Pole Saw Cutting Techniques | Step-By-Step Guide from A Pro

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Trimming or cutting branches by a pole saw is always a scary matter for a newbie. If you are a beginner, I know how it feels, because I had to face it as well. That’s why I have teamed up to show you the Pole saw cutting techniques.

Well, operating a pole saw is not Rocket science. All you need is to know the appropriate techniques. In this step-by-step guide, it tries to make it easier. Once you try it successfully, you don’t have to spent bucks on hiring a professional. Isn’t it amazing?

So let’s begin.

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What is a pole saw?

A Pole saw is a powered chainsaw with a pole. The definite advantage of pole saw is it could be operated by petrol, gas powered and electricity or batteries  . Meanwhile, it could be a manual, or non-powered pole saw. Then, what is the use of pole saw? Well, it’s mainly used for pruning high branches.

Cutting Techniques of Pole a Saw: It’s Easy If You Do It Smarty

Cutting Techniques of Pole a Saw

Cutting and pruning branch develop healthily, grow fruit, bloom and get a desirable shape. However, the best time for cutting and pruning is actually in the dormant season. Before beginning the process, know the exact techniques to operate the pole saw.

If you are cutting tree limbs or branches, you have to be very careful to help the tree’s natural healing process. Of course, you don’t want to interfere its healing or damage the bark after the cut or trimming. Let’s see the cutting techniques to get a perfect shape.


Before you start the tree pruning process, it’s better to have an idea on how to cut specific type of tree. Due to tree type, the cutting technique may vary. Flower or fruit tree should prune after blooming or after that time. However, most of the evergreen trees don’t have to trim or prune, just need to remove any dead or its undesirable growth.

Choosing an Appropriate Pole Saw

Choosing an Appropriate Pole Saw

Most importantly, choose the right pole saw to get the desired result. To select the appropriate pole saw, consider the size, height of the tree and price of the saw. Also, measure the dimensions of the trees you want to cut and examine the size and length of the pole.

However, lightweight saws are preferable to use. Therefore, you may choose electric saws which are around 12-15 pound, are much lighter than gas or petrol saw.

What you will need

  • A pole saw
  • Work gloves
  • Protective goggles for eye
  • Hard hat
  • Work boots

Step-1: Clear the Work Area

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

The very first step you should take is to clear the large area, especially below the branch. Keep an eye on all people as well as property from re-entering. Also, try to clean the area from trip hazards like dead and fallen branches and limbs. There are several reasons behind. One core reason, you have to move quickly for safety. On the other hand, restrict the property and people if something goes wrong.

Step-2: Plan where to cut

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

The next thing you must select specifically where to cut. If you are done that before you know that the removal of the branch requires a few preliminary as well as a jump cut. While you decide where to cut, try to cut at the horizontal surface if you get the chance.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom First

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Most of the cases, the blade starts with a cut from the bottom of the top of the branch. However, try for “V” cut. For that, you have to begin underneath from one angle. And then revise the direction to get a “V” cut. We suggest working from the bark layer until you reach into the wood. It’s the best practice to let the gravity do the rest.

Besides, Water sprouts are vertical, that why it won’t be a great ideal to cut it with a pole saw.

Step-4: Position the pole saw

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Place the saw to a nearly horizontal surface with both hands. Then pause for a while to take control of its weight. Well, now reposition it to the cutting spot so that the weight can stay on the branch.

Step-5: Position yourself

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Most of the time, we are using a pole saw on a ladder. Besides, holding the saw, move to a suitable place to hold your end. Try to be in the chest level to stand well of, never below it. Otherwise, your saw will not directly up and down.

Step-6: Begin cutting and continue

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

So it’s time to cut. Start the first strokes in control slowly. Likewise, cut perpendicular so that the first bite in so deep as much as possible. The aim is to create a tine groove in the branch so that you can get a guideline later.

Keep in mind; your first strokes may slip sideways a bit. Don’t panic. It’s normal, except it. If it slips, then stop. Take a deep breath and gather your energy. Now reposition the saw and continue.

Once, you feel the saw is secure enough in the groove; you can increase the stroke speed.

Step-7: Finish your cut

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Alike pruning saws, pole saws cut on the pull saw. In the entire process, it takes help from gravity. In our how to use a manual pole saw you would find the whole process in detail.

Keep an eye on the branch near the point of falling. Then be ready to retreat safely.

Pole Saw Safety Concerns :

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques
  • When you use the pole saw, you should maintain a reliable footing stance.
  • Always make sure you have plan B for dodging any branch.
  • Never try to operate the saw while you are drunk or consuming alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke at the time of operating the saw. Also, refrain from taking snacks or eat as well.
  • Keep children, pet and important property away from the area to avoid any incident.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher if the weather is dry.
  • You will find many authorities who are eager to provide you with information about trimming rules.
  • Mark the trees you’re going to work on. You don’t want to be confused once you are carrying the saw in your hand.
  • Multiple lead branches are fundamental to cut in tiny trees.
  • You should not risk the growth of the tree by trimming too much.
  • You should not slice the large side branches. This can avert the natural healing process of the plant.

Being Alert

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

That way you reduce the chances of a mishap. When you plan to cut tree branches you also need to be careful. Anything falling on you would be hazardous. And so make sure you stand somewhere safe to move to a bright spot easily. For anybody who isn’t a professional trimmer should opt for pole saw. Do not go for a chain pole saw if you aren’t well recognized with the tool. In all situation, you need to be clear in planning and deciding.

Have Someone to Check on You

Now that you are done with all the prep ups, you need to ensure you have someone to check on you. Once you have familiarized with the tool, got safety gears and cleared the place, you would want to tell someone about your location. You know this job sometimes cause injuries. And so you should have a person to see for you if you are not available for too long.

Trimming with a pole saw :

Pole Saw Cutting Techniques

Trimming is significant to keep your branches healthy and beautiful. You must trim your apple braid if you don’t want it to look terrible. These dead branches can cause infection.

This infection might later weaken the large branches. Sometimes the tree dies due to this. Using a chain pole saw you can have a rigid extension pole. There might be three different sections you can use for different heights. Get a pole saw that is accessible to twenty feet high points.

The broad curve blades are sharp enough to make the whole process more efficient and short. You should think about the twelve and fourteen feet above thicker branches also. Get a pair of good secateurs with the pole saw to handle these problems without using a ladder. These gear type would ensure a quite process than the other models.

Final Word

Using a pole saw should be easier if you pay attention to the techniques. You should be respectful to the safety measurements. You don’t want a process that will lead to multiple injuries and harm. And so you must keep the pole saw cutting techniques in your mind.

Make sure to talk to an expert if you are trying for the first time. Do a lot of research to be more confident. You must know that you are the one responsible for keeping your corners and sidewalks clean. And so it is essential to know about pole saw techniques. Thanks for being with us.

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