Husqvarna Pole Saw Review 2023 – Top Recommended Pole Saw

Husqvarna Pole Saw Review

What if I ask you, Why you need a pole saw? You need a pole saw if you face any of the following scenarios:

1) Maybe you are planning to give your lawn a stunning look.

2) Your garden is full of overgrown branches and limbs.

3) Need an effective tool for pruning.

Whatever the reason is, Husqvarna pole saw review are provide ideal solution for you. Husqvarna is that brand that is well-known for producing quality saw at a modest price. On the other hand, the echo pole saw is such a useful tool that can make your gardening more fun. Here, in this article, we will try to give up an overall idea about Husqvarna saws. Furthermore, we recommended 2 top saw for you. So let’s start our journey.

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2 Top Rated Husqvarna Pole Saw Reviews

Similar to another chainsaw, there are tons of pole saw on the market right now. So choosing the best one is not an easy task. Therefore, we pick two best Husqvarna Pole saw for you. So let’s have a look.

1. Husqvarna 128LDX 10-Inch Detachable Pole Saw Review:

Husqvarna 128LDX 10-Inch Detachable Pole Saw

​Husqvarna 128LDX Detachable Pole Saw is powerful yet affordable branch trimmer. It is the most recommended pole pruner which is not overly expensive with easy to operate function. However, it is perfect for moderate homeowner use. Thus, it accepts other Husqvarna attachments like hedge, edger, clean sweep, trimmer, and cultivator.

Technically its gas pole pruners, so honestly you can’t expect all the feature of a regular pole saw. The best feature of this saw is it’s not limited by battery running time. At the same time, it needs bit maintenance. Meanwhile, it is easy to operate and put together.

The instruction is pretty simple and easy to follow, won’t take more than 10 minutes to read. Though the pole is a little bit shorter about 9 feet, still it can handle 6″ branches. When it comes to the downside of this saw, it’s heavier and louder than electric units.

      What we liked most:

  • Powerful
  • Attachment capable
  • Starts easily
  • Durable

          What we didn’t like:

  • Only support Husqvarna attachments.

2. Husqvarna Heavy Duty Pole Saw Attachment with Boom:

Husqvarna Heavy Duty Pole Saw Attachment with Boom

Husqvarna Heavy Duty Pole Saw Attachment is part of the X Series, ideal for those hard to reach limbs and bushes, tree trimming applications. However, it is Compatible for some Husqvarna detachable. Likewise, it is for detachable split-shaft trimmer models such 122LD, 125LDX, 128DJX, 128LDX, 323LD, 324 LDX, 325LDX, 326LDX, and 327LDX. And what include in the box?

  • 43-Inch Boom
  • User manual

This one from Husqvarna is a heavy duty attachment. It will help you to reach the overgrown limbs without sky lift or ladder. When you notice the parts and extension of Husqvarna Pole saw, you will realize you are getting more than what are you paying. However, it’s an excellent attachment for those who need extra height. overall, use of husqvarna pole saw is very easy.

       What we liked most:

  • An affordable price
  • Very Convenient
  • Easy to use

        what we didn’t like:

  • Not suitable for the big job.

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Husqvarna Pole Saw: A Superb Match Of Features And Specifications


Whenever you saw at the overall features of Husqvarna Pole Saw, you will realize all they try is to minimize the environmental effect of our mother nature. In a word, they work with nature in mind. Have a closer look then you will realize we I am saying this.


Husqvarna Pole Saw Review

The E-TECH® II technology allows Exhaust emissions. Therefore, it reduces to levels below the current and future requirements. At the same time, it comes with Adjustable chain tensioner where no tools are required. Some other features of this technology are the Fuel pump, Chain lubrication, Inertia balancing wheel. Meanwhile, all these awesome combinations are the same saw makes it a superior cutting performer.


For those looking for a tool to minimize environmental impact, will love these Husqvarna Pole Saw. Husqvarna has designed these saw for fuel efficiency at the same time low emissions. As it has to work in very close to the environment, it is important not to harm the nature.  In a word, these saws will take care of the Mother Nature.

Ergonomic Use

Husqvarna Pole Saw Review

Husqvarna pole saws provide a huge range of ergonomic design features. Therefore, The Smart Start® system allows you to start the saw quickly with less effort. On the other hand, the inertia-balancing wheel minimizes vibration and operator fatigue and offering sharp cutting performance.

Balance Flex

Husqvarna Balance Flex™ harness ensure to evenly distribute the total weight to decrease stress on arms, shoulder and overall while working. However, the harness is made by ergonomic design. As a result; it creates a pleasant working environment.

Telescopic Tube

Husqvarna Pole Saw Review

The tube of the saw has a telescopic function for speedy cutting height adjustment. Thus, it’s a signature feature in almost every Husqvarna saw. For this feature cutting and pruning will be a matter of fun.

Detachable Shaft

The next feature we like to mention is the Detachable shaft. The saws come with Too less couples which separates shaft for convenient storage. On the other hand, it will be easy to transport. So besides your lawn and garden, you can use these amazing saw in everywhere.

Auto Return Stop Switch
Husqvarna Pole Saw Review

Another feature we would like to share is its Stop switch which will reset to the ON position. And the best thing, it will stop automatically for trouble-free starting. Furthermore, this feature is added for some extra safety.

Efficient Air Filter

Husqvarna had invested a hell amount of time of research to make every saw perfect. Another unique feature of Husqvarna saw is the efficient air filter. Therefore, it will provide less cost for maintenance and helps to cut tree limbs that are too high.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you enjoyed this review . To wrap up this article we could say they are durable, useful, and handy for pruning. We are sure once you try you will love it. We hope our article will be handy on your next buy. Thanks for being with us.

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