How to Use an Electric Pole Saw | The Ultimate Guide with Tips

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

You need to have a decent pole saw when you are on for chopping firewood or cutting down tree limbs. The pole saw is high to do this task. They have a design that helps to move out tree limbs. An electric one would be the best. However, there are different types of pole saw to choose from. Electric pole saw are better since they are very easy and comfortable to use. They are very light and easy to carry, and so people pick this type the most.

Mainly they are right when you want to trim branches that are high up in the air. These electric pole saw allow the user to stand firmly on the ground and cut the branches. However, only owning the electric pole saw isn’t enough. You need to know the best technique on how to use an electric pole saw. Let’s get started.

Use an Electric Pole Saw: It’s Easy If You Do It Smarty

Often people know how to use a manual pole saw, but once they get an electric one, they begin to doubt. It’s not space engineering; instead, it’s straightforward to use one. But you would be having a bit of trouble depending on the place you choose. When you plan to use it outdoor, you must get ready to drag the extension cord. This might be tiring, but still, the final results would be pleasing. On the other hand, if you choose to use the tool indoors, it would be easy for you.

Prep Up Before the Process

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

The pole has three segments that let it fold down and ready for storage. Make sure you know the equipment segments very well. Handling an unfamiliar tool can be risky, and we don’t want that. The motor is minimal, and so you would be able to sight the place you are working one. The blade gets starting once you push the simple switch. Check your accessories bag and manual before jumping into the primary process. Know in details about the tool and only then dare to proceed.

The manual saw is fine when you target a few branches. But the electric ones are fast to clear up more trees than one or two. Check your property correctly and point out which curl you are going to work on. That’s important to figure out first. You don’t want to be confused when holding the tool in your hand. There might be telescoping features include. This aspect lets you reach the branches which are higher on the tree. Lubricate the chain before beginning or that can make the cleaning task longer.

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

The place you are going to clean needs to be cleared. Be sure people don’t enter the area, or they might get hurt. You need to be quick and rapid while cutting otherwise this might be a problem later on. Check beforehand if the blades are sharp enough.

The Main Technique to Use (Step By Step)


Now let’s start with the primary process use an electric pole saw.

Step One

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

You need to use your both hands to bring the saw in a vertical spot. Pause for a while and see if you can control the weight. Put the cutting pressure on the branch. When you hold the tool try to make a position for yourself. Try to catch the end on your chest while standing on the side. For an adjustable pole, you can adjust the height to ease the process.

Step Two

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

When you start and go for the first stroke, do it slowly. You need to have the control. This makes the stroke bite much faster. Creating a groove can be helpful here. This way you’ll be able to make faster strokes. You might find that the saw slipping sideways. That happened when the branches slope. This is very expected, and that moment you need to control the saw. Stop and try to gather your energy. Then try to reposition it and continue stoking.

Step Three

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

As soon as you discover the saw is well placed on the groove you’ve made it. Now all you need to do is increase your stroke speed. Have the help of the gravity and try to cut on the pull stroke. During this process, you need to have your eyes on the branch. Concentrate and try to bring together your whole power and stability. Do not make a mistake here since you are almost done. Just before it falls on the ground make sure you are in a safe spot. You don’t want that piece hitting you.

Step Four​

How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

Once you clear out the tree branches, it’s time to clean the place. Clean your work area and clear all the limbs fallen down. Before starting with the new cut, you need to tide up the site. That way you won’t trip and fall here and there.

There are a few tricks and tactics to keep in mind, and you’ll also discover how to use a pole saw with rope. I’ve summed up the whole process. Do not forget to check pole saw safety precautions to avoid any injuries. Best of luck on have a clean and fresh garden area.


It looks like we have reached the ending on this article. To be more accurate, try watching some videos on YouTube. Since this chore is risky and needs stability, you have been more prepared. Look for an excellent electric pole saw and ensure half hassle cleared. Since a decent tool will make the whole process more comfortable for you?

Try to avoid steps that you are unsure of following. You don’t want to get hurt. You get also try professional help if you think you don’t want the hassle. But if you trust your strength, cleaning by using an electric pole saw isn’t hard at all.  You would just the best electric pole saw that works without complications. And then, you need to concentrate on the task and follow some basic tactics.

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