Replace A Pole Saw Chain Within Moments Like You Never Imagined

Does your pole saw chain wear out or break down? Don’t know how to replace a pole saw chain? Don’t worry, it’s a straightforward process!

Replacing a gas pole saw involves removing the old chain by detaching the guide bar, releasing the tension, and losing the screw. Then it needs to attach the new one with the correct tension. 

Though you can check your pole saw’s user manual, following the easy-to-understand method will help replace your gas pole saw without hiring enthusiasts.

Steps to Replace a Pole Saw Chain

Steps to Replace a Pole Saw Chain

Though the design of pole saw chain varies from brand to brand, following the replacement process will be effective for most of them. 

The process requires only a wrench, which mostly comes with the saw. If you lost or didn’t receive any, use a socket wrench and a flat-head screwdriver.

The following is the step-by-step process to replace the worn-out, damaged pole saw chain:

  • Remove the Old Chain

You have to remove the existing chain first to replace it with a new one.

  • Detach the Guide Bar

To replace the older and worn-out saw, remove its guide bar side panel first. Instead of using bare hands, wear your heavy-duty gloves to avoid injury. Most chain saws include two nuts that hold the side plate in place. 

Unscrew the nuts with your wrench and take the plate out to get easier access to the chain.

There can be a brake attached to the side plate of your pole saw. If your model has one, unlock the brake before detaching the side plate. Otherwise, removing the plate along with the locked brake can make it quite tough or even impossible to re-install.

  • Release the Tension

After taking off the sprocket plate, you can now remove the old chain. Pull away the bare nose of the pole saw to release it from the tensioner. 

This’ll let you remove the chain easily from the guide bar. Now pull out the guide bar’s drive link and slide the chain’s other end around the clutch drum.  

  • Loosen the screw

Loosen the tensioning screw found inside the guide bar. This’ll help install the new chain more efficiently.

  • Thread the New Chain

Now thread the new or sharpened chain around the clutch drum of the pole saw and engage the drive link in the sprocket carefully.  Thread the other part of the drive link into the guide bar and its nose.

  • Align Guide Bar

After threading the chain along the guide bar and clutch drum, pull the guide bar’s nose away from the pole saw. That’ll put a little tension in the chain. While inserting the guide bar, make sure it sits on the saw’s adjustment pin.

  • Remove the Side Plate

If the guide bar is positioned properly, the sidebar should smoothly go back. Now re-attach the side plate and nuts that keep it in place. But don’t tighten the nuts yet. You must tighten the chain to the right tension so the guide bar can move slightly.

  • Tighten the Chain

The tension adjustment screw is mostly located on the side of the guide bar, which you have to use to adjust the chain’s tension. To get a better position for this job, lose the chain tensioning pin, a little pin that holds the guide bar to the pole saw. Lose the nuts on the side panel too.

Keep holding the bar tip until you finish adjusting the tension and tighten the nuts. 

To adjust the tension, turn the tension screw clockwise with a wrench until you get the desired tension. Remember, the chain should neither be hanging down nor sit on the guide bar too tightly.

To check the tension, pull the chain away from the pole saw. If the chain moves freely along the bar, it means you’ve applied the correct tension. 

  • Secure Side Plate Nuts

Finally, tighten the nuts with a wrench to secure the side plate, and your pole saw is ready for work.

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  • Why does the chain fall off my gas pole saw?

If you apply too loose tension or if the chain naturally gets loose due to becoming warm during use, it can fall off from the guide bar. It can be extremely dangerous and cause serious injury to the operator. Hence, its important to maintain proper tension.

  • How to tell if the pole saw chain is tightened correctly?

After tightening the pole saw chain, its drive link should sit efficiently in the guide bar. At a time, the chain should be loose enough so you can pull it slightly away from the guide bar.

  • When should you replace the chain of the gas pole saw?

Luckily, you can sharpen the pole saw’s chain several times to restore its productivity. But if the chain wears out, doesn’t cut evenly, or rattles while being used even after balancing the teeth and tension, replace it.


A gas pole saw is an improved form of chainsaw that saves more time and ensures better safety. It eliminated the need to use a stool or ladder to reach the upright distance to cut high branches of trees or limbs and many more.  I hope this article teaches you how to replace a pole saw chain. So let’s apply the skill in practice with proper caution.

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