How to Use a Gas Pole saw – A Complete Guideline

How to Use a Gas Pole saw

To eradicate the problem of cutting high branches of trees or limbs, a pole saw can be your best companion. The gas-operated pole saw is the most effective variation among all the pole saw. As It’s difficult to reach the toughest branches of a tree, a gas pole saw can help you. But, if you don’t have any idea about using it, we’ll hit off how to use a gas pole saw.

A pole saw can be risky to operate without knowing the appropriate using procedure. You can’t cut all kinds of limbs using a gas pole saw. The wrong application of a gas pole saw can cause an accident. Besides, it causes an economical loss by damaging the components. After going through this article, it won’t be an issue anymore to cut the branches of the tree using a gas pole saw.

Steps on How to use a gas pole saw

Steps on How to use a gas pole saw

People often think using a gas pole saw is challenging. Let me tell you that it is not that rocket science. You can easily operate a pole saw by following the methods below.

Primary initiatives

Before starting to elaborate on the using method of gas pole saw, you should know about some primary initiatives.

01. Check the pole saw before starting

Steps on How to use a gas pole saw

A pole saw is sharp enough to cause a good amount of bleeding. The faulty pole saw is a threat to safety. So, check it before assembling.

02. Assembling the blade

Steps on How to use a gas pole saw

You need to attach the blade with the pole carefully before starting. While assembling the blade, don’t forget to tighten the screw. A silly mistake can make your life dangerous. Tightening will securely keep your saw blade in position.

To assemble the blade

  • Find a setup with screws; you’ll get in on the top-rear side of the pole.
  • Use a screwdriver and unscrew the nut. 
  • Then put the blade carefully in a fixed position. 
  • Now, tighten the screw again & you’re done.

03. Determine the exact stem

Steps on How to use a gas pole saw

You mustn’t go for cutting a non-prefixed part of the tree. Don’t select a dense-looking limb. It’s recommended to cut the limbs within 3 to 8 inches. Thick limbs can create trouble & the blade of the saw may get damaged. So, it’s necessary to fix a plan before putting the saw on the limbs.

If you’re ready with the aforementioned steps, then you’re ready to use a gas pole saw.

Details process of using a gas pole saw

Now let’s dive into the main part of using techniques your gas pole saw.

Step:1: Take a convenient position with the pole saw 

Details process of using a gas pole saw

Set a convenient position between you & the pole saw. Grip the handle & make a position. While holding, maintain a safer distance from the blade. Try to stroll as little as possible. Remove all the obstacles from the bar & the chain.

Step:2: Adjust the pole length

You need to adjust the pole length according to the target stem. Measure the distance of the desired stem using your eyesight. It’s prohibited to extend or demean the length more than necessary. If you do this, you’ll need to shift your standing position & it may cause balance issues. So, be careful while passing through this step. You should know that generally a gas pole saw is allowed to extend to 12 feet in height.

Step:3: Activate the saw

Try to start the chainsaw using the starter rope. Use both of your hands. Balance the machine & your body with one hand & use another one to pull the starter rope. There may be the presence of advanced automated technologies to start the gas pole saw.

Step:4: Perform jump cuts

Details process of using a gas pole saw

Jump cuts are the process of cutting the beneath of the desired limb. It helps to reduce the weight of the final cut & make the way easy. Hold the saw under the target stem & apply your saw several times. As it requires some physical involvement, try to pick up a pole saw combining with your body weight.

Step:5: Make perpendicular cuts

Details process of using a gas pole saw

Hold the gas pole saw perpendicular to your hand. Don’t do this using a single hand. Do the deep cut so that you can easily have a final cut. You may need to apply some additional pressure if it’s a thick limb. If you aren’t comfortable with this cut, then go for the vertical cut.

 Step:6: Make vertical cuts

Details process of using a gas pole saw

This cut will help to receive a better experience. You can blow your gas pole saw quickly & it will make the way of final cutting much easier. Always make intense cuts so that you haven’t face the swung stem.

If you want to know How to Safely Operate Your Pole Saw, you can check this video.

Safety features

Safety tips of using a gas pole saw

Safety always comes first. It’s mandatory to maintain safety manners while using a pole saw. Here we’re upholding some facts you should care about.

  1. You should wear chainsaw protective gear. It includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, eye-protective equipment, boots & a comfortable dress.
  2. Never hold the pole in your right hand. Start with your right hand & hold with the left hand for perfect balancing. Vice versa for the left-hander.
  3. Don’t apply force externally. Let the pole saw cut in a natural way. It’s for the safety of the blade. The blade may get damaged if you create pressure.
  4. Bad weather can ruin your work. It can bring moisture to your pole saw chain. Windy or rainy weather must be avoided. Pick up a sunny day instead.
  5. If it’s possible, assess the tension & compression of the desired stem. It will help to do a successful operation. 

Frequently Asked Question about Operate of Gas Pole Saw

There are some pole saw related common questions among the readers & we’re clarifying all of them in this segment.

How do you cut branches with a pole saw?

First, take an expedient position & maintain the balance of your body with the pole saw. After observing the desired distance of the limb, put your pole saw tardily to the desired limb. Try to perform perpendicular or vertical cut & then make a safe decline.

How big a branch can a pole saw cut?

Pole saws can cut the branch of the trees in any size if they contain an optimum thickness. It is proved that a pole saw can cut the branches between 3 to 8 inches. It’s not a matter of length.

What is the longest gas pole saw?

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw is the longest gas pole saw in the market you can get. It offers 15 feet reach and extreme power to cut down tree branches, wood, logging, or pruning garden.

Which is better, gas or electric pole saw?

If you need a powerful saw to cut thick branches and cover a large area, a gas pole saw is better. On the flip side, to ensure a noise-free and small task in your garden, an electric pole saw works better.

Can you use a pole saw as a chainsaw?

Yes, you can use a pole saw as a chainsaw. Pole saws are the variations of the chainsaw. It comes with some different types & delivers an improved, optimized & convenient performance to the user. 


After coming to the termination, do you find using a gas pole saw complicated? We think it’s all about following some steps. The gas pole saw is an upgraded form of chainsaw to provide a better experience. Besides, it will save time & ensure safety rather than using a ladder or stool. You can do it on your holiday without the help of an expert. So, your money isn’t moving to anyone’s pocket.

You may face the problem of leave-falling, increase of limbs, disturbance of crows, disease of a specific stem & so on. A  gas pole saw can eradicate you from all these troubles. After going through this article, you mustn’t have any confusion about how to use a gas pole saw. Don’t become inattentive in any step of working. Maintaining the safety steps before starting a cutting session is highly appreciated.

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