Replace An Electric Pole Saw Blade in The Fast and Safe Way

Every product has its expiration date; after that date, you need to replace that particular thing. For an electric pole saw, it’s the blade part. You have to change your blade (and chain) from time to time to keep the performance of the saw at its peak. It’ll give more smooth, simple, easy, and quality cuts with the new one. But how to replace an electric pole saw blade and how to do the work properly? 

It’s nothing to be worried about, actually. You just have to remove the bolts, clean them, use an accurate wrench and fix it again. All these will probably take 15-20 minutes and that’s all.

However, there’s more to it. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Preparation to Perform Electric Blade Saw Replacement

Preparation to Perform Electric Blade Saw Replacement

Just like you know, every work needs a prep session to make the outcome more perfect. The blade change might seem simple work, but trust me, you have to prepare for this, too (if you want an amazing upshot).

  • The prep work includes,
  • Keep a damp cloth to wipe all the dust after you remove the blade.
  • Wear hand gloves so that the chain or blade portion can’t harm you.
  • Don’t get too close to the electric pole saw when you’re replacing the blade. Keep a safe distance.
  • Make sure there are bandaids for any inconvenience.
  • Don’t wear anything light. Instead, wear dark clothes in case any oil stain or dirt ruins your dress.
  • Keep lubricating oil to detach the chain if it doesn’t come off easily.
  • Take a good wrench for the smoothest replacement.
  • If you’re new, keep someone else by your side in case any issue arises.

How to Replace An Electric Pole Saw Blade?

How to Replace An Electric Pole Saw Blade

After your preparation work is done, you can now start the main task. Remember, replacing the blade is very easy yet tricky, so follow the below steps.

  • Remove the Bolts

The first and foremost thing you should do with your electric pole saw blade is to remove all the nuts and bolts related to that part. Take e good wrench and unfix the bolts properly in a gentle way.

You can make notes about which bolt is for which side so that fixing them again won’t cause any confusion.

  • Take Off the Chain

After loosening all the bolts, you can remove the chain now. Take it off and keep it in a safe place. Try to put it in a palace where it doesn’t get tangled.

  • Replace the Blade

It’s time to replace the blade. All you have to do is, unbox your new electric pole saw blade and fix it to the machine. Hold the saw properly and install it exactly where the old blade was. 

  • Fit in the New Chain

After fixing the blade, take out your new chain and put it over the new blade. Keep track of the chain, so it doesn’t get displaced. It’s because once you make one mistake with the chain, you have to uninstall the whole thing again.

So concentrate!

  • Use Adjustable Wrench Again

It’s time to fix all the bolts again. You’ll see a hole on top of the electric pole saw. There you need to use the wrench to tighten the nuts accurately.

Use the wrench clockwise and fix it until you think it’s done. Remember to use the exact nuts and bolts from before to position them accurately.

  • Clean the Blade Portion

Now you have to clean the parts very efficiently. After the blade and chain installation, you have to make sure they’re all shining. No mud, dust or other particles can get stuck inside the chain. 

Clean them all using a good cleaner with a damp cloth. Wipe the dirt slowly (if there’s any) or else you can hurt yourself!

  • Lubricate with Oil

In the new chain and blade, you need lubricating oil. You’ll surely work after getting a brand new saw and oil can make it quick and smooth.

Use a little bit of oil to experience the tree branch cut sleekly.

  • Wrap the Old Blade for Recycling

We should save our world. And for this reason, we need to recycle products. The old blade in your house won’t be of any use; hence it’s better to recycle it properly.

Or else, you can sell it in a repair shop and they’ll use it great. Just don’t throw it away anywhere because it’s dangerous and can harm anyone.

Precautions for Replacing an Electric Pole Saw Blade

Precautions for Replacing an Electric Pole Saw Blade

As your well-wisher, I want to advise you of some precautions which you can follow while performing the task. It’ll keep you super safe, I promise!

  • Don’t let any child or pet come near you while you’re replacing the blade of your electric pole saw. It can cause danger at any time.
  • If by any chance the chain or blade doesn’t work well, take it to a professional immediately. Don’t mess it up more.
  • Use gloves always to keep your hand’s oil stain free and cut-free.
  • Try to wear comfy clothes (not much loose).
  • Use a good wrench, blade, and chain for your task. It’s because cheap one causes more issues.
  • Don’t multitask while you’re replacing the blade. It can only bring you risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the chain keep coming off my electric pole saw?

Well, this situation is very risky if the chain keeps coming off because the blade will loosen with the chain. The only reason why this is happening is that your bolts are not tightened perfectly. Take your wrench and screw up those nut bolts accurately.

  • Should I sharpen my blade or get a new one?

Sharpening the blade might not work if it’s already too damaged. Why would you do that when you can get an amazing sharp blade at an affordable cost? That’ll be new, safe, and efficient as well. So, it’s better to purchase a new blade after working with the old one for a long time.

  • How would I know I need to replace my pole saw blade?

Your pole saw is supposed to cut the tree branches evenly with no huge smoke. If it’s creating more smoke, even though you have lubricated it, your blade needs to be changed. Also, check the tension of the tool too. If it’s perfect and the cuts are not as smooth as before, you need to replace the blade.

Final Words

That’s all about how to replace an electric pole saw blade most easily. I’m sure you’ll be able to perform this task by yourself now. Just keep in mind to use a good blade that’s durable, heavy-duty, and sharp enough to cut the tree limbs again.

Moreover, try to lubricate your saw from time to time, keep it clean and store it properly so that you don’t have to change the new blade anytime soon.

All the best!

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