Kobalt pole Saw Review – Top 2 Models Reviewed!

Kobalt pole Saw Review

Say goodbye to the mess and fumes and start trimming and pruning with the cordless freedom. Yes, dude, Kobalt has come with some awesome pole saw which will blow your mind. In this Kobalt pole Saw Review, we will discuss two admired Kobalt pole saw which work like a hot knife on the butter. Furthermore, we touch up the overall feature of this great saw. Without any doubt, Kobalt pole Saws are one of the finest tools on the market right now.

Two best Kobalt pole Saw Review

Here are top 2 recommended Kobaltpole Saw can meet your expectation. Have a look.

Kobalt 40-Volt Max Lithium 8-in Cordless Electric Pole Saw(Tool Only) :

Kobalt pole Saw Review

Talking about sharpness and function ability! This is one of the amazing saw on the market right now. But don’t be fooled with fancy reviews, it doesn’t include charger and battery. But just in 200 bucks, this saw surely worth it. It is a cordless Electric Pole Saw.

It can cut almost 140 per change when it is fully charged. Most importantly, it has engineered by Max Lithium-Ion or (Li-ion).

This 40-volt saw comes with 8 bars and chain which allow delimbing with full confidence.

Being adjustable chain tensioning technology, you will enjoy the operation without any hassle in the time of pruning. Meanwhile, the Auto oiler system makes it superbly efficient and maximizes chain life. It features shaft design allow a useful height adjustment.


  • Durable
  • Cordless so can move easily.
  • Hassel free operation


  • Charger and battery are not included.

Kobalt 40-Volt Max Lithium 8-in Cordless Electric Pole Saw :

Kobalt pole Saw Review

Kobalt Max Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 8-in Cordless Electric Pole Saw is plenty enough to do all the trimming and pruning.

Lithium-ion 40-volt battery system can reach likely 10.75 feet. However, you can get the best result of proper cutting if you use it at 8-in steel bar. Though it’s a pole saw, you will get top performance in trimming. The next feature we like to mention is its adjustable chain tensioning.

In the meantime, chain oiler ensures to start in just seconds.

When it is fully charged, it peaks up to 40 volts. However, it is compatible with any Kobalt MAX family of products of 40-Volt. Like another Kobalt saw, it also comes with 8 bar and chain. In a nutshell, it won’t disappoint you.


  • Powerful as well as fast
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Easy maintenance


  • Constantly chain falls off

Overall Kobalt pole Saw Features Review

Kobalt pole Saw Review

You can’t get a bright idea about the Kobalt pole Saw without knowing about its impressive features. To be described shortly, every single Kobalt pole Saw has excellent features which will benefit you a lot. So, don’t waste any more time, let’s get to know about them

Very Powerful and Fast :

This saw is extremely powerful and very smooth to handle. The battery of the Kobalt pole Saw last longer. When you will attach the Sections, you may feel a bit harassing, but yet it is a lot useful for the case of storage. You must get to know about the maintenance of the Kobalt pole Saw, to keep it away from any damages.

You must know the procedures about how you can replace the chain which is very tight as well as to refill the oil etc. harbor fright pole saw is another best powerful pole saw.

Fast Battery Recharge Life :

Kobalt pole Saw Review(battery)

The battery span of the Kobalt pole Saw is excellent. It can work from 45- 60 minutes approximately. And the battery recharges very quickly. So with the help of this powerful battery, you can do your work with ease.

The battery offers the highest power at its highest voltage. And that shows the 10 bars on the charge display. And having this full charge you can cut the most robust branch as well as the limbs very quickly.

Smooth Running :

The most impressive part of the Kobalt pole Saw is the automatic oil apply part. This automatic oil applier helps the saw to run smoothly by releasing oils automatically. This oil makes the Saw to run very smooth which assures the chain to be safe. It also ensures the durability and increases the life of the string. Improving the chain life lets the chain last longer.

But there is also a translucent tank is fitted with it. This translucent tank will notify you when you need to change the oil. Thus you will always get a smooth running if you maintain the change period of the Oil.

Very Easy to Sharpen the Cutters :

Very Easy to Sharpen the Cutters of Kobalt pole Saw

Make sure you maintain all the cutters from a specific angle which cuts the objects. And sharp every single cutter present. Don’t avoid any single one. Or else you may face a lot of issues while cutting any purpose. The specific angles which you will sharp should also be the same length, so be careful with the period as well. The fast cutting entirely depends on the uniform sharpness of the cutters.

Better Ways to Maintain the Chain :

 how to maintain Maintain the pole saw Chain

Take well care of the chain tension that it is enough to tighten or not so that the chain doesn’t wobble. Do all the filing at the center point of the bar? You must use the gloves for your hand protection. And moreover, you can also use a round file as well as a holder. Later then place the level of the data within the tooth’s top plate. Make sure you do not let the data to get dipped or rocked.

Then with firm pressure, hit the front end of the tooth. Then remove the file away after every single stroke. Now, beat some more strokes on more tooth. And by that finish every tooth. Later in a single direction point all the cutters of the left hand. And again move the other part and point the cutters of the right side towards the opposite direction. Then slowly get rid of the filings from the pointed area with the help of a thin wire or any brush.

Final word

Kobalt’s state-of-the-art technology, you can enjoy more speed, and more torque with fewer recharges. Hopefully, this review will help you on your next buy. Every Kobalt pole Saw comes with interchangeable battery, so you can easily pop up in a one. In a word, they are powerful, functional and efficient.

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