How To Use A Pole Saw | Advance Guides And Techniques

How To Use A Pole Saw

Cutting thick vine or branch of a tree is a tough job. To make it possible you need to use a gas pole saw or a ladder to reach it from the ground. Besides that, you need to call a professional. A pole saw will serve you better than riding on a ladder to reach the higher branches of the trees.But pruning trees from the ground, especially the higher vines,Let’s talk about how to use a pole saw.

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you should follow a set of rules, or it could be dangerous. You have to take some precautions before you go ahead. 

How to use a Pole Saw Safely For Tree Pruning

How to use a Pole Saw Safely For Tree Pruning

Let’s see how you can use it properly for better results. Have a look.

Safety Measurement:

Safety is the priority in any kinds of job. But in this one, it is the, most important to clear your area to be safe and sound. When you cut a big branch of a tree, it might be risky for others present around this. Because you can’t use a pulley system while using pole saw.

You can’t control the falling of the vines that may cause damage, hurt or kill. So you need to clear the area where this big and heavy wood might fall. You must wear suitable clothes as well as boots while you are using pole saw.

 A protective goggle with a hard hat and work gloves are important for working with that. Lets’ talk about the concern of using a pole saw

Precaution (Advice)

How to use a Pole Saw
  • The first thing you need is reducing the weight of the branch you have decided to cut. If you don’t help yourself reducing weight, the cutting will be harder and more tiring for you. So you must jump cut before cutting the big vines.
  • A pole saw is made for using on limbs special which are on top of the tree and impossible to reach out from the ground. So it is dangerous enough to do it successfully. If the branch is thicker, you need to work harder. That would be more sweating for you.
  • Now it is about the extension of the pole saw. The longer the pole saw is, the harder to maintain it. If the extension exceeds 6-8 feet, you need to hard hands to handle it. You might choose the length of the pole saw comparing your yard. But the longer pole saw would be much tiring to use.
  • Electrocution is another dangerous thing while you are cutting vines. Don’t ever cut a branch near the electric lines. It must be very risky for your life. If the branch is near an electric line call the professional to cut it down.
  • The last but not the least is wearing your safety goggles and gloves. Don’t wear compact dresses or sandals when working. Always wear the boots to make yourself safer.

These rules must abide by since you are getting into it. You will be safe when you take that advice seriously. There is no chance to skipped or missed one which could be harmful to you.

Guides and Techniques:

How to use a Pole Saw Safely For Tree Pruning

It is really important to follow some guidelines when you are using such a dangerous tool. Cutting branches higher than the reach is a harder thing to do. Before you do start your job, make sure you set up all things right for your safety and accomplishment. Let’s guide you through the technique of cutting or pruning high branches.

Observe Closely:

How to use a Pole Saw

Before starting your cut, you need to observe the tree and the area closely. That will make the job easier and safer. Just for example if there is a hut near the trees or something fragile around the tree, it can be damaged as soon as the falling happens.

Check Again:

Check every important tool and dress before you go for the job. Wear a comfortable dress; take your protective goggles, boots, and gloves. Check your pole saw if it is in good condition to work it on.

Select branches from lower height first:

How to use a Pole Saw

At first, you should decide which one to cut. You start from the lower part of the tree. It will make an aisle for the higher ones. It also saves you from adjusting your pole frequently saw as you can cut the nearest vines angling from different sides.

Pole Saw Adjustment:

Pole Saw Adjustment

Now it is the time to adjust your pole saw. You should adjust your pole saw to reach the branches on top. We recommend you to follow instructions coming with your pole saw to adjust it as you need. Don’t take much height if your hands are capable of doing the cut. Because on extra height, it would be too much tiring for you to maintain the saw.

Position the Saw and Yourself:

How to use a Pole Saw

Another important part of this job is to position the saw as well as yourself. At first, take the pole saw using your both hands. Then you need to take the saw in a vertical position and reposition it to your cutting spot.

Then you need to move to rest the saw in the branches from where you can move your hands easily. You should maintain the chest height level to use the pole saw.

Start slowly from the Bottom and Finish it:

How to use a Pole Saw

After all those techniques you are now in a position to cut the branch. But before that, make sure to cut from the underneath of the vines when you go for a jump cut. If you are cutting a sloped branch, be careful when your saw can slip. You need to handle the cut slowly and start the groove by faster strokes. You should help yourself striking from the perpendicular position, although you may change your direction later.

Finishing Touch:

Observe closely while it is about to fall. It is much important to move aside in the safe position at falling time. After that clean the space and go for the second one.


A pole saw is an excellent tool to maintain this kind of task. But if you are new, please read out the instructions. There are also a lot of articles describing the guidance which can be helpful for you. I have described the use of the tools in how to use a pole saw article briefly.

There is something I need to mention again. Cutting branches of the trees from the ground is a dangerous type of task. So don’t step before making sure it is possible for you to maintain. The handling is not so tough. But the balance and safety depend on you.

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