How to Use A Sliding Miter Saw Safely!

With so many varieties, sizes, shapes and colors miter saw are becoming a regular tool for any workshop. Sliding miter saw are a great way with the glide back and forth feature that helps you to have a better cut.

It gives a nice accuracy that is more than just simple miter angles. So, knowing how to use a sliding miter saw will eventually help you to take your woodworking projects to another level.

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Today I’ll tell you how to use a miter saw with sliding features, not to mention there will be several miter saw tips and tricks too.

How to Use A Sliding Miter Saw

How to use a sliding miter saw

Using sliding miter saw need some techniques nothing else. But those are rare to find out properly. By the way, check the following steps to make it clear.

Step-01: Better Standard

This tool is basically a miter saw for beginners that comes with the versatility of all compound miter saw features. There are, however, some extra flexibility you can enjoy. The sliding arms will aid in easily moving the blade backward and forward.

It is a great tool that will help you cut a few inches wider than the blade’s diameter. However, the pricing is slightly more than a non-sliding saw. But if you can afford this goodies than I’m sure you’ll be able to try various exciting woodworking projects with wider materials.

Step-02: Understanding the Functions

If you are really interested in knowing how to use a sliding miter saw, start with understanding the functions of this tool. It is usually time-saving and easier to use.

The standard version will include a trigger within the handle. There might also be a safety button. You need to depress the safety button before turning it on.

If you have a compound sliding miter saw, then you can easily make cuts and bevels at the similar time. There should be a fence with the saw. This basically is used to keep the board resting backwardly while you make a cut against it.

The fence lets you cut the board safely with steady hands. So that a better angle cut precision can be achieved.

Also, some sliding miter saw includes a clamp with it. This is a miter saw safety addition and acts just like a hand while operating.

You would ensure a safe steady motion using it and making a cut. If your saw comes without any clamp, then keep your hand at a safe distance from the blade.

When you hold the board against the fence you should be extra careful. You should never go beneath the saw when it is rotating. No matter if there is a guard or not.

Step-03: Putting the Board on Fence

When you want to deal with a thick material such as fence post, a sliding miter saw is much better to handle it than any other. The pivoting arm is going to help you accurately flip the saw.

Let’s assume you want to make a downward cut with the sliding miter saw. Well, start with putting the board safely into the fence. Now use the clamp to attach it securely so that it does not move while you work on it.

Step-04: Adjust Blade

Before you take the blade operation. Make sure to pull the saw toward you. Do so until the blade is directly above the edge of your board. It should be closest to you.

Step-05: Cutting the Board

To make a downward cut, you’ll need to start with the safety button following the trigger and let it come to a maximum saw speed. Once it reaches the highest torque, you should gradually lower the saw into the board you want to cut.

As it starts to eat and making a cut, you should follow a downward guide so that it makes a slash following the path. You should release the trigger once the process is complete. Do so when the blade is still inside the material.

Step-06: Finish the Process Safely

The blade will probably keep on rotating even when turned off. So, you need to make sure it has stopped completely before lifting it out from the material.

Safety Concerns in Mind!

You should be careful with proper safety resolutions. Don’t make a mistake while dealing with power tools. You should read the manuals before using them and wear safety gears. Here are a few more things to ensure for safety:

  • Avoid skin contact. You know pretty well that power tools are prone to get really hot. Use a cloth to remove them, even if you are wearing gloves.
  • Make sure you wear proper hearing protection while dealing with these. Especially if you intend to work for longer hours.
  • Protecting your eyes is also important since there will be fragments and dust all over the place. Wear a good pair of goggles or eye protection before starting.
  • If there is airborne dust or debris generation included, you need to wear a dust mask or respirator. These can mess around with your lungs and make breathing difficult.
  • There may be vibration while you use a hammer drill or demolition hammer. So, make sure to use cushioned gloves and reduce vibration. You should also limit exposure by taking breaks frequently.
  • Keep your sliding miter saw far from wet conditions. Don’t let water ruin the operation and this might cause injury too with an electric shock.
  • Use both hands to operate power tools. It will give you better control and maximum support. No matter if you are already an expert in handling it, don’t stop using both hands.


So, that as my simple and easy guide on how to use a sliding miter saw. If you promise to follow the steps accurately and be careful with safety then probably using a sliding miter saw will soon become easier for you.

It might feel a bit burdening at first. But don’t lose your patience and keep on trying. It’s an easy thing to try for woodworking projects but only when you have enough experience of practicing.

Once you get a right sliding miter saw that serves with best features, make the best out of it with proper techniques and tricks. Good Luck!

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