding or compound miter saw- woodworking can get messy if you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, analyzing the parts and locks within the saw is essential for any DIY project. Hence, the Ridgid miter saw has a pretty simple mechanism for it. When you become aware of the locks, a query arises, how to unlock Ridgid miter saw? Is it possible without the manual? 

Yes, you can unlock the miter saw, even without any help from a manual or expert. But you need to follow some instructions to do the unlocking efficiently. Here’s what you need!

Is It Necessary to Unlock the Saw 

A miter saw smoothens the woodworking with various cuts like crosscuts, bevel cuts, etc. These cuts use all the parts available in the saw body. Therefore, several locks are created to make the miter saw versatile for the woodwork. Especially, unlocking the saw is much necessary to work with the mechanism. Here’s why-

  • You can make your DIY projects more dynamic by unlocking the saw.
  • Cleaning the parts like the base, bevel, etc., is much easier when you unlock the saw.
  • The saw can handle the angle cuts smoothly and quickly.
  • You can protect yourself from injuries and avoid any wobbling scenario.
  • The maintenance and replacement of the parts become much smoother, unlocking the saw.
  • You will know how to use the miter saw and get it into a compact design to move.

How to Unlock Ridgid Miter SawStep by step guide

Let’s check out the step-by-step guide of unlocking the Rigid miter saw.

Position lock

What will you see if you look at the black pivot area of the Ridgid miter saw? Yes, there is a button or knob there attached to the spindle. It locks the position of the saw’s spindle, also known as a push or pull lock. Here is the process to unlock the position lock-

  • See if the blade’s position is upward or not.
  • Check if the button is tight or not, and cover the blade teeth. 
  • Roll the button anti-clockwise, putting the handle downward.
  • When the switch is entirely loose, you will see the pin under it, and the spindle will be in the unlocked position.

Knurled knob lock

Changing the blade’s cutting angle is one of the significant features of miter saws. The knob right in front of the miter scale on the base is the knurled knob. As it remains locked all the time, you have to unlock it before angle cutting. You can open it easily following these steps-

  • Keep the saw’s head upward and lock it.
  • Roll the knob counterclockwise to lose the pivot.
  • Check the pivot for moving slide to slide angle cutting.

Angle lock

Angle cuts prefer no wobbling throughout the cutting. Therefore, you will find locks in the Ridgid miter saw on the saw’s front on two sides of it. The saw has a knob and lever to control the angles. Here’s the unlocking process of angle lock-

  • Keep the blade upward by holding the handle.
  • Loosen the knob until the miter saw gets unlocked.
  • Push the lever up and down to release the presets angles.

Bevel lock

When you are up to a relaxed miter cut, the setting of bevel angle must be done. Therefore, you have to unlock the bevel lock on the saw. You will find the lever easily on the front base of the saw that locks the bevel. Here are the instructions-

  • Hold the handle and lock the head up.
  • Press the lever simultaneously and check how much the bevel has loosened.
  • Release the lever when it’s entirely loose and put the bevel into the desired angle.

Swivel lock

Swiveling is much needed when you want to set the preset angle or custom the angle. You will find a lever near the knurled knob that controls the saw’s swivel. Here’s what you will do to unlock it-

  • Keep the saw’s head steady by holding it upward.
  • Press the lever to activate the preset angles.
  • Rotate the knob till you hear a click sound from the saw.

Base lock

You will notice a knob on the base when the miter saw is on the saw stand. It locks the bottom with the stand so that no wobbling situation happens while cutting. It looks like the headlock and helps you to make the saw’s position for the angles. The unlocking process is pretty simple.

  • Keep the blade away from the base and lock the position.
  • Hold the handle of the saw and rotate the knob.
  • Adjust the bottom according to the angle when it loses from the stand.

Watch the video below if you still have any confusion –

Final Verdict

In Ridgid miter saws, you can rotate the blade, varying the angles, and lock it up. Therefore, you must know how to unlock Ridgid miter saw and how it works. Hence, you know about all the procedures to open the saw now, with all mechanisms it holds.

So, unlock and get going with your miter saw!

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