How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

Thinking about eliminating some tree branches but having no idea about using your Ryobi pole saw? Here we go for eradicating your pole saw using issues. This article is written to clear your concept on how to use Ryobi pole saw. Nobody wants to create a bad incident by its inappropriate use. We promise that it won’t be tough to use the Ryobi pole saw relevant tasks after going through this article.

Using a pole saw is neither easy nor complicated. All you need to do is take some safety preparation, assemble your pole saw, and then use it properly. Our complete guidelines can save your machine & surroundings from unexpected damage.  Besides the using process, we will also elaborate on the pole saw’s assembling process as it doesn’t arrive being assembled. Let’s focus on the topic now.

The process of How to use Ryobi pole saw

It would be a wise choice to take some primary initiatives before knowing how to use Ryobi pole saw. Here we go.

Primary initiatives

Step:1- Unpacking 

How to use Ryobi pole saw

It’s your first & foremost duty to unpack the product. If there are some hard bindings or tapes, use a sharp knife to cut. Don’t show a careless attitude while unpacking because it can damage any part of your product. You’ll find a pole saw, scabbard & a manual book inside the box. 

Step:2- Inspecting the parts 

How to use Ryobi pole saw

After unpacking, you need to check the damage to the product. It’s not impossible to cause minor or major damages during transportation. If there is an issue, you may return by maintaining the legal procedures. 

It’s expected that any issues can’t damage the parts of the product for their good packaging except accidents. Along with it, you have to check scratches & missing parts issues.

Step:3- Assembling three poles

This step is the most important for successfully using a pole saw. To do this, you have to perform the following tasks.

  • Remove the rubber protection from the pole at first.  
  • Then, unscrew the lower collar from the intermediate pole and push it back to the handle pole shaft. You have to put the handle pole inside the intermediate pole. 
  • Slide both of them until hearing a click sound. 
  • Lower the collar on the handle pole & rotate clockwise.

Step:4- Adding some lubricants

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

If your item is going to be used after a long time, putting some lubricants on the bar & chain is mandatory. Determine the position of the oil cap & then, remove it. Carefully pour the oil into the fixed place. Notice the indicator as it’ll help to understand the limitation of filling. It’s strictly prohibited to use guilty oil. 

Assembling is almost done. You need to follow the same actions to attach the intermediate pole to the powerhead pole. 

Process of using 

After performing a successful assembly, you’re ready to work with a pole saw. Let’s show the whole scenery of using a pole saw with some easy steps.

Step:1- Turning the motor ON

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

You need to connect the product with a stable power source. Plugin the machine with the help of the extension cord. After plugging in, put your thumb on the lock-out button to pull the button towards you. Restrain the switch trigger to start the motor. It can be considered a machine checking procedure.

Step:2- Adjusting the pole length

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

Turn the pole saw off by plugging it out to adjust the telescoping pole. After that, lose the collar by rotating it counterclockwise. Don’t rush when performing the rotation. You need to reach the different branches of the trees & it requires adjusting the length. Push the poles in the same direction to shorten the length. Similarly, move the poles away from each other to increase the pole length.

Step:3- Taking a convenient position

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

This step is for safety issues. You need to hold the pole saw firmly using your two hands. Your left hand should be placed on the pole saw shaft & the other one should be placed on the back handle. Take a convenient position as it’s safe from the falling limb. 

Step:4- Performing the partial cutting 

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

It’s not appropriate to cut the whole limb in the first attempt. The experts put their opinion on cutting one-fourth of the limb from one convenient side. Don’t put your Ryobi pole saw in a back sawing motion. This step helps to decrease the strength of the limb & makes the next cut easier. If you position your pole saw in an average 60-degree direction, you’ll be able to do a fruitful operation. 

Step:5- Performing Second & final cut 

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

You have to start cutting the desired limb using your pole saw from the top side. Continue to rotate your machine’s motor as the limb gets separated from the tree. When you can notice that the limb is about to fall, hit your pole saw in the weakest point & it’s the final cut. In the previous step, we ensured your safe positioning & so, fallen limbs can’t touch you or your pole saw. 

Step:6- Stopping the motor

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

It’s the last step of using a Ryobi pole saw. After finishing the cuts, you need to release the switch trigger. It will turn the motor off. After that, plug out the machine from the power source. 

Safety cautions 

How to use Ryobi pole saw like a pro

Maintaining the exact safety helps to perform your pole saw nicely. Here we’re upholding some safety topics that you should obey.

1. Dress yourself in long pants & sleeves, boots & hand gloves. Don’t keep any extensions nearby like jewelry. It will help to reduce the damage if something wrong happens.

2. Wear an eye-protective shield to protect the eyes. It will also help your eyes away from the dust.

3. Rainy or stormy weather must be avoided. It can damage your pole saw accidentally as well as stop your work.

4. Don’t create a force on the saw while cutting a limb. It may cause an unexpected error to the saw. After a certain time, it will cut the limb. So, no additional pressure, please.

5. Storing in random places can affect the parts of the pole saw set. So, select a dry area to preserve the pole saw.

6. Try to use a quality & sized extension cord. The undersized cord will affect the voltage & may cause an overheating issue. 

7. When servicing or changing the parts, don’t forget to unplug the connection. 

8. Cutting edge must be kept very sharp. It will help for a better cutting experience. But, always keep in mind to stay away from the sharpness. 

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Frequently asked questions

Got any questions in mind related to the process or about the Ryobi pole saw? Then have a look at these frequently asked questions below.

What kind of oil does a Ryobi pole saw take?

Ryobi pole saw doesn’t require any specific or special oil at all. You can use any kind of oil you use for your saw.

Are Ryobi pole saws good?

Ryobi is a popular name in the saw industry with a good reputation since they have been manufacturing top-quality saw for a long time. Obviously, Ryobi pole saws are good.

How long is Ryobi pole saw?

Different versions of pole saws are available from Ryobi. In general, you will get a 9.5 ft pole saw from this reputed brand.

Are Ryobi 18V and 40V batteries interchangeable? 

No, Ryobi 18v and 40v batteries are not interchangeable. A common type of charger is there that can charge both of the batteries that make people think that these two batteries are interchangeable.

What size file do I need for my Ryobi pole saw?

You should try a 5/32 in. diameter round file and holder for your pole saw and it will work perfectly.


Our detailed representation of using a Ryobi pole saw is over. We hope all the readers have achieved some theoretical knowledge on how to use a Ryobi pole saw. Besides, we have mentioned the process of assembling the pole saw with upholding some safety talkings. Our easy elaboration with a few steps will help you to understand the sequence of using pole saws.

We have to tell you that, only following our steps won’t make you a perfectionist if you’re a newbie. Practicing will develop your pole saw using skill & you can cut the desired limb within an optimum time. Before putting your hand on a pole saw, it’s recommended to read the manual to get introduced to the parts. Wish you good luck with the correct use of a Ryobi pole saw.

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