Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques

Pole saws are an excellent tool for trimming trees without any difficulty. It has been a leading tool used for garden maintenance for the past two decades. Gardeners, house owners, and arborists are the primary users of a pole saw.

Like every other sharp cutting and power tool, some rules and regulations are to be followed while using a pole saw. Using the pole saw without being careful, and following safety rules can cause fatal accidents.

You should have a clear concept of the pole saw safety tips and techniques. Knowing these basic etiquettes of using a pole saw can save you from unfortunate accidents.

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques – Detail Discussion

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques

Previously people only used the manual pole saw for cutting and trimming trees. But nowadays, a variety of pole saws and pole pruners have been introduced in the market. These are way much different and hard to use.

Besides, the added chain saw on a pole makes the tool quite dangerous and fatal if not used properly. Follow these right techniques to use a pole saw like a pro.

Gathering Information

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques - Gathering Information

The preliminary work you must do is gather all sorts of information about the trees and cuts. It is a crucial phase of trimming trees. Because you will get mentally prepared about what you are about to deal with.

Go out and explore the areas where the trees are located to be trimmed. Inspect the surface first. Check for the surroundings and the presence of different items. Make a rough plan about your approach from one tree to another.

Check the locations from where you will be cutting the branches of a tree. It will be beneficial if you inspect the heights of the trees as well. You can arrange for backups if you have to climb even higher to trim trees. 

Moreover, know for sure if you want to assist with your work. Because trimming with pole saws can be hassling if done alone.

Finally, scrutinize the branches where to cut. Check for the width of the branches as well. Make an estimation of the branch diameter. It is an essential task because some heavy thick branches cannot be trimmed using basic pole saws or pole pruners.

Pole Saw Tool SelectIon

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques - Pole Saw Tool SelectIon

People only used the manual pole saw earlier. But, a manual pole saw has some limitations. It cannot cut thick branches. Besides, an operator takes a lot of time and energy to cut or trim the trees.

In modern times, there are automated pole saws available in the market. These pole saws use a chainsaw on top of an extendable pole. There are Gas and engine operated pole saws, battery-operated, and electrical power-operated pole saws available.

You have to choose the best-suited pole saw for your work. For heavy branches of lots of trees to be cut in a short time, you can select the gas-operated and battery-operated pole saws. To cut very thick branches with more than 5 inches, you should use the electric pole saws.

Personal Protective Gear

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques - Personal Protective Gear

Before using a power tool, ensuring an operator’s safety is necessary. For this, you have to wear a complete set of personal protective gear. This protective gear will keep you safe from all sorts of major and minor accidents while trimming trees.

The set of personal protective gear includes an authorized helmet. These helmets are robust enough to withstand sudden and heavy impacts to protect the head. Safety goggles and earmuffs are included to keep the eye and ear safe.

Good quality hand gloves and work boots are optional but highly recommended to wear while working with a pole saw.

Selecting The Cutting Position

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques - Selecting The Cutting Position

While starting to trim a tree and cutting its branches, select the safest position on the ground. Keep a minimum distance from the landing opposite the branches. For shorter trees, staw from the branches as much as possible because the spring action of a branch can hurt you.

If you have to use an elevation, then it is better to ask for others’ help and assistance. Choose a strong ladder with solid support for climbing and trimming the trees. You can ask for hydraulic lifting vehicles to assist you in cutting trees at very extreme heights.

Safe Cutting Techniques

Pole Saw Safety Tips And Techniques - Safe Cutting Techniques

Hold the pole saws with two hands while trimming. Use your working hand for throttling the chainsaw and the other hand for maneuvering in the direction.

Start from the bottom branches, then go for the top branches by extending the pole. It is recommended to make Horizontal cuts for quick trimming. Apply forces the cutting continuously till the branch gets snapped from the tree.

You can make a V shape cut for higher branches to cut the trees quickly. While moving from bottom to top, you have to put more pressure. But for going from top to bottom, let the gravity and weight of the chain saw do the work.

Tips To Handle Pole Saw Safely Without Any Risks

Tips To Handle Pole Saw Safely Without Any Risks

If you are a new pole saw user, these initial tips should be followed. Then you can handle the pole saws safely without any risks.

  • Clear the surface from all types of dead branches, barks, and leaves to avoid tumbling.
  • Check for electrical wirings overhead.
  • Do not use electric-powered and battery tools while it is raining.
  • Keep all sorts of cables in untangled condition
  • Keep pedestrians and kids away from the worksite.
  • Trim the trees in broad daylight.
  • Keep a minimum distance from the target branches.
  • Cut or trim branches in an angular way, not vertically overhead.


How safe is a pole saw?

Pole saws are very safe to use tools if you know how to use them. Avoid the kickbacks and falling branches, and maintain a safe distance for safely using the pole saw.

Can you use a pole saw sideways?

You can use the pole saw sideways depending upon the position of the branches and their direction of growth. If the branches grow vertically facing an upward or downward direction, then you can cut using the sideways motion.


Gardening can be fun and attractive if you regularly keep your trees in the garden or do lawn trimming. For doing this, a pole saw is a must. 

This can make your work more manageable if you follow the pole saw safety tips and techniques. Using a power pole saw is mandatory for a professional arborist of this age. 

Staying safe while using a pole saw can be easy if you use the perfect trimming and cutting techniques. Follow the above-stated regulations and tips to keep yourself and others safe from injuries.

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