Best Tips On Making A Manual Pole Saw With Basic Tools

I’m sure a well-tended garden or backyard would increase the beauty of your home. Owning a manual pole saw can help you out with keeping your branches looking sharp and hedges trimmed. A tool that’ll reduce the rigorous efforts of setting a ladder and trying to reach the tricky spots. Making a manual pole saw is not a big task. Here I will give you some major tips so that you can build your own pole saw.

Hence, if you aren’t about the jungle look and just love keeping the yard looking picture-perfect, you need to have a manual pole saw. While there are various kinds of pole saw, your customized pole saw would be a game changer.

So keep reading to find out how to make a manual pole saw that has your back!

What is A Manual Pole Saw?

What is A Manual Pole Saw

It’s a long stick-like tool that reaches out to unruly branches and growths of trees and plants to prune them. There are electric and gas-run pole saws too. But a manual pole saw makes the best fit for a more lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive option.

Manual pole saws come with several perks. Easy to use and handle. You can cut unwanted branches without too much hassle with a bit of physical effort.

Knowing how to make a manual pole saw will get you an extra mile in the tree trimming game. Let’s check out how it’s done.  

How To Make A Manual Pole Saw?

How To Make A Manual Pole Saw?

It’s not too difficult to build a manual pole saw. If you’ve got a few components available around you, it’ll just take a couple of hours to get you all hooked. Thoroughly read the following steps to get it right.

Important Components to Have

You’ll need the following things to make a strong and useful manual pole saw.

  1. 8-14 foot long stick/pole
  2. Handsaw
  3. Table saw
  4. ¼ inch bit
  5. ¼ diameter bolts and nuts
  6. Electric drill

How To Get Started

How To Make A Manual Pole Saw?

The first thing to do is gather all the necessary components as listed. Next, choose a stick or pole for making this pole saw. You can use PVC pipe, a long, strong branch of the Hazel tree, or even bamboo as the saw’s pole. 

Now for the sawing part, use an old or, if you want, a new handsaw to attach to the pole to make a long manual pole saw.

Getting The Pole and Saw Ready 

Get your pole ready. Use your table saw to cut the pole from the center with a good ratio to the handsaw that you’re going to attach. Preferably, keep the ratio to 1.5 while you cut the pole. 

Use a thin blade table saw to get the job done. 

Coming to your handsaw, remove it from the handle it is originally attached to. If it’s already loosened up, you wouldn’t need to do a lot. If it’s new, use a screwdriver to detach it.

In case it is hard-wired, use a drilling machine to drill around the nuts and bolts, to get your desired portion out.

How To Assemble

How To Make A Manual Pole Saw

Attach the hand saw into the pole. Ensure that the handsaw reaches firmly into the pole before moving on to the next step. The pole and the top edge of the saw should be parallel to each other.

Final Step

To permanently fix the tool, you need to draw holes in the pole and the handsaw blade. The drills should be to be made two inches apart. Try to make the hole two inches apart from the back edge of the saw as well.

Once you’re done, insert the nuts and bolts and tighten them to secure the setup. 

Watch the following video for your better understanding:

Tips for Building A Well Functioning Manual Pole Saw

Tips for Building A Well Functioning Manual Pole Saw

Now that you know how to make a manual pole saw, look out for the following attributes to make the best use of it.

  1. Go for a handsaw with multiple and dense teeth
  2. In case of using a branch, pick a less crooked one
  3. A hook-shaped hand saw will help in cutting the branches better
  4. Don’t use a blunt hand saw for the job
  5. Ensure the pole is long enough

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  • How are manual pole saws better than electric ones?

The manual tool is simple. Wired, electricity-run tools can create many hazards and are more complex. 

  • What type of handsaw should be used to make a manual pole saw?

You can use a loose-ended hand saw from your toolset or even get a new one to build the manual pole saw with multiple teeth.

  • What is the best material for the pole part of the manual pole saw?

If you have access to bamboo, it’d be a great choice. But you can also use a tree branch and even PVC pipes.

  • Are manual pole saws used to prune hedges and bushes?

Besides cutting branches, a manual pole saw can be used to trim them for big hedges and bushes.


To prune a tree that is big and mighty can be tough. With the help of a manual pole saw, you can easily get that job done.

Knowing how to make a manual pole saw will reduce the stress of finding the best-suited pruning tool for your trees. You can custom-make your tool and save on electricity bills and gas expenses by sticking to a manual one.

Most importantly, they’ll ensure less operational risk in comparison to the other mechanized pole saws available.

So go and build your manual pole saw and prune away!

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