Make Your Trimming Fun with Remington | Remington Pole Saw Reviews

Remington Pole Saw Reviews

Searching for a trimmer which gives maximum safety?

Well, yes safety first.

Undoubtedly, it is a major issue. Kickback is the main cause for most of the severe chainsaw-related injuries. Remington also takes it seriously and offers some finest pole saw with low kickback feature. In this Remington pole saw reviews, we recommend 2 top- quality saw from Remington which gives full safety.

Stay along.

A few words about Remington

In 1921, Arthur Mall started a power tool company in Wisconsin. However, he started with building gasoline/ electrically powered saws and drill. In the meantime, the customer got the dependability of his tools. Therefore word spread, company grew, along with his reputation for top quality workmanship.

As Remington® tools became more popular; it expanded. And the first Remington® chainsaw was launched in 1954. Meanwhile, they invested in manufacturing pole saw and electric chainsaws in the 1990s. Besides, in recent time, we see they added blowers, gas trimmers, and a new chainsaw on their product line.

Top 2 Recommended Remington Pole Saw

1. Remington Ranger II 1035p Pole Saw (Remington Ranger 2 Pole Saw) :

Remington Ranger II 1035p Pole Saw Remington Ranger 2 Pole Saw

This 2-In-1 pole saw is going to make your trimming experience wonderful.

A telescoping design comes with flip and lock clamps. Thus, these clamps will allow you to adjust the length of the saw quickly so that trimming trees won’t be a hassle anymore. Before going into much deeper of this Remington electric pole saw, let’s see some highlighted specification.

  • Bar Length: 10 inch
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Power Options: 8-Amp Motor
  • Reach: up to 15 inch
  • Conversion: Detachable saw
  • Weight: 12.5 pound

This Remington ranger 1035p pole saw includes a full wrap handle which gives more versatility and maneuverability cutting. However, the hand-guard is always at the bottom of the pole so that you will experience fewer snag hazards.

Apart from this, the push-button allows quick change to convert it to a chainsaw easily within just a second. Featuring tool-free chain tensioning, Remington 1035p pole saw makes it hassle-free adjustment. However, the 8 Amp motor gives you more control and balance.

What we like most

  • Long reach up to 15 inch
  • The non-slip grip gives comfort and stability
  • Low-kickback with 10-inch bar & chain
  • A 2-in-1 Pole Saw/ Chainsaw Combo

What we dislike

  • A little heavy

2. Remington Maverick RM2599 Gas Pole Saw :

Remington Maverick RM2599 Gas Pole Saw :

Remington is kind of brand that stands for itself. In fact, they are one of the leading brands in trimming industry. And this Remington RM2599 is another top grade product from them. If you compare with Remington branch wizard pole saw, this Remington Maverick is far better in many aspects.

Here is some specification worth mentioning about the saw:

  • Bar Length: 8 inch
  • Motor – 25cc 2-cycle
  • Reach: up to 12 inch
  • Pole length – 7 feet
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds
  • Power source: Gas-Powered

Gas-powered saws are the safest bet if you are looking for decent efficiency and good power output. The pole length is quite impressive, up to 12 feet high. Meanwhile, Quick Start technology is a great addition makes pull start more convenient and easy in comparison to Remington ranger poles saw (Remington 1035p).

What makes it different from another saw out there?

Well, it’s the weight which is distributed. Instead of being concentrated the weight at the end of the pole, maximum weight put in the user’s hands. At the same time, 25cc motor ensures enough power to trim any wood without breaking a sweat.

What we like most

  • Good power output
  • Innovative design
  • Convenient
  • Automatic Oiler

What we dislike

  • Somewhat noisy

Remington Pole Saw Parts

When it comes to parts and accessories, Remington is just superb. It’s their accessories and parts that make saw precise. Thus, they name their parts according to the number. So let’s see some parts.

  • Trigger Switch
  • Remington pole saw oil cap​​​​
  • Oil Bottle w/ Oil Cap and Bulb
  • Adjustment Plate
  • Pole Saw Chain
  • Pole Saw Guide Bar
  • Screw Tap, Flat-HD PR # 25
  • Sprocket Gear
  • Drive Gear 1/2″
  • Roller Bearing
  • Pole saw Sprocket Gear Kit (107713-01, 075676, and 059606)
  • Sprocket Support
  • Bar Bolts and Nuts Kit
  • E-Ring
  • Hand Guard Kit (includes 110966)

Overall Features of Remington Pole Saw

Remington Pole Saw Reviews

Rather than invest on some cheap saw that works like a toy, it’s better to buy a quality tool even spend some extra penny. Yes, Remington saws are a modest price. But they have some great feature and for this it worth bucks. Have a look at some features and benefits that impressed us.

Tool-free chain tensioning

Remington Pole Saw Reviews

All the saw of Remington out there comes with a great feature named Tool-free chain tension. That means the cutting chain can be so easy than ever. At the same time, you won’t need any other tool to tighten the chain. As a result, this feature makes the saw so easy to maintain.

Automatic Oiler

What could be better than a lubricated chain! Yes, this automatic oiler will keep your chain lubricated automatically. Hence, it makes oiling the CNC machine easy, as a small amount will release every few hours to the machine to keep it fully lubricated.

Adjustable-position head

Probably the best feature of Remington pole saw is its Adjustable-position head. Meanwhile, it allows cutting the branches from multiple angles. That means you can cut at 0, 15 and 30-degree angles. So these saws are ideal for all type of trimming and pruning. Thus, Most of the Remington saw has 3-position. Meanwhile, some come with 7-position.

Powerful engine 

Remington Pole Saw Reviews

The features we like most about these saws are its strong engine. At the same time, Patented Quick Start™ ensures an easy pull starts in all season. That means starting it not a great matter season after season.


Kickback is the prominent cause of the most severe as well as traumatic saw-related injuries. Therefore, safety standards need chainsaw manufacturers to make low-kickback saw chain. So Remington overcomes the limitation and presents pole saw with Low-kickback feature. Thanks to their 8-inch bar and chain.

Final verdict

In summary, there are plenty of features we liked about this particular pole saw. First of all, a strong, powerful engine definitely makes a good impression. Besides, new technology and safety concern satisfied us most. Moreover, they worth every penny and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for being with us.

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