How to Use a Manual Pole Saw: A Quick Step by Step Guide

Some irritating branches of trees may remind you of the necessity of a pole saw. But you are a beginner and afraid of using a pole saw. Without mastering using a manual pole saw with proper safety precautions, you can create a disastrous situation. To make your life easier, today, we’ll express how to use a manual pole saw. This article has tried to elaborate the whole using method by some easy steps dedicating the freshers.

Along with showing the manual pole saw using procedures, we’ll demonstrate the manual pole saw cutting techniques. Using a manual pole saw is all about the combination of the blade & the rope. Using an automated pole saw is okay for accelerating your work but it requires deeper setup & regulations. So, why don’t you stick on using a manual pole saw? 

How to use a manual pole saw

How to use a manual pole saw

Using a manual pole saw is neither rocket science nor child play. If you know the right techniques, it will be a cup of tea for you. Keep scrolling down to understand how to use a manual pole saw. 


Before starting, your manual pole saw needs to be prepared with its essential components. 

Check the components

It’s mandatory to check all the components for safety. A manual pole saw is constructed with a pole & the blades. Check if there is any fracture to the pole. It’s suggested avoiding a faulty pole. Generally, two types of blades are used: the long saw for cutting the branches & a little pruning-scissor to cut small branches. Check the sharpness of both blades. 

Install the blades with the pole

Install the blades with the pole

You can find a bolt set up to attach the blades. It’s recommended to use some lubricant to loosen them. Use a shank to install the new blades. Don’t forget to tighten them.

To install the blade

  • Check the top-rear side for screw setup.
  • Take a screwdriver and simply unscrew the nut. 
  • Take a sharp blade and put it carefully in a fixed position. 
  • Finally, use the drivers and tighten the screw again.

Select the appropriate branch 

People often make the common mistake of choosing the wrong branch of a tree. The thicker branch than 8 inches can damage the blade of the pole saw. Or else, the rotten branch of the tree with damp can create a stain problem to the blade.

Adjust the pole length

Adjust the pole length of the manual pole saw

There are two or three lockouts to adjust the pole length. When you extend the pole, it will reach its nearest lock point & get locked. You need to repeat this if you want to go to the next lock. You can reduce the length following the reverse method. Fix an appropriate length according to your desired branch. 

Hold the pole saw with a convenient position

Once you’re done, you need to hold the pole saw carefully before cutting. If you stroll continuously, the saw can create an unexpected situation like bleeding. Hold it using two hands & keep the front side down.

Methods of using a manual pole saw

Now let’s dive into the main part of our article.

Step-1: Start with the small branches

Methods of using a manual pole saw

Pruners are okay to cut the small branches of your tree. If the branch of the tree isn’t thick enough & easy to access, then cut it with the pruners first. It will help during the large stem cutting. Simply put the pruner & naturally cut the problem.

Step-2: Redact jump cuts 

Methods of using a manual pole saw

Jump cuts are the process of creating a groove underneath the desired limb. A groove makes the limb brittle & easy to cut. Using a manual pole saw, naturally try to create the groove below the desired branch. 

Step-3: Don’t push, be natural 

Methods of using a manual pole saw

Thinking about applying your muscle while creating a groove? Stay away. You mustn’t want to damage your pole saw facing the opposite force while creating some additional push. Keep your saw working naturally.

Step-4: Perform perpendicular cuts

Methods of using a manual pole saw

To do this, hold the pole saw perpendicular to your hand. Enhance your hands to the desired stem & keep cutting. Apply sufficient pressure if some trouble arises while dealing with a tough stem. It will help to be avoided from the swung limb. 

Step-5: Use the rope

Use a Rope to cut the stem by a Manual Saw

Some of the pole saws need to use a rope to cut the stem finally. This process is dependent on the previous steps. If you have done well, your desired stem will fall instantly after pulling the rope. Don’t apply the saw & rope at the same time. 


There are some facts you should remain alert about in the workplace. Here we go.

  1. You may get damaged unwillingly anytime as it’s a risky operation. So, wear chainsaw protective gear. It offers a helmet, a pair of gloves, eye-protective equipment, boots & a comfortable dress.
  2. Don’t exceed the thickness limitation while cutting the branches. Using your manual pole saw against a big thickness can be disastrous. No wonder if your blade is curved after applying it against a giant stem.
  3. Never think about pushing the blade to the wood piece by applying external force. It will certainly damage the manual pole saw. 
  4. Bad weather must be avoided. You can’t grip the pole saw perfectly if there is heavy rain or snow. Instead, pick a sunny day. 

Tips to use your manual pole saw effectively

Tips to use your manual pole saw effectively

We’re presenting some open secrets with you as you can use your manual pole saw with proper effectiveness. 

  1. Take a longer time to cut the thicker branches of the tree. The extended time will help to perform more trimming which is essential for the final cut. 
  1. Don’t knockback on the desired stem. You mustn’t want to lose the attachment of the blades from the pole. Instead, do some jump cuts.
  1. If you have an average height, you can work with a pole saw to get above 8 feet. Don’t think about bringing a ladder. You have an extension feature to reach the toughest corner. Use it instantly.
  1. It’s important to maintain body balance with the pole saw. So, it’s recommended to use the manual pole saw with two hands. After holding it with one hand, you can observe the difference.


Still, having some questions about using a manual saw after going through the aforementioned segments? Go through the quick answers given below.

How far will a pole saw reach?

It depends on the pole size. The larger pole has the advantage of reaching the toughest corner of the tree. It extends from 8-10 feet usually. So, till that height, a pole saw can reach. 

What’s the longest manual pole saw?

Perhaps the Remington RM1035P Ranger II is the longest pole saw currently on the market. It can be extended to 10 feet. So, a person with 5 feet height can easily reach the branch of 15 feet height.

How to use a pole saw with the rope?

The rope is used to perform the final cut. Tie the end of the rope after the blade. Before finally declining, pull the rope & decline the stem.

Can you trim hedges with a pole saw?

Occasionally you can trim hedges with a pole saw. A pole saw is convenient to use at a higher height & it can cut the limbs perfectly. You can trim hedges using it but you can’t find the perfection of the work.

How thick can a pole saw cut?

A pole saw can cut limbs up to 8 inches in thickness. The range is defined as 2 to 8 inches in thickness. Cutting the extended thickness can cause an accident. So, don’t exceed the limit anyway.


A pole saw isn’t tough to use at all. This article has tried to draw a detailed picture of how to use a manual pole saw. A manual pole saw is convenient rather than using a ladder or stool. Besides, it’s cheaper than the automated one. Don’t forget to follow even a single hint of our writing. If you miss any part of the safety caution or preparation segment, you can’t use a manual pole saw effectively. 

We believe our insightful & helpful guidelines will directly help you using a manual pole saw. You may notice that using a pole saw is all about timing & paying concentration on the project. You mustn’t have an unconscious mind during the time of using a pole saw. Otherwise, you can’t create the perfect groove using the manual pole saw & the purpose of using will be ruined. So, follow this article & move on.

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